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Chatbot Split Testing

While not exactly in the CRO world, chatbots can drive high quality BOFU conversions and you can pair the chatbots with visitor intent and offer a variety of offers to drive higher conversion rates and therefore lowering your cost per conversion.

Objection Removals Per Funnel Stage

If you’ve mapped out the steps someone must take to become a sale, then you have different objections at each step. Make sure you have ads and landing pages, content, and scripts ready to tackle these objections to drive higher conversion rates for each step and thereby increasing the chance of getting higher quality conversions.

Traffic Conversion Temperatures

Clean up your traffic and make sure they fit conversion intent buckets that match your call to actions. Many times you can get higher conversions rates and increase the volume of quality conversions when you use correct pairings.

The Breadcrumb Technique

Make sure that you’re using a multi step form where the first step doesn’t ask for any personal contact information. This will increase engagement from the visitor and increase the chances of higher conversion rates and lower acquisition costs (don’t use for TOFU/MOFU). This is rooted in compliance psychology.

Lead Quality Improvements

Platforms like MadKudu offer an abilito to have their AI train Google’s AI to improve the hunting abilities to target higher value conversions.

Checkout Process – Bottlenecks & Friction Removal

Add to carts” can be easy. How do we ensure that you have the highest rate of cart completion, all the way to a successful sale? You want to examine the checkout process and see where people get distracted, stop, pause, or hesitate. You want to make sure we can remove those objections or concerns to increase conversion rates for every step in your checkout.

Confirmation Page Next Steps

Don’t use a “Thank You” page to just say “Thank You”. Have the person take the next step immediately by booking a time on a calendar or by converting on a lower funnel offer. Never waste a confirmation page to increase conversion volume at a faster rate.

Testing Priority Framework

Do you follow a methodology like the “ICE” framework to decide on what to test next? If you’re not having a structure like this that also accounts for downstream metrics, then you may be iterating slower than you should.

CTA Word Testing

Consider changing the wording of your call to action to get higher CTRs on your ads and on your website/landing page. This can lead to higher conversion rates and higher conversion volumes.

Priority of Copy & Sections

Have you done customer research that highlights what’s most important to current customers and what made prospective customers NOT choose you? Use that intel to guide your copy and the sections you use for your site and landing page.

SMS Capture Potential

To not overwhelm your prospects with multiple data point requests in your forms, you’ll want to test having a cellphone field AFTER you ask for their email if you e see the need to be able to text your potential customers too. This could work well with offering discounts or another incentive.

Monthly Broadcast Emails – Updates/Newsletter

Companies should not be doing weekly manual campaigns (that creates spiked user churn). Bi-weekly or monthly newsletters are the best use of manual broadcasts (obviously promos and new product announcements can go out when needed).

Post-Flight Email Automations – Education Emails

We recommend creating email education series aiding in early-stage adoption of complicated products or subscriptions, post-purchase bounce back, repeat purchase nurture series, customer win-back, re-engagement of non converted leads, NPS surveys, etc

Newsletter Subscription Growth

If you have people subscribe to your blog/newsletter, then consider having BOFU conversion potential within the email template you’re using when you send updates of new blog posts or company news.

In-Flight Email Automations – Welcome Series, Cart Abandonment, etc

Make sure you collect more potential revenue by warming up new subscribers with welcome series. Also make sure you have cart abandonment and browser abandonment triggers created along with high performing emails that you can send.

Pre-Flight Email Automations + Popups

Make sure your store is performing well with exit intent popups, time based popups, scroll popups, and other email capture points on your site pages and blog.

Back In Stock Email Automations + Email Capture On Product Pages

Don’t leave money on the table. Automatically alert soon-to-be-customers when products they’re interested in are back in stock. Split test these automations to improve conversion rates over time as well to increase conversion volume.

Lifecycle & Retention Email Strategy

Create and optimize email automations that are focused around things like review gathering, community building, win-backs, VIP segments, product replenishments, etc. These are foundational ways to help you grow LTVs and increase conversion volumes in the future.

