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18 Best Generative AI Tools in 2024 [Top Picks]

Generative AI tools

Generative artificial intelligence tools make it easy to craft content by reducing the time and effort to create a good-quality article. It’s all about creating models that can come up with fresh and innovative content. 

These AI tools use algorithms to create new data that resembles the original data, and sometimes, their creativity surprises us.

Let’s peek at the coolest generative AI tools changing the game for content creation.

What are Generative AI Tools?

Generative AI tools are complex software systems that implement artificial intelligence algorithms to create content, usually text, graphics, or music. They create new content using patterns and structures discovered in the data they can access. 

Unlike standard software programs, generative artificial intelligence tools can produce unique outputs, which depend on clear instructions and rules. They let users experiment with many creative possibilities, such as creating original artwork, music, or compelling narratives. 

Generative AI technologies are helpful in many industries, such as entertainment, design, marketing, fashion, beauty and content development. They provide creative solutions to challenging issues and inspire new ideas.

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Advantages of Using Generative AI Tools

The advantages of using generative AI software are multifaceted and include the following:

  • Enhancement of Creativity: Generative AI technology can boost human creativity by inspiring unique ideas and investigating unique solutions that individuals would not have considered.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: These solutions reduce the time and costs required to produce high-quality outputs by optimizing the content production process. This efficiency results in lower manufacturing costs and faster organizational turnaround times.
  • Diverse Content Generation: GenAI applications produce a wide range of content materials, such as written content, visual content, and even music. Because of this variability, personalized content can be created to meet the requirements and tastes of different users.
  • Scalability: Generative AI works well for both small-scale projects and large-scale enterprises. It can quickly advance and handle huge amounts of content-generating activities.
  • Consistency and Quality Control: These tools can help maintain consistency in output quality by assuring that produced content complies with specified standards and brand guidelines. They can also assist with finding and fixing mistakes in the content-creation process.
  • Exploration of Creative Possibilities: Generative AI technologies promote experimentation and the exploration of creative possibilities by allowing users to push the limits of conventional content production and uncover new ideas and styles.
  • Personalization and Customisation: These tools can be taught to generate personalized content based on the preferences of users or particular datasets, meeting each user’s needs and specifications.

Top Generative AI Tools in 2024


ChatGPT is a leading generative AI tool that is now an essential resource for various fields, such as entertainment, legal services, education, sales and marketing, customer support, and healthcare. 

Its advanced natural language processing capabilities enable users to generate excellent content, improve communication, and uncover creative solutions. 


  • Produces human-like language.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Can provide personalized responses.
  • Encourages natural interaction.


  • Possess a limited ability to deal with complex issues.
  • Lacks emotional intelligence.
  • Concerns about data privacy and security.

Pricing: Free


AlphaCode provides customized solutions to automate operations and simplify important business activities, including advanced vision technology, AI/ML acceleration, effective data processing pipelines, and easy interaction with major cloud platforms like AWS and GCP. 

It has demand forecasting and excellent augmented reality object detection as two of its main products. Their extensive services cover all facets of artificial intelligence.

By emphasizing results through thorough assessment, implementation, and continuous support, AlphaCode fully enables companies to utilize AI in today’s lightning-fast market. 


  • AI systems are specifically designed to automate business procedures.
  • The most advanced AR object identification technology.


  • Possibilities for difficulties in scaling or adapting to very particular cases.

Pricing: Free

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Synthesia is a top AI video generation platform that enables users to convert text into professional-looking videos with AI voice overs in more than 130 languages and AI avatars.

Emphasizing time savings, cost-effectiveness, and engagement enhancement, Synthesia helps businesses replace old techniques with captivating films, fostering creativity and productivity in the fast-paced digital world.


  • Economical option in comparison to other conventional video production techniques.
  • Time efficient and more content is produced because of automated procedures.
  • The user interface is simple to use and comprehend.
  • It is trusted by more than 50,000 businesses globally. 
  • Wide language support.
  • Time and cost savings.
  • Ethical and secure use of artificial intelligence


  • Lack of customization choices for very particular branding requirements.
  • Restricted editing flexibility as compared to conventional video editing software.

Pricing: $22/Month


DALL·E 2 produces realistic visuals and artwork from written descriptions, demonstrating unparalleled originality and adaptability.

It is a potent artificial intelligence tool that has entirely altered visual content creation. 

DALL·E 2 tool is reliable for many users, including companies and artists. Its capabilities exceed previous versions, yielding lifelike, high-resolution outputs with four times the precision.

It allows users to express themselves freely in exciting new ways and let their imaginations run wild, further pushing the boundaries of AI-driven visual storytelling. 

It is equipped with safety mechanisms to avert abuse and promote ethical use.


