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34 Powerful AI Content Marketing Tools

AI content marketing tools

Artificial intelligence has brought incredible advancements, transforming businesses globally and revolutionizing various sectors, such as content marketing. 

In this age of information overload, AI content marketing tools are crucial in assisting businesses to remain competitive and achieve their marketing objectives.

Innovative AI content marketing tools enhance and streamline content creation, distribution, and optimization processes. 

According to a recent Influencer Marketing Hub survey, 61.4% of marketers have effectively used AI in their marketing campaigns. This revolutionary technology is changing the face of content marketing in ways that have never been witnessed previously, introducing a fresh epoch of creativity and effectiveness.

In this article, I will explore the best AI content marketing tools that help transform your digital marketing approach and enable you to attain superior outcomes at an accelerated pace.

Let’s start!

Top AI Content Marketing Tools

Here are the top AI content marketing software for 2024 and ahead: 


Writesonic is an innovative AI content marketing tool made to help companies and content creators produce excellent written content quickly and effectively. This advanced platform helps customers expedite their content creation processes by producing numerous content, including articles, blog posts, ad copy, and more, using modern artificial intelligence algorithms. 

The tool allows companies and content producers to guarantee the delivery of compelling and successful promotional content while streamlining their content creation processes and saving time. 

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The AI features of the platform help users with idea generation, content optimization, and every stage of the content creation process. With the help of this intuitive tool, marketers can easily and effectively achieve their content marketing goals.

Pricing: $19/ month


Wordtune is a modern content marketing tool driven by artificial intelligence that improves writing and communication abilities. It helps users create professional and interesting content for various marketing uses.

With Wordtune’s user-friendly interface and AI-powered features, marketers and content producers can easily edit their writing to produce compelling, exceptional content for their marketing campaigns.

Pricing: $9.99/ month


Acrolinx is another innovative AI content marketing software that helps companies and content producers optimize and enhance their written content. This platform provides many capabilities to improve brand alignment, consistency, and quality of content. 

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The tool helps users create content more quickly and easily while maintaining the clarity, interest, and brand guidelines of their content.

Pricing: Custom Pricing


ContentBot is an advanced artificial intelligence platform for content marketing that helps companies and content producers improve and streamline their content production workflows. This revolutionary technology uses artificial intelligence to produce a wide range of content efficiently, including blog posts, articles, marketing copy, and more.

The tool enables users to produce content more quickly while guaranteeing the delivery of effective and engaging promotional content. Its features make it easier for marketers to accomplish their content marketing objectives by supporting idea generation, optimization, and the full content creation process. 

It is a useful tool for companies and content creators who want to improve their marketing efforts as it focuses on efficiency and effectiveness in content development.

Pricing: $19/ month


BuzzSumo is a prominent AI-powered content marketing tool that empowers businesses and creators to enhance their content strategies. With its sophisticated capabilities, BuzzSumo enables users to discover trending topics, influential content, and vital insights within their industry.

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This platform equips marketers with the tools to conduct in-depth research on content performance, audience engagement, and competitor analysis. It aids in identifying the most effective content strategies to drive organic traffic and boost brand visibility. Furthermore, BuzzSumo provides content curation features, helping users stay ahead in their content marketing efforts.

It is a vital tool for anyone looking to produce, enhance, and disseminate compelling content that connects with their target market and strengthens their content marketing campaigns.

Pricing: $199 /month


Kafkai is an AI-powered content generator that revolutionizes content creation by offering unique, SEO-friendly articles at a fraction of the cost. It is designed to assist with various content needs, from blog articles to social media posts and website copy, making it a versatile tool for marketers. 

Their AI technology eliminates the need for extensive keyword research and laborious content writing, enabling users to focus on essential human-driven tasks like editing, curation, optimization, and fact-checking.

This innovative tool allows users to break free from writer’s block and effortlessly produce content by providing a few seed keywords. Kafkai not only acts as a content writing assistant but also ensures that the generated content aligns with popular search queries, enhancing its relevance and discoverability.