Blog Micro Quizzes

Within your blog posts, you can offer the reader a chance to convert with advice around the blog post topic that’s specific to them (just like we’re doing here asking what your goals are, the type of business you are, and who you sell to) to give a “cheat sheet” of the blog post specific to their needs in exchange for an email address.

Chatbot Split Testing

While not exactly in the email world, chatbots can capture emails and you can pair the chatbots with visitor intent and offer a variety of offers to drive email capture and conversion volume growth.

Audience Prioritization/Variety

You’ll find that the warmer your audience is, the higher the quality of the conversion too. While not always the case, prioritizing custom audiences over saved (native) audiences can lead to conversions with faster sales cycles as the prospect is already somewhat familiar with you.

Attribution Variance

Have you been able to see if certain types of campaigns impact conversion volume in others? You may want to look at your attribution and see what paths happen prior to a conversion achieved and if quality can be attributed too.

UTM Parameter Tracking

By tracking where your visitors and conversions are coming from, you can decide to go even deeper and track at the ad set and ad level to see if there’s enough conversion volume to see trends of lead quality to then drive more volume from.

AOV/Customer Lifetime Value Tracking

Platforms like help you understand where higher AOV and higher LTV visitors are coming from so you can focus on driving more traffic from that source or strenghtening the customer journey that shows high performing metrics.

Consider Business Changes

You may be trying to achieve acquisition costs too low compared to what your competition is able to afford to acquire a customer. Maybe you should look into increasing your LTVs of your customers. As CPCs continue to increase, you need to increase your conversion rates and LTVs to stay competitive.

Change Your CTA Wording

Consider changing the wording of your call to action to get higher CTRs on your ads and on your website/landing page. This can lead to higher conversion rates and more conversions that are higher quality.

Conversion Rate Lifts

Consider investing in split tests that can lead to higher conversion rates. Higher conversion rates can lead to higher conversion volumes, which can lead to more higher quality conversions.

Increase Your Budgets

Sounds like a no-brainer, but if you’re not slowly increasing your budgets to test whether or not Facebook can handle the increase in conversion volume, then you’re losing out. You may also want to lower your cost per acquisition a bit, so go ahead and let us know if that’s another goal you have.

Dark Posting

Ensure your ads get the highest amount of social proof (reactions, comments, shares) when used among different ad sets. Use unpublished page posts (also known as dark posts) for your ads so that happens.

Experimental Campaigns

With a variety of offers and a variety of audiences, you can now start experimenting with brand new campaign combinations by testing different types of campaign objectives. For example, you can run a reach campaign while helping your outbound sales team with aircover from your ads that could lead to higher response rates.

Conversion Intent Temperature Matches

Hot audiences should be paired with hot offers. If you’re trying to have a cold audience (saved/native audience) convert on a hot offer/call to action (like a demo), then you’ll have a hard time doing that. Make sure you pair the correct CTA with the conversion intent of the audience.

Bidding Options + Kill Targets

By setting cost caps to control conversion costs, you’ll have more budget for the lower cost per conversions which will give you more conversions overall. You’ll also want to experiment with bid caps and create automated rules if needed to turn off ads, ad sets, or campaigns depending on performance.

Ad Type Offers

Are you using a variety of quizzes, whitepapers, eBooks, templates, webinars, and other valuable assets to drive a variety of interest? You should, as they can unlock more conversions at different parts of your funnel..

Target All Placements

Don’t manually narrow down your placements. Allow Facebook to see how they all perform and allow Facebook to adjust bids and budgets automatically to achieve your goals of higher conversion volumes.

Warchest of Ads

Do you have different copy and creative angles for your ads? We recommend at least five different angles: Testimonial, feature, benefit, FAQ, and competitor comparison. More angles = higher chance of conversion.

All Ad Types Being Used

Having all ad types allows Facebook to experiment with which ad types have the highest engagement rates which lead to lower cost per result, allowing more conversions to happen within your budget.

