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15 Best Newsletters For Product Managers 

email newsletters for product managers

Newsletters for product managers contain insightful and data-backed advice to help product managers and entrepreneurs reach a qualified audience. 

Scaling large-scale products takes work. You need innovative ideas to market your product effectively. 

Hence, I have curated this list of the best newsletters for product managers to build successful products.

Why Should Product Managers Subscribe To Newsletters?

Product managers should subscribe to newsletters for several important reasons:

  • Access exclusive content and resources unavailable elsewhere. 
  • Cultivate relationships with industry thought leaders and influencers. 
  • Explore new methodologies and frameworks for product development. 
  • Receive personalized recommendations aligned with your specific interests and needs. 
  • Access case studies and success stories to inspire and inform your strategies. 
  • Keep informed of customer feedback and market sentiment through thorough analysis. 
  • Contribute to industry research by taking part in surveys and polls. 
  • Take advantage of discounts and special offers on relevant tools, software, and events. 
  • Access webinars, workshops, and online courses for continuous professional development. 
  • Engage in discussions and forums to exchange ideas and experiences with peers. 
  • Stay updated on remote work trends and best practices for teams working from different locations. 
  • Learn effective strategies to improve user experience and satisfaction.

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Product Management Newsletters For Busy Product Managers

Growth Virality

Growth Virality is a growth-focused marketing newsletter for product managers looking to accelerate their growth strategies. 

With over 4,200 subscribers already reading this newsletter, product marketers and entrepreneurs can gain invaluable insights and opportunities for collaboration. 

Founder: Jonathan Saeidian

Schedule: Every Week

Content Types: Providing growth hacks, marketing guides, tips, and resources.

PMM Pulse Newsletter

The Product Marketing Alliance newsletter is tailored for product marketers worldwide. 

By subscribing to their monthly product marketing email newsletter, you can gain access to blogs, reports, events, podcasts, and more conveniently compiled in a monthly digest. 

Members receive a sample of product marketing templates and frameworks, real-world video case studies from industry leaders, and expert-led articles covering various topics. 

Founder: Tamara Grominsky

Schedule: Monthly 

Content Types: Articles, stats, insights, and courses. 

Lenny’s Newsletter

Looking to become more than a technical product manager? Lenny’s Newsletter is for you. 

It’s a must-read for product managers, as it helps them build technical foundations for their products and offerings.

Authored by industry veteran Lenny Rachitsky, this weekly advice column shares user growth insights into PR strategies and podcast tech stacks.

Founder: Lenny Rachitsky

Schedule: Weekly

Content Types: Strategies and actionable advice.

Morning Brew

Morning Brew is a daily newsletter delivering concise and insightful updates on business news and current events, from finance and technology to healthcare and international affairs. 

Tailored for busy professionals, including product managers, Morning Brew offers a quick yet comprehensive overview of key developments, helping readers stay informed and entertained in 

just five minutes.

Founder: Austin Rief and Alex Lieberman

Schedule: Daily 

Content Types: Daily business news updates tailored for busy professionals.

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Product HQ

Product HQ’s newsletter offers invaluable insights and resources tailored specifically for product 


With a focus on stakeholder navigation, product strategy, tech trends, data analysis, and a vibrant product community, subscribers gain access to expert advice and industry knowledge 

essential for driving success in product management.

Founder: Josh Fechter

Schedule: Weekly

Content Types: News and Advice

Tim Herbig

Tim Herbig’s newsletter is a treasure trove of practical insights and actionable advice for product managers. 

With a commitment to cutting through framework fluff, Tim delivers concise and valuable content every Friday, helping subscribers master product strategy, OKRs, and discovery techniques. 

Founder: Tim Herbig

Schedule: Every Friday

Content Types: Practical insights and actionable advice for product managers.

Product Talk

Product Talk is essential for product managers looking to make better decisions and refine their 

continuous discovery skills. 

This newsletter, authored by internationally acclaimed expert Teresa Torres, offers a structured and sustainable approach to continuous discovery. It helps teams infuse customer input into 

their daily product decisions. 

Founder: Teresa Torres

Schedule: Weekly

Content Types: Offers a deep dive into product strategy, design, and innovation.

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Product Managers at Work

Product Managers at Work” is another top-rated newsletter for product managers that provides invaluable insights and firsthand experiences from former product managers at top Silicon Valley companies like Facebook, Tesla, and Google. 

Authored by Alexis and Adrienne, this newsletter delves into the strategies and challenges of building, launching, and scaling products in the tech industry. 

Founder: Alexis and Adrienne

Schedule: Weekly

Content Types: Best practices for product managers.

SVPG Newsletter

SVPG newsletter provides essential insights and guidance for product managers, offering expert perspectives on building tech-powered products using the product operating model. 

Authored by industry veterans who have led products at iconic companies, the newsletter covers topics ranging from product management best practices to transformative workshops and masterclasses.

Founder: Marty Cagan

Schedule: Daily

Content Types: Building tech-powered products using the product operating mode.

UX Collective

The UX Collective newsletter offers invaluable insights and trends in user experience design 

directly delivered to your inbox. 

Authored by industry experts, it covers various topics, from AI takeaways to Figma tips and leadership crises in UX. 

Founder: Fabricio Teixeira and Caio Braga

Schedule: Weekly

Content Types: Articles for product managers seeking to enhance product design strategies.

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Mind the Product’s prioritized newsletter is a must-have resource for product managers. It delivers curated articles on product management, jobs, and upcoming events. 

Founder: Martin Eriksson

Schedule: Every Week

Content Types: Features top product management, design, and development articles.

Ben Evans’ Newsletter

Benedict Evans’ newsletter delivers essential insights into the tech industry’s significant developments and implications. It offers context and analysis to help product managers navigate the ever-evolving landscape. 

The newsletter offers free and premium editions, ensuring access to curated news and exclusive content tailored to diverse informational needs.

Founder: Ben Thompson

Schedule: Once a Week

Content Type: Offers essential insights into significant tech developments.

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Chartr newsletter offers product managers a valuable resource for staying informed about innovative product promotion insights through visual storytelling. 

With visually engaging content beyond the headlines, this newsletter provides a unique perspective on important industry topics. 

Founder: David Crowther

Schedule: Weekly, every Monday

Content Types: Visual storytelling and data-driven insights for product managers.


Beta List offers exclusive insights into the latest beta releases and upcoming products. 

As a product manager, you’ll gain access to early-stage startups and innovative technologies before they hit the mainstream market. 

Founder: Marc Kohlbrugge

Schedule: Daily

Content Types: Get exclusive insights into upcoming products and beta releases delivered to your inbox.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt’s newsletter is an essential resource for product managers seeking to stay at the forefront of innovation in the tech industry. 

With a subscriber base of over 800,000 individuals, this newsletter delivers curated content featuring the latest and most impactful products, tech stories, and memes since 2013.

Founder: Ryan Hoover 

Schedule: Daily, Monday to Friday

Content Types: Curated tech trends and product highlights for savvy product managers.


Expertly crafted product marketing newsletters contain data-backed articles on launching a new category and marketing a product digitally.  

Product managers can stay competitive by subscribing to high-value marketing newsletters. 

Capitalize on the wealth of curated content offered by these value-backed email newsletters for product marketers and managers.

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