Pricing: $9/ month


HubSpot offers a cutting-edge AI content writer that provides businesses with AI-powered content. This AI content assistant is designed to save valuable time and resources, helping users create a variety of content, including blogs, website copy, social media posts, and more, with ease.

The tool addresses the challenge of scaling content production without significantly increasing resources. Users can input a prompt or topic, and HubSpot’s AI content assistant generates the first draft of the content, whether it’s a prospecting email, landing page, social caption, or blog post. This effortless content creation process is ideal for overcoming writer’s block and revitalizing content marketing efforts.

HubSpot’s AI content assistant seamlessly integrates with its marketing and sales tools, facilitating multi-channel content generation across email, social, landing pages, and other platforms. Users can also fine-tune the AI-generated content by providing prompts for length, tone, reading level, and brand voice.

Pricing: $800/ month


Wordsmith by Automated Insights is an advanced AI content marketing software that empowers businesses to create dynamic, data-driven narratives effortlessly. This versatile platform offers pre-designed projects, such as hotel descriptions, financial summaries, weather reports, and more, providing blueprints for crafting personalized content.

The content marketing platform allows users to transform raw data into engaging narratives, making complex information easily digestible. It is not limited to showcased projects; businesses can leverage their datasets to create custom projects tailored to their unique requirements.

With the Wordsmith platform, companies can enhance their content strategies, engage their audience effectively, and transform data into compelling stories, all while saving valuable time and resources. To explore the full potential of Wordsmith, users can request a demo and discover the limitless possibilities of natural language generation.

Pricing: $39/ month


Scalenut is a modern AI content marketing software that helps businesses and content creators easily create high-quality and SEO-friendly content quickly and effortlessly. Their sophisticated AI capabilities let users create content, such as blog entries, articles, ad text, and more.

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With the help of this advanced software, businesses can enhance their advertising strategies and expedite content generation. Its AI algorithms create interesting content by generating a few seed phrases or subjects, which makes it a perfect aid for content development.

The tool is a time- and money-saving technology that enables customers to grow their content marketing without requiring more resources. Scalenut provides everything you need to produce email campaigns, blog posts, and social media updates.

Pricing: $39/ month


Outwrite is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to help users write with precision, clarity, and impact. This versatile tool can be seamlessly integrated into popular platforms like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, and WordPress, making it accessible wherever users write online.

It offers numerous features to enhance writing, including advanced grammar and spell-checking, real-time readability and grade level tracking, multilingual support, style suggestions to improve writing quality and flow, a paraphrasing tool for sentence restructuring, and the ability to change passive voice to active voice.

With over a million satisfied users worldwide, Outwrite transforms people into better writers, providing intuitive and consistent assistance in various writing tasks. It has received recognition from professionals and individuals alike for its ability to ensure clear and spotless writing in both professional and everyday contexts.

Pricing: $9.95/ month


NeuraFlash is a leading AI content marketing software specializing in end-to-end business transformations powered by AI and backed by tangible outcomes. They build seamless solutions using AI and data on Salesforce and Amazon platforms, helping businesses automate processes, enhance customer engagement, and boost productivity.

With a dedicated practice focused on delivering results, NeuraFlash boasts impressive outcomes, including a 56% deflection rate, a 40% reduction in manual processes, and a 150% increase in average deal size. They are experts in Salesforce and AWS implementation, serving various industries with specialized recommendations and transformative projects.

Pricing: Custom Pricing


PathFactory is an advanced AI-powered content marketing technology that enables businesses to increase revenue and improve customer experiences. It changes how consumers interact with information by utilizing content AI to deliver engaging and personalized experiences based on their requirements and preferences.

The tool leverages content engagement insights and first- and third-party intent data to generate tailored content experiences emphasizing personalized content distribution. The chance of conversion is greatly increased when these experiences are provided at the appropriate point in the buyer’s journey.

Users have reported impressive outcomes with PathFactory, such as a 129% increase in pipeline conversion, an 11% increase in closed won sales, and a 4.5x increase in revenue from PathFactory campaigns.