  • The website interface is neat and well-organized.
  • Incorporates safeguards to deter misuse and encourage ethical use.
  • Provides outputs with higher resolution and more precision than its predecessor.
  • Offers educational resources, including research articles and updates on technology.


  • Requirement of internet access. 
  • Restriction on authority over particular artistic style visual components.

Pricing: 115 credits for $15


Jasper is an acclaimed AI platform that is transforming the production of marketing content for companies worldwide. 

Over 100,000 progressive companies rely on Jasper because of its strong artificial intelligence features. These features make scaling up different marketing assets, such as blogs and social media posts, simple and effective.

Jasper enables teams to improve brand voice consistency, speed marketing success, and streamline operations with its safe uploading of business knowledge, quick creation of campaign assets, and content optimization for SEO.

Dedicated to giving businesses the greatest possible assistance and customized AI features, Jasper enables marketers to produce content that connects with consumers.


  • Provides enterprise-grade security and governance for data protection.
  • Makes AI capabilities accessible through browser extensions and API integration.
  • It offers solutions in multiple industries, such as technology, healthcare, and media.
  • Securely uploads company information for the production of customized content.


  • Dependency on Input.
  • Possible plagiarism risk.
  • Can be difficult to use for those unfamiliar with AI-powered content creation tools.

Pricing: $39-$59/Month

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GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an artificial intelligence coding assistant that transforms developer workflows with customized, natural language suggestions based on style guidelines and project circumstances.

Copilot, trusted by over 50,000 companies, including one in three Fortune 500 companies, increases developer productivity through code completion suggestions, code quality enhancements, and collaboration facilitation.

The tool is accessible to corporations, enterprises, and individual developers alike, propels software development forward with unmatched efficiency and innovation. 

It provides customized solutions to satisfy various coding requirements while guaranteeing privacy, security, and confidence.


  • Accelerates coding workflows.
  • Makes recommendations based on the context and style of the project.
  • Enhances the security and quality of the code by instantly preventing unsafe coding patterns.
  • Improves teamwork by serving as a virtual team member, helping with development, and responding to inquiries about the codebase.


  • Restricts support for specific platforms, IDEs, and programming languages.
  • Sometimes, it gives poor or inaccurate coding suggestions, needing user intervention.

Pricing: $21/Month is a flexible AI platform that enables business enterprises to automate and customize their sales and marketing procedures.

It is the go-to solution for growing marketing activities, optimizing content production, and automating repetitive operations for the entire GTM team because of its extensive suite of pre-built workflows and integration support for over 2000 products., an AI-powered platform, guarantees data security through a zero-retention policy. This policy lets users take advantage of its features without jeopardizing confidential information.


  • Zero-retention data policy.
  • Streamlines marketing and sales tasks.
  • Users can alter the platform to suit their specific business requirements.
  • It supports more than 95 languages; you can create descriptions in any language.


  • Reliance on AI could result in errors.
  • Compared to other AI tools for creating content, some users might find the pricing options more expensive, particularly for unlimited usage.

Pricing: $36-$186/month.


Pictory is a top AI-powered platform for creating videos. This generative AI software enables users to create engaging videos quickly, even without much experience with video editing.

It benefits many users, including content producers, educators, business professionals, and marketers.

Pictory’s extensive features, including automated captioning, blog-to-video conversion, collaborative team plans, and script-to-video switching, simplify the video creation process and make it quick, scalable, and economical for individuals and large teams.


  • Prior knowledge of video editing is optional.
  • Captioning happens automatically.
  • The platform offers pre-made workflows. 
  • Plans for cooperative teams are accessible.


  • There are fewer customization choices than conventional video editing tools.
  • Reliance on AI algorithms could lead to occasional errors or restrictions on artistic freedom.

Pricing: $15/User/Month

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Tools such as have completely changed the content development process. They use artificial intelligence to automate and streamline a variety of creative tasks. provides functions such as creating photos, editing films, creating logos and banners, and translating text to speech.


  • It is more affordable than purchasing software or employing designers.
  • Numerous features meet a variety of purposes for content development.
  • User-friendly, featuring step-by-step instructions for all tools with simple interfaces.
  • Uses AI technology to develop entire marketing campaigns in only two minutes.
  • Offers cloud storage so users can access and control projects on any device, anywhere. 


  • Creative restrictions for complicated or distinctive designs.
  • Possible privacy issues with AI-powered systems.
  • Could be expensive for some users.

Pricing: $19-$169/Month


Writesonic is a top provider of generative AI platforms that offers various AI-powered solutions for chatbots, SEO, and content production.

Writesonic’s emphasis on increasing organic traffic, brand influence, and customer engagement serves as a catalyst for companies aiming to harness AI’s potential for expansion and prosperity.


