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Top 20 Conversational AI Platforms For 2024

conversational ai tools

Conversational AI platforms are important for companies to engage with clients and run their internal operations. 

They make personalized and effective sales assistance, customer support, and information retrieval through natural language interactions.

These systems improve user experiences, expedite processes, and save operating costs by leveraging automation and machine intelligence. 

Let’s take a look at the best conversational AI tools for 2024.

What are Conversational AI Platforms?

Conversational AI platforms function similarly to language wizards, enabling human-machine communication.

These advanced software applications learn and comprehend human speech through artificial intelligence, a computer’s brain. 

Additionally, they employ natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) methods to understand our speech and reply in a way that makes sense throughout a discussion. It feels natural, almost like a conversation with a human.

Conversational AI tools let companies create interactive systems to communicate with customers through voice assistants, messaging applications, and websites, among other methods. 

After analyzing user inputs and extracting intent, context, and entities, they either automatically conduct the proper actions or produce pertinent responses. Furthermore, these systems frequently have analytics features to improve the conversational experience. 

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What are the Benefits of Conversational AI Platforms?

There are many perks associated with employing conversational AI platforms:

  • Better Customer Service: Imagine constantly having a friendly helper respond to your inquiries. Businesses can use conversational AI platforms for just that. It’s similar to having an incredibly helpful help desk always available, giving clients a sense of value and encouraging them to visit again for more.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: By doing all the routine tasks, enterprise conversational AI technologies function as extremely effective assistants, freeing employees to take on more engaging and difficult duties. It’s similar to having an extra pair of hands immune to fatigue.
  • Personalized Interactions: AI systems tailor their responses to suit your custom needs depending on your current organizational needs and past interactions.
  • Expanding Without Limits: These platforms can expand to accommodate an infinite number of talks without adding new personnel. Thus, regardless of how hectic things get, they’re prepared.
  • Saving Time and Money: Conversational AI technologies help organizations significantly reduce labor costs by handling repetitive jobs. Additionally, they complete tasks quickly and efficiently, saving valuable hours.
  • Gaining Knowledge from Every Conversation: Like attentive listeners, these platforms extract valuable insights from their discussions. This facilitates improved customer understanding and more informed decision-making for enterprises.
  • Omnichannel Presence: These systems ensure a seamless and uninterrupted experience across all channels, whether communicating on social media, conversing with a voice assistant, or on a website.

Top Conversational AI Platforms

Kore.AI is a top supplier of conversational AI solutions. It enables companies worldwide to build worthwhile and interesting interactions for customer service, employee support, and other uses.

With more than ten years of experience, provides an all-inclusive platform, cutting-edge tools, and language models already trained to accelerate the widespread use of AI and produce significant business results.

The platform provides state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology that optimizes operational efficiency, improves customer experiences, and automates questions while maintaining simplicity, flexibility, and responsible AI adoption.


  • Provides an extensive platform with modern tools and language models that have already been trained.
  • Streamlines the implementation of AI and shortens the time to significant business results.


  • A learning curve can be necessary for users unfamiliar with AI technology.
  • Without adequate technical knowledge, implementing some advanced features could be difficult.

Pricing: $14.48/Month

Yellow.AI is an acknowledged expert in conversational AI, transforming employee and customer experiences by utilizing multiple large language models (LLMs) to provide tailored, human-like interactions across many channels.

Using advanced ML and NLP technology, guarantees safe and intelligent conversational AI. It continuously learns to deliver sentimental and context-aware responses.

The platform helps businesses revolutionize operations, increase productivity, and improve customer happiness while delivering significant cost savings. It does this by providing enterprise-grade security and zero-setup bot deployment.

Leading businesses worldwide rely on because of its unmatched automation rates, quicker time to market, and flexible AI solutions catering to various industries.


  • Businesses’ time to market is boosted via zero-setup bot deployment.
  • Provides goal-based interactions to increase automation rates and achieve better results.
  • Leverages AI that is flexible enough for a range of applications and sectors.


  • It is not suitable for firms that feel uncomfortable incorporating AI technologies into their corporate processes.

Pricing: Free

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Haptik.AI is an advanced Conversational AI platform transforming customer assistance and engagement.

As a trusted partner of more than 500 brands, it enables companies to provide smooth cross-channel experiences that produce tangible outcomes, such as higher lead generation, higher transaction rates, and better Net Promoter Scores.

Haptik provides scalable solutions for different industries, guaranteeing exceptional customer experiences and long-term business growth. The company has over ten years of experience in artificial intelligence and prioritizes Gen AI.


