How To Get A 5X ROI On Your Facebook Ads

by admin • November 6, 2018

Credits to:  Lotfi Drif   Facebook is the most underpriced advertising platform of our current time. With over 2.23 billion monthly active users & an average CPM of $7.19 (in USA for 2018), it’s easy to see why more people are investing their marketing dollars into Facebook Ads. Now, I want to cover 3 ways I’ve […]

Spy on your competitors Facebook Ads

by admin • October 15, 2017

Credits to Arri M Bagah E-Commerce Facebook Sales Maximizer at Tandem _____ This is a game changer for Facebook advertisers. If you are looking for inspiration (most likely not) or just looking to spy on your competitors and their funnels, Big Big Ads released a chrome extension that allows you to see only ads in the […]