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The Complete Ads Optimization Bundle for Serious Brands

Accelerate the growth of your online business with the optimization of the ultimate ad, and creative testing bundle.

Risk free 14-day money-back guarantee


The top 10% of eCommerce stores control the highest percent of ROAS around 8X revenue of their ad spend. It’s very much alive!



8 times the spend

This isn’t achieved by chance – it is
by looking at every single win and maximizing revenue across Paid Social & Google Ads

Where are you?


The problem with ads?

It's constantly fluctuating...

What used to work a few years ago doesn't work anymore:

You don’t invest time in ads optimization

❌ Your ads campaign – stalled
You only run 1-2 types of ad campaigns
❌ Your ad costs – are maxing out
You don’t improve your customer experience
❌ Your landing page – is not converting

You could be rapidly scaling to
$100k profit per month from ads 

2024 Game Plan:
Spend Smarter on Ads

Prioritize Creative

By crafting UGC & Imagery tailored to each customer segment.

Scale ROAS

Using 1st party data & purchase intent sales strategies to fuel eComm growth.

Increase CVR%

With landing-page optimization strategies like Soft offer, Abandonment & POP-UPS.

Maximize CLTV

with personalized retargeting & audience matching strategies used to scale ad revenue.

Paid Ads is the channel all eCommerce stores rely on to grow sales.

You simply turn on the switch and are flooded with customers ready to purchase from your store. An adrenaline rush.

⚠️ But there’s an ugly side to ads ⚠️

The constant rollercoaster 🎢 of failed and short success ad campaigns all resulting in money wasted.

There has to be a better waybut how?

Top-tier eCommerce brands all share one similar insight.

That every part of their customers journey is important and if it’s not fully optimized every month,

is costing them
hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Every. Single. Day.

The formula for success is:

Core Foundations + Expert Strategies = Wining Ads

Ads simply comes down to the numbers

Amplify & Triple Your ROAS 
within the first month using our Ultimate Ads Toolkit.

14-day money-back guarantee if you don’t love it, no questions asked


Let's solve this.

👋 Hi – I’m Jonathan, the Founder of Growth Virality, I also help run 3, 7-figure marketing agencies managing over $100M in annual ad revenue for eComm clients small & large.

IMG_4095 (2)

There was this one thing I’ve noticed after managing 1,500+ ad accounts. 80% of eComm stores never have a proper ads funnel setup and wasting so much ad spend.

Even the ad agencies & marketers never considered a full-funnel optimization, they assume ads will solve the problem. 

We have accounts making $100M/year with 50% of whole store’s revenue coming just from Ads. That’s $50M per year thanks to the ability to effortlessly scale a tuned engine. 🏎️ Just imagine the impact.

Here’s what a proper ads campaign looks like:
✔️ 5% avg. overall CTR coming from email marketing
✔️ 25-50% sales revenue attributed to monthly ad spend. Too low and you’re leaving money on the table.
✔️ 8 minimum ad campaigns running at a single time.
✔️ 65% of consistent ads revenue every single month.
✔️ 10-20 automations (flows) making money while you sleep

This Ads Toolkit is a culmination of 30,000+ hours of learnings, failures, successes in scaling ads.

Putting you in the top 10% of optimized Ads Stores 🚀

All of this should result in you making sustainable ads profit.

If you’re doing at least $10K/mo on ads and you aren’t optimizing every single part of your customer journey – you’re leaving money for your competitors!

That’s why we have decided to build the Ads Toolkit and include important, step-by-step action items into a simple Google Sheet & Notion document.

Inside you’ll find👇

Copy & Ad Creatives 📜

Create click worthy creative content & copy that achieves an avg. 4% CTR.

✅ 100+ ad campaign swipe ideas to improve your Click Throughs
✅ 130+ winning ad headlines to 3X CTR instantly
600+ examples of Landing Page, Popup, Surveys, Forms & more from top brands to gain inspiration
✅ Tips and suggestions on how to structure content
✅ Pre-made sale, flash sale and holiday strategies

Google Ads Kit 🎯

Replicate our Google Ads tactics, known to cut down ad spend by up to 25% & hit avg. 5X ROAS for eComm.