  • Employs powerful Generative AI capabilities for personalized customer interactions.
  • Offers seamless cross-channel engagement, leading to increased leads and transactions.
  • Scalable solutions and a Gen AI-first approach to ensure sustained business growth.


  • Pricing structure and potential hidden fees may not be transparent to all users.
  • Limited to users comfortable with integrating AI solutions into their business operations.

Pricing: $4.85/Month


Avaamo is a top conversational AI platform that provides the LLaMB™ framework for quickly, safely, and efficiently creating next-generation enterprise applications.

The platform, trusted by various customers across industries, offers conversational intelligence, contact center artificial intelligence, and intelligent virtual assistants to improve consumer, staff, and patient relations.

Through its innovative conversational AI capabilities, Avaamo enables organizations to increase customer happiness, streamline processes, and stimulate growth.


  • Provides the LLaMB™ framework, which enables the rapid and secure development of enterprise applications.
  • Offers conversational intelligence, contact center AI, and intelligent virtual assistants.
  • Recognized by a wide spectrum of clients from various industries.
  • Aids in increasing customer satisfaction and streamlining processes.
  • Gives companies the ability to grow through the use of sophisticated conversational AI.


  • Implementing advanced features could be challenging if you lack the necessary technical knowledge.

Pricing: $0.75/Month

Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex is a dynamic conversational AI service that simplifies the process of incorporating AI-powered chatbots into apps.

With Lex, customers may create virtual agents without worrying about infrastructure, automate processes, and offer self-service capabilities across different languages. 

The tool utilizes AWS resources to provide omnichannel deployment, context maintenance, natural language understanding, and seamless integration with other tools.

Because of Amazon Lex’s transparent pay-as-you-go price structure and free tier offer, conversational interface development is now feasible for any type of business.


  • Integrates chatbots powered by AI into apps with ease.
  • Helps maintain context and comprehend natural language.
  • Makes multilingual omnichannel deployment possible.
  • Smooth interaction with additional AWS services for performance tracking, business logic execution, and data querying.


  • More customization calls for more technical knowledge.
  • Restricted to people who are at ease with the AWS ecosystem and cloud-based solutions.
  • Reliance on services and infrastructure provided by AWS.

Pricing: Free

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Cognigy.AI is a prominent conversational AI platform that allows companies to use AI agents in various sectors, such as utilities, telecoms, retail, healthcare, and insurance.

The platform’s sophisticated Generative and Conversational AI capabilities support intelligent routing, smart self-service, agent assistance, and personalized customer experiences.

Trusted by major international businesses like Toyota, AEON, Salzburg AG, and Lufthansa, Cognigy provides enterprise-ready solutions to improve customer service, productivity, and corporate expansion.


  • Excellent conversational and generative AI features.
  • Customized solutions for various sectors, such as utilities, telecoms, retail, insurance, and travel.
  • Offers intelligent routing and individualized consumer experiences.
  • Allows for intelligent self-service and agent support features.


  • Users unfamiliar with AI technology need a period of initial adaptation.
  • Possibility of dependency on other integrations for particular use cases.

Pricing: Free

Boost.AI offers an AI-powered conversational AI platform designed to automate customer service through chat and voice bots. 

Harnessing the power of generative AI, their platform enables personalized connections between customers and brands across various channels, ensuring consistent, high-quality interactions 24/7. 


  • Enterprise-ready solution with scalability and security.
  • Utilizes generative AI for personalized interactions.
  • Offers omnichannel support for seamless experiences.
  • Demonstrates high customer satisfaction and recommendations.
  • Provides a robust feature set including voice and chat bots.


  • Higher cost for enterprise-level solutions.
  • Integration with existing systems can be complex.
  • Occasional errors or misunderstandings due to reliance on AI.
  • Potential privacy concerns regarding data handling.

Pricing: Contact them for custom pricing

One Reach.AI

OneReach.AI is a generative artificial intelligence platform with pre-trained transformers (GPTs) and Intelligent Digital Workers (IDWs).

IDWs automate processes across several channels and languages, allowing organizations to increase team productivity, cooperate with generative AI, and streamline activities.


  • Securely interfaces with other technologies to achieve practical automation of tasks.
  • Works in tandem with generative AI to improve team efficiency and streamline workloads.
  • Accomplishes tasks in a variety of languages and channels.
  • Offers programmable digital workers suited to particular industry requirements.
  • Provides interactive demonstrations to explore features and build test IDWs.


