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80% of Agencies can’t survive without the “do it all” founder putting out fires.
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55% never surpass $10k/month in consistent recurring revenue.
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$80K in avg. missed quarter sales from a weak pipeline

Dear Agency owner,

Running an agency is one of the hardest businesses to run, running a sustainable agency, is even harder.

In fact It’s tough, 

It’s even tougher when you don’t know what to do, and this is the problem with most agency owners,

You call yourselves “Agency Owners” but most of you are just modern day slaves to your clients,

Instead of making more from new clients, you are pinned down more jobs, and the irony becomes,

More Jobs, Less Money,

You are most likely feeling frustrated by the constant churn and burn cycle:

Think back to when you promised yourself that quitting your job is the best thing that you could do

Now you’re stressed, burnt out and working crazy hours per week, on top of that you’re still stuck at below $10k/mo.

all of a sudden you find yourself in the agency owner’s graveyard where dreams die and people are crushed,

The guardian at the gates to $10k is ruthless, she kills the will of men, and devours their balls, only the fittest are able to plow through and get to the other side,

And the fittest is not the strongest in this case, 

It’s usually the person with the most “quality of information”, the person with the network,

And i know this well because we (me and my team) have failed personally more than 800+ times, and i can tell you from first hand experience that it is very exhausting,

But it doesn’t have to be, 

It could be much easier, 

Believe in Yourself

Be the Best
You Can Be

Initial one-to-one consultation, Health & Fitness Assasments Bespoke training program planing, Custom Nutrition plan & recipes. Weekly Progress Reviews

But before I go further, why should you listen to me?

Here is why:

My name is Jonathan Saeidian, and some time ago, like every entrepreneur that is just starting out, I was dead broke.

I had just left my agency job with $1000 in my pocket, and I was determined to make it work,

I was in fact desperate to make it work,

And long story short, like every story with a happy ending, if we fast forward to a month later, I gained my first client that paid $600 and built my agency… at this point agencies.

Not regular your regular agencies but 


I did this 3 times.

And I don’t think that you really understand this, 

the chances of growing one business to 7 figures is 7% (According to a quick google search)

Now imagine doing that 3 times,

That’s something that only a few people are able to do in their lifetime,

The chances of that happening is 0.0343%,

That is a less than 0% chance !

And we succeeded in one of the most competitive locations in the world for agency owners… Los Angeles, 

In fact to win in such a location, we (me and my team) have spent well over $2 million to upgrade our agency so that we have a competitive edge over others

So for a matter of fact, we know what works and what doesn’t,

we don't just talk, we prove it.



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And why would I “a 7 – 8 figure agency owner” be trying to help you out

Well after building my agencies from scratch and noticing all the lies that people are told about building an agency it got me pissed,

I feel like people deserve better than being lied to,

Better than being deceived by 19 year olds with rented lambos in Dubai, who are supposedly living the life,

The fake gurus

The lifestyle entrepreneurs

The clout chasers

They are all liars

Their lifestyle is dependent on their sales of their junky product that promises a lot but never seems to deliver,

When you buy their products and open the content, you discover that it’s the same generic bullshit that everyone is spewing on Twitter and on YouTube.

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the alternatives aren't that great 💩

I’m tired of seeing this from the sidelines

But also I don’t want you to think that I am doing this from the goodness of my heart,

I also intend to take your money,

But the difference is that I want to give you value for it

Value that is so much that you might as well be stealing from my house,


Might as well be fondling my dog, he he.

The difference between me and this fakers online is that I am going to be giving you information that you won’t find anywhere on the internet

Information that is being shared behind closed doors online,

Rooms that most people would never have access to,

And why is this a game changer?


Because even in this age where information is easily gotten, there is still a difference in the quality of information

Not all information is born equally,

There is a whole lot of junk online that would slowdown your progress and do a lot of damage to your mind and pocket

And this is the problem with most people, you need to be able to think for yourself,

You should be able to smell these bullshitters from a mile away,

You should know that there is no one size FITS all,

There is no secret magic bullet that a guru can give you to consistently hit 7-figures,

There is no mind blowing marketing that can instantly make you hit 7 figures 

What you need to succeed is the foundations, guidance and ecosystem to help you achieve your goals, 

🧑‍🚀 Agency Launchpad helps agency owners overcome the constant challenges of running and gunning to achieve sustainable growth.

Jonathan Saeidian, Founder of Growth Virality

You need the right ecosystem.