✅ Step-by-step Google Ads Setup (most brands miss 35% of important factors)
✅ Step-by-step Google Ads Audit (most brands miss 70% of important factors)
✅ Step-by-step Google Ads Optimization to increase ROAS
✅ 500+ Ultimate Negative Keywords list, organized by categories
Secret RLSA strategy that 3X profit margin of scalable unicorn eComm brands
✅ $100K Monthly Scalable Performance MAX strategy used to scale $5M monthly brands.

FB & Insta Ads Kit 🤳

Apply our unique ROAS optimization methods, used to hit the top 10% of eComm FB ads scores.

✅ Step-by-step Facebook Ads Optimization to increase ROAS
✅ Secret Audience Finder to build laser-targeted audiences
✅ Effective flash sales playbook to boost revenue immediately & clear inventory
✅ 25+ Plug ‘n play UGC creative ad ideas with examples 
✅ Proprietary Customer Lifetime ROAS playbook to maximize profit on ads

Advanced Ad Tactics🧪

Implement the exact set-ups and strategies that were tested & proven to work by 500+ online brands.

Engagement Quality Score (EQS) to quickly analyze & measure your most valuable customers
Ad Resonance Index (ARI) to accurately measure your impact on your Paid Social Ads for Revenue + Engagement
Platform Performance Ratio (CPPR) used by $100M ARR brands to catapult your ads performance revenue immediately
Purchase Efficiency (PE) simplifies how well your website is doing to get customers to purchase
Ad Score simplifies how well your ads are performing

Access to our exclusive Marketing Discord 🎉

Want to level up with other Marketers & Founders?

Dive in and get personalized marketing help

  Over 5000+ members from Marketing.

  Access monthly marketing content

  Monthly strategy deep-dives


The 4 biggest misconceptions about running ads:

👉 All you need to do is turn on the Ads and have good creative to succeed. 55% of eComm brands simply never optimize their entire funnel.

Optimizing your entire user purchase journey from when they first see your ad to checkout to email and retargeting is absolutely vital to hit $7-figure monthly revenue.

👉 Your ads were working then all of a sudden it stopped converting. An all too common scenario we hear: Ads change all the time.

Ad fatigue, audience oversaturation, ads algorithms change, fluctuations in markets, new competitors, and thousands more. Simply it’s about staying on the cutting edge at all times.

👉 You are constantly chasing new customers, overlooking your most loyal fans. A powerful retargeting strategy across PMAX & FB can instantly increase sales revenue by $10k/mo.

A staggering 85% of eCommerce companies overlook the most critical factors in running effective + personalized retargeting ads to reach their customers.

👉 You think you need to run multiple ad campaigns for it work and see profit. Creating more ad campaigns actually has the adverse effect if not done properly.

Weak ad planning can lead to ad overkill, audience exhaustion, and aimless customer targeting, all of destroy your ROAS and waste your ads budget.


4 out of 5 of the clients we speak to will fail in these core areas and constantly burn at least $20k/mo in ad spend down the drains. But if they applied simple, proven strategies, would save thousands in ad dollars.

Ads will only get more competitive. We give you the unfair advantage. 🏆

Over 400+ purchases backed by our no question guarantee
Our quality content attracts over 10,000 marketers from major brands globally.

  • Unique strategies to scale your eComm revenue
  • No-BS steps to increase CTR, LTV, CVR & retention
  • Comprehensive playbooks used by 7-figure/mo

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ROAS Is Only
Getting Harder

When business owners think of scaling an online brand to $1M/month and beyond, they always point out one single channel – Paid Ads ⭐️

Which means you and thousands of direct and indirect competitors are trying to capture the same persons attention.

As more brands compete for the same customer, the more you end up paying for eyeballs 👀

The average CPM (Cost per 1000 ad views) for Facebook Ads & Google has went up by 330% in the past 5 years 😵‍💫

We can’t control this, which just means that both you and your competitors are on the same footing.

And that’s the secret that the $1M/monthly revenue clients understand.

