Working Around the Effects of COVID 19 & Marketing

by admin • April 22, 2020

What marketing campaigns do you run while everybody is freaking out about COVID-19 and the demand of your product/service is dropping?   This is a question I am facing at this moment.   A question I am pretty sure I am not the only one tackling at the moment.   Here is a personal example […]

Marketing Automation Roadmap [Guide]

by admin • January 15, 2018

Credits to Ruslan Nazarenko  Alright, I wanna share with you my personal hack. It’s super easy, but be careful! It was tested only 3 times and bring me x1.8, x2.2 and x3.4 more traffic. And I’m talking about $XXX k revenue. Why am I talking about “being careful”? I spent near 200 hours for each […]

Using Education as a Marketing Tool

by admin • October 13, 2017

Thanks to Vladimir Polo Founder at AcademyOcean __   1. We figured out our target audience’s problem, one we could help them to solve. 2. We created some visual content (text + images) that explained to them how to solve this problem. 3. However, we created this content not in the form of a blog post […]