A space that nourishes you and helps you grow,

I like to call it “secret rooms” so everyone understands, 

But like I was saying… there is information worth millions of dollars online right now that most people would never get access to,

These rooms are filled with people of value, and people of value only associate with other people of value,

Which is why I have created an ecosystem that is only for people that:

Those are the requirements to be a part of this ecosystem and before you start wondering why the requirements are this strict,

Like I said, it’s an environment for top people, for people of value but that’s not all…

and giving you exclusive access to my method of scaling sustainable agencies, called the PULSE system:

This system is designed specifically to help you grow massively by focusing on the basics of growing an agency,

A lot of people think it’s about focusing on the advanced tips and tricks, but it isn’t

it ‘s about focusing on the fundamentals that really matter,

And I know that you are probably thinking… what is the PULSE system?

Don’t worry it’s not another junky system that has a cool name but doesn’t deliver anything, me and my team decided to focus on the basics of what makes an agency succeed, 

And we realized that most of your growth is dependent on 5 things:


P- Profitability

U – User Experience

L – Lead Flow

S – Sales

E – Efficiency


If this looks like jargon i’m going to explain, I mean think about this, 

Imagine that you have an agency that is profitable because you built it using the right models, 

Models? What are those?

And that’s exactly my point, most people don’t even know about models when it comes to building an agency, 

And that makes me scared for you, 

it means that you are going in blindly,

It means that your entire strategy is luck,

because if you don’t know what models are and you aren’t running with one, then how do you track your progress?

You need to re-strategize fast! 

But back to the point i was making before, 

Imagine that you have an agency that is profitable, 

And when people work with you they have such a good user experience that they continue to work with you, 

And this is important because according to an article that i read sometime ago, i found out that most business owners that work with agency don’t work with the same agency again, 

in fact apparently according to their studies only 1 in 5 clients come back!

That’s crazy, what this means is that you would be stuck in a loop of constantly having to acquire new customers, 

That would be your new normal, 

Get a client, work for a while, lose the client and then proceed to get a new client and the loop continues, 

Not satisfying your clients is one of the most terrible ways to do business, 

And i’m not talking about satisfying terrible clients that would suck the blood out of your veins, 

I’m talking about working for clients that fulfill you and in turn you give them such an experience that you don’t have to worry about acquiring new leads, because they would be the ones bringing the new leads for you via referrals, 


Next is lead flows, 

You don’t know true pain in business until you have a business that you are trying to get of the ground and you don’t have any customers to sell anything to, 

I mean this ties into what i was just talking to you about acquiring new customers,

Not having a system to constantly acquire new leads would stress you out and leave you burnt out, 

This is one of the fundamentals of having a business, 

Your ability to get new leads, 

And because we have identified it as one of the major issues with running an agency we have created ways to solve that issue for the members of our ecosystem. 

Of course you want to build a system that automatically gets you leads at the end of the day, but to be able to do that you need to have leads when you start.

Another huge one for agency owners that stops them from scaling is sales and the ability to close leads.

You don’t know how to negotiate your deals, 

You don’t know how to create terms and offers

and because of that you don’t get the price you deserve, 

Until you learn how to close leads It’s going to be a constant struggle.

And last but not the least, you need to have efficiency, 

True scale comes from buying back your time

How do you automate and make your agency spin on by itself ?

How do you gain true freedom?

This from understanding efficiency and implementing systems that help you become efficient, 

In Order to help you achieve and implement the PULSE system, we have created an entire ecosystem for you and this is how it’s going to be implemented



weekly growth check-in

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Bob Peterson

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I could stop here and I would be giving you a lot, but I won’t, I’ll also be giving you

A Team / success coach helping you onboard and get started, keeping you accountable and giving you personalized feedback,

I mean I definitely do not have to tell you about the benefit of having this, this would be a huge game-changer for you.

Also you would get access to a
Special badge to separate you from the rest of the masses
35+ agency templates (used by 7-figure MRR), this is a big issue for most agency owners, they have no standards of procedure which means that they make a lot of errors,

It is a big issue,

But we are building warriors and that is not going to happen to our secret room members.

You are also going to get access to our

Special access to the channel: agency-mastermind.

and this isn’t for everyone like I mentioned, this is for people of value, people that want to improve and do better for themselves and their lives
and because

I want you to take advantage of this, and so you can benefit from this, this entire program is valued at $20,000 but instead of charging you $15,000,

I won’t even charge you $10,000 and if you even understand the value of this program in the slightest bit then you know that at a price of $5,000 it is a steal,
but today, I still won’t charge you $2,500

I have decided after a lot of thought, to help people improve and become better to price this program at $99/mo.

But to show you that I am 100% confident in my Launchpad and the value that it would provide for you,

I have decided to give it to you for $0

Crazy right?

Yes, I know but that is how confident I am in this and the value that I would provide to your business,

I want you to try it out for 7 days at $0

Check it out and test run it
And if you feel like it would not help you at all in your journey, then simply cancel and you would not be charged a single dime.

For Podcast Creators Everywhere!

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