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Facebook Real Estate Marketing: 10+ Tactics For Real Estate Agents

Facebook real estate marketing tips

Facebook real estate marketing provides real estate brokers, agents, and developers an innovative way to communicate with their target market, leveraging its enormous user base and advanced targeting features. 

This platform makes it easier to showcase homes, disseminate knowledge, and cultivate leads, ushering in a period of individualized and successful marketing techniques within the real estate industry. Utilizing Facebook’s features, such as precise ad targeting and immersive content sharing, enables professionals to create a strong online presence.

In this article, I will explore the leading Facebook real estate marketing tactics that help real estate experts refine their approaches, foster meaningful relationships, and facilitate successful transactions.

Let’s begin! 

What Benefits Does Facebook Offer to Real Estate Marketers?

Here are the top benefits that Facebook offers to real estate marketers:

  • Offers Massive User Base: Facebook offers a huge pool of potential leads and clients with billions of active users, allowing real estate professionals to connect with a wide range of people.
  • Leverages Targeted Advertising: Marketing professionals use Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities to specify demographics, interests, habits, and locations to make sure their ads are seen by those who are most likely to be interested in their offerings.
  • Ensures Visual Showcase: The platform’s focus on visual material enables real estate agents to highlight homes through high-quality photos, videos, virtual tours, and immersive 360-degree photos, giving potential buyers an interesting and accurate look.
  • Enables Engagement and Interaction: Facebook makes it possible to interact with potential customers in real-time through comments, messages, and live streams, encouraging direct connection and establishing trust.
  • Engages Local Community: By sharing neighborhood insights, happenings, and news, real estate professionals establish a connection with their neighborhood and establish themselves as local authorities.
  • Provides Analytics and Insights: The social media platform offers in-depth statistics and insights about audience engagement, reach, and ad performance, helping marketers develop data-driven strategies for high-quality leads.

Best Tactics for Facebook Real Estate Marketing

1- Use High-Quality and Appealing Visuals

Real estate agents achieve unmatched success by strategically utilizing high-quality, visually appealing information. This strategy transforms property display into an artistic encounter that appeals to potential buyers’ curiosity and imagination.

Here is an example of a visually stunning Facebook ad from Sunway Property:


Agents create a relationship with viewers beyond simple listings by choosing a portfolio of images showcasing each property’s distinctive features. In addition to piquing attention, this emotional resonance ignites aspiration, inspiring potential purchasers to picture their future in these spaces.

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People will scroll through advertisements without even glancing if they are uninteresting or text-heavy. This is why it’s crucial to include lovely videos and images in your real estate ads to grab the attention of potential buyers and sellers.

2- Utilize Audience Targeting Options

The intelligent use of audience targeting tools is an essential technique that allows real estate brokers to connect with the right people and make the most of their marketing efforts in the dynamic world of Facebook real estate marketing. With this strategy, contacting new customers becomes a laser-focused task that produces outstanding results.

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Real estate brokers accurately pinpoint their audience using Facebook’s advanced targeting features. Demographic filters like geography, age, gender, and language ensure that people who fit the target market see the property postings.


Additionally, interest-based and behavioral targeting gives agents more control over how their ads are tailored. The odds of conversion and engagement are increased by making the primary recipients prospective purchasers interested in real estate, home remodeling, or related themes.

Use Facebook’s Detailed Targeting Expansion option for even more comprehensive targeting. If you use this option, the platform shows advertisements to users who are not within your targeting criteria, and doing so is likely to produce better results.

You can turn this option on or off when creating a campaign at the ad set level. Check the Detailed Targeting Expansion box to activate it and reach a larger audience.


3- Leverage Videos or 3D Tours for Lively Experience

The smart use of videos and 3D tours in Facebook real estate marketing is an alluring technique that turns looking at properties into an exciting and immersive experience. This strategy reimagines how prospective buyers engage with listings, ushering in a new era of connection and interaction.

Real estate brokers allow viewers to walk through houses from the comfort of their screens by using professionally produced movies and interactive 3D tours. Every space, nook, and detail comes to life, presenting a complete vision that is impossible to express with static photographs alone.

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Potential purchasers visualize themselves in the places through these virtual experiences, which helps them assess the rooms’ size, layout, and mood. The decision-making process is accelerated by the opportunity to virtually tour properties, which develops a sense of connection and attachment.

4- Place Carousel Ads to Show Different Spaces


The clever use of carousel advertising in Facebook real estate marketing reveals a rich tapestry of spaces and entices potential buyers with a complex and exciting visual journey. This strategy reimagines how real estate listings are presented, capturing viewers’ attention by highlighting several aspects of a listing in a single, scrollable ad.

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Real estate agents utilize carousel ads to highlight a house’s numerous rooms, features, and perspectives, giving visitors a thorough understanding of its character. An interactive experience that simulates physically touring the property is created with each swipe that reveals a new scene.