Pricing: Custom Pricing


With its innovative AI-powered content marketing solution, BrightEdge provides marketers with instantaneous SEO rankings, research, and recommendations. This platform is the first and only in the industry to combine these essential SEO components into one robust solution.

Marketers can successfully engage customers throughout their whole journey using BrightEdge. The platform offers competitive information for every content topic, predicts business effects to help prioritize efforts, directs the creation and optimization of content, and tracks content performance at many granularities. 

BrightEdge helps marketers achieve SEO success. Demand generation specialists use it to create high-converting, customer-focused content, SEO specialists optimize content, and digital marketers improve website performance and content. 

Pricing: Custom Pricing


Articoolo is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) content marketing solution created to help companies and content creators produce excellent written content fast and effectively. It leverages artificial intelligence to create content, which makes creating content easier and provides a way to create different kinds of content, such as blog posts, articles, ad copy, and more.

After analyzing user input, the tool’s AI algorithms recommend producing interesting and educational material. It is simple for users to optimize their content for various goals, such as enhancing SEO, producing interesting blog entries, or designing powerful marketing collateral.

Businesses and content producers can save time and money by using Articoolo to ensure that their content is not only well-written but also customized to meet their unique requirements. This AI content marketing tool is a valuable resource for those looking to enhance their content strategies and boost their online presence.

Pricing: $29/ month


Phrasee is a cutting-edge AI content marketing software that empowers businesses to enhance their marketing messages, boost conversions, and engage customers effectively. 

Trusted by some of the world’s top marketers, Phrasee utilizes generative AI to create compelling marketing messages tailored to the digital customer journey. Its enterprise-grade platform enables marketers to test, optimize, and personalize content for superior performance, increased conversions, and higher ROI.

The platform supports various marketing channels, including email, push notifications, SMS, web and app, social media, and Google Ads. Phrasee’s AI-generated content enhances promotional content, drives purchase completion, improves customer loyalty, and increases customer retention.

Pricing: Custom Pricing


TubeBuddy is the ultimate growth tool designed to empower YouTube creators, providing advanced AI-driven features to help them create, manage, and grow their channels with confidence. With over 10 million creators and brands relying on TubeBuddy, it’s a trusted platform for optimizing YouTube channels.

Creators can utilize TubeBuddy’s suite of tools to understand what content will best facilitate channel growth. It enables them to manage and optimize their channels efficiently, saving time on tasks like uploading videos and creating chapters. Furthermore, TubeBuddy empowers creators to increase their clicks, views, and subscribers by offering tools for testing thumbnails, titles, and keywords.

One of TubeBuddy’s standout features is the Thumbnail Analyzer tool, which helps boost click-through rates by predicting which thumbnails are more likely to attract clicks. The A/B Testing tool eliminates the guesswork in creating compelling thumbnails and titles, allowing creators to compare different versions and select the most effective one.

Pricing: $3.99/ month


Canva is a versatile AI content marketing platform that revolutionizes design by offering professional-grade designs accessible to everyone. With a user-friendly interface, it simplifies the design process, allowing users to create and share stunning designs effortlessly.

Canva’s Magic Studio, powered by AI, redefines creativity. Magic Write generates copy in your brand voice, while Magic Edit transforms your photos. It also fosters collaboration, allowing friends, family, or entire teams to work together, providing real-time design feedback.

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Moreover, the tool facilitates design and print services in one place. Users can turn designs into various physical products, from photo albums to business cards, with free delivery. Its extensive template library covers various categories, ensuring customization for any occasion.

Pricing: $ 29.99/ month


Crayon is a prominent AI content marketing software that provides companies access to critical market and competition knowledge. It presents a thorough approach to industry trend analysis and competitor tracking, giving users the instruments they need to obtain a competitive advantage. 

This tool lets users see updates to competitors’ websites’ content, prices, and product offerings through real-time monitoring. It distinguishes itself through its automation and advanced data analytics to empower businesses to lead their respective industries.