  • Potential drawbacks when attempting to perform complicated or highly specialized activities without much customization.
  • More setup and configuration work may be needed for integration with current systems.

Pricing: $0.003 for every 1K tokens processed.

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Smart Action

SmartAction provides the NOVA Platform, which uses AI agents that look like humans to improve customer satisfaction, reduce delays, and save expenses.

With modern technologies like Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), as well as customized services covering various sectors, SmartAction guarantees excellent service delivery via SMS, chat, and phone channels.


  • AI agents that mimic humans increase customer satisfaction
  • Shortens waiting periods and overhead
  • Customized remedies for a range of sectors
  • Modern technology that uses NLU and NLG
  • Complete conversational AI assistance
  • Connectivity with corporate apps and contact centers


  • Reliance on Internet access for optimum functionality
  • Potential difficulties in overseeing and preserving AI agents in the long run

Pricing: Contact them for customer pricing


ResolveAI is a flexible conversational AI platform that lets users build and personalize their AI customer support representatives.

ResolveAI helps businesses save time, improve customer interactions, and optimize support operations with features including simple training, customization possibilities, seamless integration, and cost-effective subscription plans.


  • Enables IT assistance with AI-powered solutions.
  • Knowledge management with GenAI for ease and accuracy.
  • Automation without code.
  • AITSM will empower support teams to address obstacles properly.
  • Dynamic resilience and scalability.


  • Reliance on Internet access for optimum functionality
  • Time and resources needed for the initial setup and integration.
  • Constant upgrades and enhancements are required to stay current with changing needs.

Pricing: $24/Month


Leena AI is an all-inclusive conversational AI platform that reduces tickets, automates processes, and offers real-time insights to optimize IT, HR, and sales operations.

With enterprise-wide integrations, multifaceted security compliance, and zero-touch resolution, Leena AI enables businesses to improve employee satisfaction, boost productivity, and produce superior results.


  • Increases efficiency by reducing IT, HR, and sales tickets by up to 70%.
  • Automates repetitive processes and workflows so employees can save time.
  • Gives real-time data and insights to support strategic projects.
  • Centralizes information and knowledge, making it more readily available.
  • Connects with platforms and systems that are already in place.
  • Recognized by Gartner and trusted by a wide range of industries.


  • Pricing levels might not be suitable for startups or smaller enterprises.
  • Reliance on integrations could make setup and maintenance more difficult.
  • Certain industries or areas may not have security and compliance elements that meet all regulatory standards.

Pricing: $1.00/Month

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Zendesk is a top-notch customer care platform designed specifically for small businesses. It offers robust support solutions, AI-powered tools, and workflow automation.

Businesses can easily interact with customers on their preferred channels when they have omnichannel support capabilities.


  • Connectivity via social networking, email, phone assistance, and coding-based web widgets.
  • Chatbot features and real-time communications.
  • Workflow automation and AI-powered solutions to improve agent productivity.


  • Pricing schemes may increase in cost as the company grows or needs more features.
  • Using cloud software alone could raise security or dependability issues.
  • Restricted flexibility in contrast to solutions for larger enterprises.

Pricing: $25/Month


Aisera is a cutting-edge conversational AI platform powered by Generative AI. It is designed to supercharge agent productivity and deliver exceptional user experiences. 

With AiseraGPT, AI Copilot, and Enterprise AI Search, organizations can achieve unparalleled accuracy, operational excellence, and cost savings. 

Aisera’s customizable and feature-rich solutions meet rigorous trust, responsible AI, privacy, and security requirements, making it a top choice for enterprises seeking advanced AI-driven automated support and AIOps solutions.


  • Supercharged agent productivity with features like answers, summarizations, and in-line assistance.
  • Cost savings are achieved through enhanced efficiency and operational excellence.
  • Wide range of features tailored to specific needs.


  • Planning and collaboration may be necessary to overcome integration issues.
  • During disruptions, relying on vendor support for assistance and troubleshooting could be a constraint.

Pricing: Custom pricing is available 

IBM WatsonX Assistant

IBM conversational AI provides innovative solutions that help companies leverage natural language processing and artificial intelligence to create a faster UX for consumers interacting with digital systems.

With cutting-edge capabilities like sentiment analysis and AI-driven chatbots, IBM’s platform improves customer engagement, expedites workflows, and spurs corporate expansion.


  • Sentiment analysis to measure the feelings and reactions of customers.
  • Customized answers to improve interaction with customers.
  • Streamlined procedures that boost productivity.