The carousel style enables a storytelling approach, leading potential purchasers through the story of a home. Every area of the house, from the warm living room to the sun-drenched backyard, flows together without interruption, arousing curiosity and encouraging an emotional bond.

5- Disclose All the Relevant Information about the Property

Revealing every relevant detail about a property is a fundamental and powerful tactic in Facebook real estate marketing. This method transforms real estate listings from visual displays into clear presentations that create trust and give potential purchasers the necessary information.

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Real estate agents build a thorough narrative about a property by providing extensive information, enabling potential purchasers to make wise selections. The most important details are publicly disclosed, such as the size, number of bedrooms and baths, amenities, geographical advantages, and any future modifications or renovations.

Transparency in the disclosure of property information builds credibility and helps purchasers make decisions more quickly. Both parties can save time and effort by determining whether the property fits their needs and preferences.

6- Showcase Success Stories and Testimonials from Satisfied Clients 

A powerful and effective technique for Facebook real estate marketers is the presentation of client success stories and recommendations. This strategy raises real estate listings above the transactional by incorporating genuine storylines that connect with potential buyers on a deeply emotional and human level.

Here is an example of a testimonial real estate ad from JSP Realtors:


Real estate brokers build a bridge of trust between their services and the goals of potential purchasers by offering real-life success stories and testimonials. These case studies provide insight into happy customer experiences, fostering trust and displaying the agent’s knowledge and commitment.

These stories have relevance beyond simple real estate and illustrate an agent’s enormous influence on customers’ lives. Each testimony is a testament to the agent’s dedication and capacity to improve real estate journeys, whether locating the ideal home or navigating a straightforward transaction.

7- Engage in Direct Conversation with Potential Buyers and Sellers

Direct communication with prospective buyers and sellers is a pivotal strategy that Facebook real estate marketers use to transform digital interactions into meaningful dialogues, forging connections and cultivating bonds that go beyond real estate transactions.

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Real estate brokers foster a welcoming and responsive atmosphere by immediately answering comments, emails, and inquiries. Potential buyers and sellers are encouraged to express their queries, worries, and desires through this open communication channel, enabling a specialized and individualized experience.

Through direct conversations, agents share insights, answer questions, and provide more details about homes or the buying/selling process. In addition to providing useful information, this hands-on interaction helps to establish the agent as a trustworthy resource and fosters trust.

8- Share Diverse Content to Provide Value Beyond Property Listings

The strategic sharing of various types of content is a potent approach that extends beyond property listings in the dynamic world of Facebook real estate marketing. With the help of insights and knowledge that appeal to a broader range of potential purchasers and sellers, this strategy turns the agent’s web presence into a useful resource hub.

Real estate agents build an engaging narrative that goes beyond the transactional by curating content, including market trends, home repair advice, community highlights, and real estate guides. This wide-ranging information demonstrates the agent’s knowledge and dedication to offering value beyond property listings.

9- Implement Retargeting Ads

Retargeting advertisements strategically increases the likelihood of conversion by keeping properties in front of prospective buyers’ minds. This strategy converts casual encounters into long-lasting bonds, uniquely strengthening the agent’s brand and listings.

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Real estate agents re-engage users who have already connected with their content or visited their website by retargeting advertisements. These specialized ads highlight homes that potential buyers have previously expressed interest in or engaged with as they proceed with their online search.

Retargeting ads establish a sense of continuity and familiarity, reawakening potential buyers’ original interest and motivating them to check out more properties or take additional steps. This tactical technique successfully turns passersby into participants, promoting engagement.

10- Create and Optimize Your Landing Pages

Creating and optimizing landing pages is a robust strategy for bridging the gap between interest and action in the dynamic world of Facebook real estate marketing. With this strategy, inactive viewers are converted into engaged participants by being taken on a smooth journey that results in conversion.

Real estate brokers develop targeted and specialized experiences for potential purchasers by creating unique landing pages for particular properties or campaigns. These pages offer in-depth details, display images, and encourage visitors to perform the required actions, such as scheduling viewings, asking for additional information, or asking questions.

Landing page optimization ensures that they load quickly, have eye-catching images, and have obvious calls to action. Additionally, they are responsive across various platforms, providing customers accessing them from computers, tablets, or smartphones with a consistent experience.

11- Mention Your Contact Details


Most individuals still use conventional purchase techniques, regardless of how sophisticated your virtual tour technology may be. This includes speaking with a realtor, visiting the property in person, and taking tours.

It would be best always to make your contact information available for those who want a more conventional consultation. 

People will discover such information on your website, so why spend space on your advertisement? You would counter. However, the fact is that by including your contact information in your advertisement, you eliminate a step and provide consumers a way to get in touch with you right away. 


Facebook has established itself as a vital resource for connecting, engaging, and succeeding in a rapidly changing digital environment for real estate agents and professionals. 

By implementing the above real estate Facebook real estate techniques, real estate agents establish themselves as knowledgeable authorities, build a lively online community, and produce tangible results in lead generation and conversions.

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