Crayon, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, simplifies the process of gathering and scrutinizing vast volumes of data. This confers a distinct advantage to companies in content marketing and other facets of their business strategies.

Pricing: Custom Pricing

Rad AI

Rad AI is an advanced AI content marketing tool that revolutionizes influencer marketing. The tool offers transparent campaign ROI and performance by leveraging artificial intelligence to remove the uncertainty from influencer marketing efforts. 

The AI-powered tool gives customers access to real AI-informed content, empowering them to make data-driven choices about which influencers to collaborate with and how best to utilize their content. It is built to maintain both performance and scale, providing clear influencer marketing initiatives along with all-inclusive creative, influencer, and campaign management.

The tool uses historical social engagements to inform strategies before, during, and after campaigns. Users can accomplish high-performing influencer campaigns and maximize their return on investment with its creative methodology. 

Pricing: $1250/ month

Article Forge

Article Forge is an AI content marketing platform that leverages advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning to automatically generate unique, SEO-optimized, high-quality, long-form articles with just one click. It’s recognized as the first fully automatic AI article writer that can research, plan, and write long-form content, saving both time and money in content creation.

With Article Forge, users can effortlessly obtain complete articles of 1,500+ words that are not only well-written and on-topic but also SEO-optimized, aligning with Google’s algorithms for content quality and relevancy. The tool’s deep learning models ensure that its content is of top-notch quality and aligns with Google’s ranking criteria.

Article Forge supports many use cases and functionalities, including end-to-end article generation, customizable instructions for specific content, extending and improving articles to any desired length, real-time research on current events, and the ability to pass AI content detectors as human-written. It even offers bulk article generation and API access for seamless integration into content pipelines.

Pricing: $13/ month


AdZis is an AI-powered content marketing solution made especially for online retailers. It gives startups and small to medium-sized enterprises access to the power of natural language generation through Contentop NLG Technology. 

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The platform provides an extensive feature set for content generation automation across several marketing channels. It also distinguishes itself from canned text generators, random text generators, and GPT-3 rephrasers as a pure AI solution. 

AdZis offers online retailers a one-click solution for content generation that automates the development of social network posts, blog entries, product descriptions, SEO titles, banners, and more. Businesses can improve their online presence and search engine visibility while saving time, money, and resources by utilizing this AI-powered solution.

Pricing: $99 for 500 credits


Vennli is an AI content marketing platform mostly used to address scheduling optimization problems. Their goal is to make operational scheduling more intelligent, fast, and stable to enhance the lives of unit personnel.

It provides a solution known as REGULUS, an AI-driven schedule optimization tool with better decision support from data science. By offering predictability, transparency, and schedule consistency, REGULUS simplifies scheduling, lowers workforce demands, boosts planning speed and responsiveness, increases operational efficiency, and improves employee quality of life.

Vennli’s smart scheduling approach tackles the increasing potential for AI-driven schedule optimization. This technology can have a favorable impact on numerous industries and greatly enhance scheduling procedures.

Pricing:  $1,500/ month


MarketMuse is an efficient AI-powered content marketing tool that provides personalized and objective insights to help content strategy and marketing teams make better and faster decisions. It addresses the common challenge in content strategy, where most strategies are built on generic data and opinions, often leading to ineffective planning.

Utilizing a comprehensive website analysis, MarketMuse’s AI engine provides insights that integrate keyword and subject research with content audits. It helps users prioritize the appropriate information by automating content audits, eliminating subjectivity, and expediting the content planning process.

The tool also provides various capabilities to address important content strategy queries, such as how to prioritize material, increase visibility, find out what competitors are doing, arrange keyword data, and ensure each piece is informative and of the highest caliber.

Pricing: $149 /month


WordAi is an effective AI-powered content marketing software that transforms how businesses create content, resulting in massive business gains. It can create excellent rewrites nearly identical to content authored by people using proficient machine learning models.