Facebook Power 5 Setup

Simplify your set up so Facebook’s machine learning can get more data, faster. This allows your budget to move more freely for maximum impact along with four other highly important insights that unlocks efficiency so you can achieve higher conversion volumes.

Audience Prioritization/Variety

Make sure you’ve exhausted all your custom, lookalike, and saved (native) audience builds. Make sure you’ve experimented with super lookalike audiences too. More high intent audience variety = higher conversion volumes.

Manual Reviews

Even though the platform automation is great, are there different areas within the account that are costing you more than they should? Manually review the breakdowns of things like geography, placement, demographics, etc to see if you manually need to cut something out.

Smart Bidding

Google’s automated bidding has continued to improve over the years. Leverage that and consider combining bid strategies that help you achieve the success metrics you need to lower your average cost per conversion.

Cut Away Underperformers

If you’ve done everything else above and you still aren’t at the acquisition costs you’d like to be at, consider pausing ad sets and campaigns that aren’t meeting the criteria you want to achieve.

Third Party Audience Tools

Solutions like Clearbit help you create high quality audiences based on firmographic criteria that help you spend more with higher confidence knowing your conversions are of high quality that can also help lower cost per acquistion, and more importantly, lower cost per sale. Higher funnel prospecting is recommended.

Search Campaign Variety

We’ve found four types of conversion intent campaigns where it’s vital that keywords and search terms are aligned through brand, competitor, generic, and informational campaigns. You may find that lower intent conversions from lower intent traffic are not high quality.

Placement Exhaustion

If you’ve found that a lot of high quality conversions are coming from a certain source, then start thinking of how you exhaust the volume. Pair this with UTM parameter tracking and you may be on to something.

Smart Bidding Strategy Opportunities Tailored To Your Specific Goals

Create custom tailored smart bidding strategies focused to achieve your specific goals. We recommend using bid strategies like Target CPA (tCPA), and Target ROAS (tROAS) and maximize conversion value to drive incremental performance gains. You’ll want to make sure you have enough budget to use automated bidding (per campaign, the daily budget needs to be at least 2x the tCPA goal).

95% Confidence Level Ad Testing

Continuously raise the bar on your ads by having them reach 95% confidence level so you can create new iterations of the winning ads and learn what matters most to your prospects to grow conversion volume.

N-Gram = Negative Keyword Refinement Script + Universal Negative Keyword Lists

Using an N-gram script allows you to look at the entirety of all your search terms that have appeared through time that shows you which terms and combination of terms don’t perform to the level you’d like. You can add them as negative keywords and/or use through negative keyword lists. The N-gram script is also used as keyword extraction for top performing search terms that you can turn into keywords. This can help you minimize wasted ad spend and push more budget towards higher performing areas to increase conversion volume.

Keyword Expansion Potential

Experiment with both broad match keywords and dynamic search ads (DSAs) in separate low budget campaigns to find what new search terms you can extract and turn into SKAGs to grow conversion volume from.

Bottom Feeding Approach

Use your best performing audiences from your “observation” mode and now create a new campaign with broad match keywords and use those audiences and set to “targeting”. This helps create net new impressions, more clicks, and more conversions.

Audience Diversity + Observation Modes

Add as many audiences (in-market, affinity, and your own 1st party audiences) to all search campaigns in “observation” mode to see how they perform. Go ahead and add positive bid adjustments if you find that CPA is lower than normal to then grow conversion volume.

Keyword Tapering

The next level to SKAGs is to split out well performing keywords within specific campaigns with their own budget with the goal of now maximizing out their impression share to grow traffic and conversion volumes.

Full-Funnel Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) + Broad Match/RLSA Combo

Further believing in the power of audiences, we recommend building out another campaign with broad match keywords with an audience “Targeting” mode of high intent visitors. Depending on audience sizes, you can create a variety of campaigns or audience layers to see varying performance. You’ll want to use remarketing audiences that capture the whole buyer’s journey in order of conversion intent: checkout abandoners, cart abandoners, people who viewed multiple products, product viewers, people who visited more than two pages, all visitors.