To scale effectively it’s all hands on deck 🚢

Every part of your customer journey is optimized like a fully-tuned sports car ready to go 0-300 MPH.

It’s simple, you don’t know what you don’t know and that comes down to✅ trial & ✖️error.

To compete effectively in 2024 and beyond, you need every advantage possible.

This includes everything from your ads planning, setup, optimization, audit, creative work, and testing.

Of course, it also extends to your landing page optimization, creativity, copy, user experience, conversion, and testing.

It’s not enough to just perform, you need to excel in all these areas.

Then most of the time, the Agencies & Marketers hired do a worse of a job than the Founders do.

That’s why we created our Ads Toolkit and use it for our 7-figure eComm clients.

So you don’t have to spend countless hours ⌚ & hard-earned money 💵 trying to figure this out, or hiring an agency to blindly do it.

Instead, you can focus on what truly matters – growing and scaling your business.

Get the ads toolkit built to scale
serious eComm brands! 🔥

Complete Ads Toolkit Bundle
Creative Ads Kit 🏆 Google Ads Kit 🎯 + FB Insta Kit 🤳+ 🧪 Advanced Tactics Kit



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Get the full Ads Toolkit that will drastically boost your profitability:

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Custom ROAS Audit
Full Ads Tool Kit 📚 +  Customized Ads Audit 🔬



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Included in your Custom ROAS Audit:

Included: Everything from Ads Toolkit
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Our mission of starting our marketing community was to help Marketers & Founders unlock the black box 🤫 of Digital Marketing secrets.

👉 We’ve helped manage $300M in ad spend.
👉 Optimizing over 50,000+ concurring campaigns.
👉 Generated an avg. of 6.8X ROAS across our clients.

Now, we’ve put the most vital knowledge into step-by-step guides…
… to allow you to take out the guess work.


Marketers & Founders in our Weekly Growth Newsletter


downloads of our unique marketing playbooks, resources, & gated content.

Growth Virality is the fastest-growing marketing community and educational resource hub for the top Marketers & Founders of huge brands. 

We create weekly growth marketing playbooks, articles, newsletters, and run our own Discord community with over 5000+ of the best Marketers & Founders.

This Ads Toolkit is just one of our core products we created and use weekly to help Startups & Mid-size brands scale effortlessly and unlock secrets only the top unicorn brands know about.

Ads will only get more competitive. We give you the unfair advantage. 🏆

Over 400+ purchases backed by our no question guarantee
Our quality content attracts over 10,000 marketers from major brands globally.

Unique strategies to scale your eComm revenue

No-BS steps to increase CTR, LTV, CVR & retention

Comprehensive playbooks used by 7-figure/mo brands

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Let’s answer our most common questions 👇

What kind of businesses is the Ads Toolkit designed for?

The Ads Toolkit is crafted for eCommerce businesses of all sizes aiming to optimize their ad strategies and maximize ROAS.

How quickly can I expect to see results after using the toolkit?
Many of the elements in the Ads Toolkit are designed to be easily implemented and see results within

I’m a smaller eCommerce business, is this toolkit suitable for me?

The toolkit has been designed to be intuitive for startup owners looking to grow their store. The strategies are outlined in clear, step-by-step guides, making them easy to implement and integrate into your current marketing plans. Digital Marketing is all about building successful foundations upon which you scale, and that’s exactly what you will get in this Ads Toolkit.

I’ve had poor results with ads before. How will this toolkit help?

Our toolkit is designed to focus on thousands of small and big wins across your entire ads campaign and objectively improve your results instead of hoping for your ads to succeed. We look at ads as numbers and taking steps to improve it will dramatically 

I prefer to simply have someone optimize my ads revenue, what would you recommend?

We totally understand. That’s why we offer a Custom ROAS Audit service. Our experts can analyze your ad campaigns, pinpoint areas for improvement, and provide customized strategies. It’s the perfect hands-off solution to supercharge your ROAS.

I am interested but have a few questions, how can I get in touch?

Sounds good! Feel free to reach out at [email protected] with your questions and we’re happy to help.

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