  • Cost could be a barrier for small businesses or startups.
  • Continuous monitoring and updates are needed to maintain effectiveness.
  • Limited flexibility compared to more customizable solutions.

Pricing: Free

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Dialpad is an AI-powered platform that transforms customer engagement, sales, and collaboration through real-time transcription, sentiment analysis, live coaching, predictive CSAT, 

and more.

Dialpad enables companies of all kinds to increase team efficiency and easily provide outstanding customer service.


  • Sentiment analysis and real-time transcription improve client interaction.
  • During calls, live coaching enhances agent performance.
  • Understanding consumer satisfaction levels is aided by predictive CSAT.


  • Integration with current systems could be needed for extra configuration or personalization.

Pricing: $15.36/Month


Sprinklr uses generative AI to enable bots that transform customer experiences by facilitating smooth communication between agents, developers, admins, and customers.

It removes hard-coded decision trees, streamlines conversation workflows by automatically 

identifying intents, and streamlines bot building using a three-step, no-code procedure.

With its powerful voice bot capabilities, omnichannel deployment, and knowledge-based integration, Sprinklr enables organizations to enforce compliance, foster natural conversations, and improve consumer satisfaction across several languages and channels.


  • Automatic creation of operational procedures and intuitive intent discovery.
  • Specialized AI and rule engine to guarantee data security and compliance.
  • Support for more than 100 languages and omnichannel deployment.


  • It has a friendly user interface. 
  • Some features are not logical.
  • Costly for new businesses. 

Pricing: $249/Month


Amelia is an advanced conversational AI platform that uses generative AI to improve engagement, empower staff, and transform operations.

Amelia’s low-code development platform and multilingual features let businesses launch quickly and grow effectively while providing outstanding experiences for workers and clients.


  • Support for several languages and end-to-end automation features.
  • There are lots of use cases across multiple sectors.


  • More expensive than its competitors.
  • Accuracy and performance in languages other than English may differ.
  • Occasional issues or comprehension gaps for difficult questions

Pricing: $80.53/Month

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LivePerson is an award-winning conversational AI platform that uses messaging and digital platforms to build connections between brands and customers. It emphasizes real, continuous interactions.

With the help of their technology, companies can go digital, cut expenses, and satisfy customers while achieving tangible business goals like more customer happiness, lower operating costs, and more agent efficiency.

LivePerson’s platform, used by well-known brands worldwide, is designed for enterprise-level scalability and security. It provides analytics, connectivity, and automation to promote great customer experiences and business expansion.


  • Meets customer demands and lowers operating expenses by facilitating the transition to digital channels.
  • Yields tangible business benefits, such as agent productivity.


  • It can take more work to integrate with the workflows and systems already in place.
  • Maintenance and upgrades may be required on an ongoing basis, depending on the degree of customization.

Pricing: Free


Moveworks is a state-of-the-art AI platform that co-pilots workers by automating support duties, easing information retrieval, and optimizing workflows between different business systems.

Using generative AI, Moveworks enables teams to produce meaningful outcomes swiftly.

Moveworks enhances productivity and satisfaction in organizations through its secure conversational interface and flexible machine-learning capabilities.


  • Effective task automation.
  • An easy-to-use conversational interface.
  • Adaptable to certain business requirements.
  • Strong emphasis on data security.
  • Employs advanced generative models.


  • Complexity of integration
  • Occasional AI mistakes
  • Relatively expensive
  • Requires constant maintenance

Pricing: $47/Month

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Highspot is a top platform for sales enablement that gives sales teams AI-driven solutions to manage sales content, interact with customers, onboard and train reps, and effectively coach.

It is a go-to option for businesses seeking to boost sales productivity and produce tangible outcomes because it emphasizes revenue growth and robust analytics.


  • Features include sales content management, playbooks, buyer engagement, training, and coaching. 
  • Claims to increase win rates, pipeline generation, quota attainment, and decrease ramp time. 
  • Recognized by Forrester, Gartner, Forbes, and Fortune for innovation and growth.


  • For smaller enterprises, costs could be an obstacle.
  • Has to be integrated with current procedures and systems, which might be difficult.

Pricing: $27/Month


Conversational AI platforms significantly impact how customers interact with businesses, how productive employees are, and how efficiently businesses run.

Because of developments in automation, machine learning, and natural language comprehension, these platforms give companies chances to provide individualized customer experiences, optimize workflows, and boost expansion.

Conversational AI tools will remain prominent as companies emphasize digital transformation and customer-centricity. 

Businesses must adopt these technologies going forward and make the most of them to create new opportunities and propel success in the years to come.

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