Site Speed Improvements

A tenth of a second delay in loading time can drop conversion rates by 7%. A full second delay can drop conversion rates by 70%. Conversion rate improvements greatly increase conversion volume and therefore can increase the amount of quality conversions you get.

Ranking Review Sites

As you look to rank well for competitive terms, see if review sites also rank for those. If they do, consider deploying a strategy ranking within those sites to grow your conversion volume. Conversions from these sites can range from a quality perspective, but you need to attempt it first before you see the cost associated too.

Link Gap Analysis

Are you competing against domains with stronger backlink profiles than you? You may decide to prioritize more link building strategies vs a straight content creation play if publishing content isn’t moving the needle.

Net New Content

Is publishing content already working for you and are you seeing growth in your organic traffic? Then consider increasing your quantity while improving the quality at the same time.

Hub/Spoke Blog Organization

Through hub topics, you can use internal linking to make sure your very competitive hub topics/keywords are focused around capturing search demand that’s already out there. This could unlock new volumes of SEO conversions.

URL Optimization

Google will have an easier time understand who you and what you do when you use a clean and simplistic URL organization. This will help you rank and grow your traffic and conversion volumes.

Long Tail “X For Y” Pages

Research around keyword opportunities that include “best” or “for” opportunities and compare to average Google search PPC costs. A longer tail keyword opportunity could for example be “best credit cards for building credit”. If executed correctly, this will help unlock new conversion volume.

Content Decay

Consider updating your older content using data from your Google Search Console to see where traffic decays are happening. Update your content to increase rankings, traffic, and conversion volumes.

Top of Funnel (TOFU) Content – Blog CTA

Are there niche opportunities around your category or product pages? Research keyword opportunities that include “best” or “for” opportunities and compare to average Google ads search costs. A longer tail keyword opportunity could for example be “best hair straightener for curly hair”.

Schema Markup Opportunities (Reviews, Price, etc)

Your search engine results can be more valuable to your soon-to-be customers and take up more real estate space on the Google SERP if we take advantage of adding reviews, price, in stock, and other schema attributes.

1st Party Data Content

If possible, consider using the anonymous data from your customers to highlight learnings with data that helps you become the thoughtleader. This in turn will help you build links, which help rankings, which help traffic volumes, and help increase conversion volumes, potentially giving you more chances to drive higher quality conversions.

“You vs. Competitor” Page Creation

If there’s demand around your competition, then consider creating pages breaking down the difference between you and the competition for net new traffic. This can be especially helpful if you find that your competitor’s go after higher AOVs than you.

High Quality Guest Posting

Do you know if there are certain outlets that have the quality readers you care to attract? If so, consider guest posting or a more formal engagement to sponsor content on that site.

Determine Quality Content

Have you been able to see which type of content drives BOFU conversions? Have you then been able to see if they’re quality conversions?

Determine Quality Sources

Within your CRM, are you able to track where quality conversions are coming from? Which page are they visiting, which article are they reading? Are you then able to see what sources the traffic comes from? It may be a black box, but this gives you a rough idea if you’re on to something.

YouTube Growth w/ Offer Variety

With different offers created, you can start leveraging YouTube to see if you can drive TOFU/MOFU conversions that might also assist in growing your search impressions at the same time, all while looking at the quality.

Offer Variety Usage

Within your site, blog posts, and popups, consider split testing a variety of TOFU/MOFU/BOFU offers to see what visitors may want to convert on.

Change Your CTA Wording

Consider changing the wording of your call to action to get higher CTRs on your ads and on your website/landing page. This can lead to higher conversion rates and higher conversion volumes.

Conversion Rate Lifts

Consider investing in split tests that can lead to higher conversion rates. Higher conversion rates can lead to higher conversion volumes.

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