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43 landing page optimization tactics learned from over a decade of CRO

by admin • December 18, 2018

Credits to Daniel Doan ___ I’ve been doing digital marketing/growth hacking for quite a while now (going on 7 years), and here’s what I’ve learned so far to get landing pages to convert A LOT better (30-50%+ conversion rate with warm targeted traffic). Whether you’re creating a landing page for your lead magnet, launching a new […]

132+ Winning Headlines to Increase CTR and Conversions

by admin • July 10, 2018

Since all of you loved the first winning headlines worksheet, we decided to revamp the list! Check out the new headlines, tags, and now sort by “aggressiveness” and “category” View the worksheet

The Ultimate Email Strategy Guide to Increasing your Companies MRR Growth

by admin • June 7, 2018

Credits go to   Pulling it all together Step 1. Define a pain point for an industry sector Step 2. Get list of industry sector business emails Step 3. Make it Personal – minimum 6 personalisations in the email. Create dynamic visuals using available online business image assets. Step 4. Subject linesmassively impact open rates – interest over salesly […]

SEO Beginners Guide for Bloggers – Step by Step

by admin • November 17, 2017

Beginners Guide to SEO Blogging (Step by Step) Created by Growth Virality, in partnership with Brenton Way   Breaking Down SEO First & foremost, let’s try to breakdown what SEO is and understand why it is important to GOOGLE. Imagine you are an HR firm and a company comes to you asking to find employees they are interested […]

68 Growth Hacking Chrome Extensions Stash

by admin • November 10, 2017

Credits to Tzvika Avnery 🚀 68 Growth Hacking Chrome Extensions Stash O.k following requests from fellow Growth hacker’s  i’m happy to share with you my Growth hacking chrome extensions stack. I use a dedicated & separate Google chrome profile for my GH stuff. So this doesn’t include all my recommendations some tools I use live in my […]

Video Marketing Strategy Plan [Free Worksheet]

by admin • October 15, 2017

Credits to Britt Laeger Marketing Manager at StoryTeller Media + Communications ___ Download worksheet here The idea is to take the traditional Company Culture or About Us video shoot and try to maximize the number of videos that you can capture in a single session. Here’s the basic idea: STEP ONE: Overview Video – This includes […]

Spy on your competitors Facebook Ads

by admin • October 15, 2017

Credits to Arri M Bagah E-Commerce Facebook Sales Maximizer at Tandem _____ This is a game changer for Facebook advertisers. If you are looking for inspiration (most likely not) or just looking to spy on your competitors and their funnels, Big Big Ads released a chrome extension that allows you to see only ads in the […]