The platform provides extensive capabilities, including sentence splitting, quality improvement, clarity enhancement, text enrichment, and entire sentence restructuring. Its proficiency in understanding sentence meaning enables it to reconstruct sentences while maintaining their original context completely.

WordAi’s functionality is incredibly quick and easy to use. The technology guarantees no difficulties with duplicate content, and it greatly increases content productivity by allowing one to rewrite an entire piece quickly. Additionally, users can adjust WordAi’s ideas level to suit their demands.

Pricing: $9/ month

Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is the ultimate AI image generator, allowing users to create captivating and artistic images using artificial intelligence. This platform allows individuals to explore their creativity and generate unique visuals that can be shared and appreciated by a community of dreamers.

Users can access various images, each reflecting the artistic evolution of AI-generated content. It offers a space for creative expression and groundbreaking ideas, encompassing breathtaking scenery and enigmatic masterpieces. 

Deep Dream Generator presents an exclusive and artistic avenue for interacting with artificial intelligence technology and crafting awe-inspiring visuals. This platform actively stimulates users to delve into their imaginative depths and generate visually enthralling compositions, rendering it an invaluable tool for individuals seeking to push the boundaries of AI-driven imagery.

Pricing: $19/ month


Jasper is an AI copilot made for business marketing teams who want better results, not just faster outputs. It is the brains behind every content-related operation and is trusted by more than 100,000 teams worldwide.

Businesses can enhance audience engagement, boost content development, and effectively optimize marketing campaigns with the help of Jasper’s innovative technology. It provides safe, moral, and responsible AI solutions for security, ethics, and privacy. 

The tool is an invaluable resource for marketing teams leveraging artificial intelligence to achieve real results since it smoothly integrates into various tech stacks through browser extensions, integrations, and a strong API.

Pricing: $39/ month


Clearscope is an innovative AI-powered software that streamlines the procedure of enhancing content to generate more organic traffic. Its purpose is to guarantee that content is not only easy to share, click on, and read but also exceedingly pertinent to the topics people are actively searching for. This invaluable tool serves as a valuable resource for both content creators and marketers alike.

With the help of this tool’s user-friendly interface, content teams can easily understand what to write about and how to write it successfully, leading to the intended outcomes. Its capabilities extend to helping businesses rank higher for their primary keywords while also identifying and optimizing for related terms that can bring in additional traffic.

Clearscope enables users to take advantage of their current processes without needless back-and-forth by providing smooth connections to well-known platforms like Google Docs and WordPress. It guarantees that clients have access to resources, attentive assistance, and training that enable them to maximize their content and accomplish their objectives. 

Pricing: $170/ month


ChatGPT is a modern, AI-powered content marketing solution that helps companies create interesting and educational content using natural language processing. With its advanced language capabilities, it is designed to help content marketers, copywriters, and businesses generate high-quality written content efficiently.

This versatile AI tool can provide content suggestions and assist in creating blog posts, articles, marketing copy, and more. It offers enhancements in coherence, clarity, and general quality to assist users in honing their work, resulting in a well-written and audience-friendly final product.

The exceptional capability of ChatGPT to comprehend and produce text that resembles human language renders it an indispensable asset for businesses aiming to elevate their content marketing endeavors, forge strong connections with their desired recipients, and sustain a competitive advantage within the online realm.

Pricing: $20/ month


Dall-E is a revolutionary AI-driven content marketing platform that pushes the boundaries of creativity and content generation. Developed by OpenAI, this innovative platform is powered by advanced deep learning models and is designed to generate visually appealing and contextually relevant images from textual descriptions.

With Dall-E, content marketers and creative professionals can effortlessly transform their ideas and concepts into stunning visuals. Users can provide thorough written descriptions, and the system uses those words to create original, excellent photos. With the help of this feature, businesses can develop visually appealing content for a wide range of platforms, including blog posts, social media, commercials, and more. 

Dall-E is a fantastic tool for content marketers who want to draw in viewers and use visuals to explain complicated concepts because of its artistic abilities and capacity to comprehend and analyze textual input. It’s a tool that not only streamlines the content creation process but also adds an artistic touch to marketing campaigns, enhancing engagement and leaving a lasting impact on the audience. 

Pricing:  $0.080 / image


Frase is a game-changing AI marketing tool that supercharges SEO strategies and content creation. Trusted by over 30,000 content, SEO, and marketing teams, it simplifies the process of content creation and optimization, helping businesses rank higher on Google.

With this tool, the entire SEO content workflow becomes seamless and efficient, from initial research to the final draft. It empowers users to conduct SERP research with ease, saving time by analyzing and summarizing content from the top search results for any query. 

One of Frase’s standout features is its ability to generate full-length, optimized content briefs in just six seconds using AI. This innovative tool is a game-changer for SEO professionals and writers, enhancing content quality and SEO performance.

Pricing: $35/ month


Heyday is an innovative AI content marketing software designed to transform information into actionable insights with remarkable ease. Trusted by numerous professionals, it is an AI thought partner, turning conversations into notes, extracting insights from research, and facilitating content drafting based on past readings and discussions.

Modern professionals rely on this tool for different tasks, including generating meeting notes, extracting valuable insights, and drafting content that leverages the wealth of information stored in conversations and research materials.

Heyday stands out for its smooth, seamless incorporation into your workflow. It works in the background to simplify, improve, and enjoy your work. This tool prioritizes security and privacy, ensuring your information is kept private and shared only with your consent.

Pricing: $40/ month

Text Optimizer

With the help of Text Optimizer, an effective AI content marketing tool, you can enhance your content and raise your search engine ranking. More than 30,000 webmasters, business owners, and SEO specialists use it as it offers a simple approach to change your content to better fit search engines’ needs.

This tool helps you produce rich and well-optimized content, considering content relevance and writing style. It lets you control and enhance your content production, leading to better editorial strategies.

Using Text Optimizer, you can make the most of your website by producing content that appeals to search engines and your intended audience. It’s a useful tool for boosting their website’s search engine rankings and internet visibility.

Pricing: $45/ month


Podcastle is a user-friendly, AI-driven toolbox that makes podcasting easier for producers of all stripes and skill levels. Its diverse features and tools let users create industry-caliber podcasts and films, edit content with AI-powered tools, and share their work on well-known platforms to expand their audience.

This user-friendly audio workstation provides AI noise removal and equalization capabilities, text editing, and access to a royalty-free music library. It enables users to create podcasts swiftly by using AI voices to narrate content or clone their voices by typing in the script.

Podcastle has received rave reviews from its creator community for being user-friendly, comprehensive, affordable, and a valuable tool for podcasting needs. Whether you’re an experienced podcaster or new to the field, this tool aims to provide you with the tools and features to bring your creative podcasting ideas to life.

Pricing: $3/ month


Grammarly is a leading AI-powered content marketing platform that empowers users to enhance the quality and correctness of their written content. With millions of users globally, it offers a seamless and intuitive platform to improve grammar, punctuation, style, and clarity in various types of written content.

This tool’s real-time grammar and spell check feature ensures that users’ content is free from errors, while its readability and engagement suggestions help writers create more compelling pieces. It is compatible with many applications, including web browsers and word processors, and even offers a standalone editor for a distraction-free writing experience.

Grammarly also provides clarity and engagement recommendations, allowing users to customize their material for target audiences and objectives. Whether it’s professional emails, academic papers, creative writing, or social media posts, this tool helps users convey their messages effectively and professionally.

Pricing: $12/ month


The landscape of AI content marketing tools is continually evolving, with innovations and occasional retirements of older tools. The secret is to carefully choose the tools that best suit your unique content marketing requirements out of the number of possibilities available to you. 

By utilizing the top AI content marketing platforms, you can enhance productivity, minimize expenses, and ultimately achieve the greatest return on investment from your content marketing initiatives. 

Stay updated about the most recent advancements in AI technology to guarantee that your content marketing approach remains at the forefront of innovation.

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