  • Several AI programs on a single platform.
  • It uses automated content generation to save time and effort.
  • Provides trend-savvy and SEO-optimized material, which aids in SEO optimization.
  • Writesonic’s AI Chrome extension enables users to write anywhere and anytime.
  • Advanced encryption is ensured by the platform’s compliance with GDPR, SOC2 Type 1, and ISO standards.


  • It is less customizable for users who want more creative control over their creations.
  • Limited capacity to write on highly specialized or complex subjects compared to human writers.
  • AI-generated content might need editing or adjustments to comply with certain brand guidelines or preferences.

Pricing: $15-49/Month

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Over 8 million business owners, marketers, and content producers use Rytr, a well-known AI application enabling them to produce amazing content quickly.

Rytr makes writing easier for several purposes, such as email writing and search engine optimization. Its features include content expansion and automatic editing.

The user-friendly interface and affordable pricing options of Rytr make it a nice choice for individuals and businesses wishing to produce content efficiently in the digital age.


  • Plagiarism checks ensure unique content. 
  • Produces content that sounds human, not robotic.
  • Reasonably priced plans and a free alternative are offered.
  • The Rytr Chrome Extension enables versatility and convenience.
  • A more efficient writing process with a range of templates and use cases.


  • There are few choices for modifying the text style and tone.
  • Dependence on an internet connection to use browser extensions
  • It might not be appropriate for intricate writing assignments or creating sophisticated content.

Pricing: $9-$29/Month


SpellBox simplifies the coding process for experts, students, and developers in various industries. Its features include code generation, explanation, and bookmarking.

Its integration with VS Code improves the coding experience and makes it an invaluable tool for increasing productivity and resolving challenging programming problems effortlessly.


  • Supports the most widely used programming languages.
  • Produces code based on short instructions or descriptions.
  • Allows you to bookmark code snippets for quick access.
  • It helps save time by removing the need to troubleshoot or look for solutions.


  • It has to be purchased to access all features.
  • Restricted to specific use and might not address all coding situations.
  • It may not offer the best answers for extremely difficult or specialized issues.

Pricing: $40/Month


Otter.AI automates taking notes during meetings. Users can easily create content such as emails and status updates with the integration of AI chat.

Otto.AI’s technology boosts efficiency in various sectors, including sales teams and education. 

It offers features like action item assignment, real-time transcription, and a smooth interface with well-known applications like Slack and Salesforce.


  • Time is saved with automated meeting notes.
  • Tracking action items makes follow-up easier.
  • Meetings are simplified through summarization for speedy comprehension.
  • It enables participants to communicate with Otter during meetings, ask questions, and receive prompt responses, fostering real-time collaboration.
  • It provides scalable solutions for various use cases and industries, including media, transcription, sales, marketing, and education.


  • Dependent on internet connection.
  • There could be errors at times.
  • Sensitive data privacy issues.

Pricing: $10-$20/Month

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Growth Bar

GrowthBar is presently one of the best AI writing tools for SEO. It enables bloggers, agencies, and marketers to research, compose, and optimize content effectively.

It accelerates the content creation process while producing SEO-friendly outcomes by utilizing AI-driven features such as personalized AI models, keyword analysis, collaborative tools, and AI content generation.


  • Provides a free 7-day trial.
  • Custom AI models can write styles unique to a brand.
  • Effective teamwork and content development are made possible by collaborative tools.
  • Users can quickly produce excellent content that is optimized for search engines.
  • Google Chrome and the GrowthBar Chrome Extension work well in providing keyword suggestions.


  • The responsiveness and caliber of support services can differ.
  • Certain users or businesses may find pricing plans to be limiting.
  • Reliance on internet access to access features and collaborate in real-time.

Pricing: $29/Month

Ellie is a data product design tool using AI to speed up product ideation and validation of the data pipeline.

Its collaborative tools, business dictionary, and data modeling capabilities enable customers to build data products up to 40% faster while retaining a 35% higher success rate.

The cloud-based interface of Ellie makes integrating and accessing different data stacks simple, encouraging businesses to adopt a data-driven culture.


  • It has a greater success rate when it comes to data product projects.
  • Creating data products is simple and requires little to no experience.
  • It helps companies adopt a data culture by streamlining intricate data procedures.
  • Cloud-based platforms guarantee simple integration and access across different data stacks.
  • It enables team members to collaborate more easily because of its collaboration capabilities.


  • Additional setup or configuration may be needed for integration with third-party solutions.
  • Few customization choices can satisfy each user’s or organization’s needs.

Pricing: $19-$79/Month

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Murf AI

Murf AI is one of the leading generative AI tools for swiftly and effortlessly producing voice overs that seem natural due to its flexible AI voice generator.

With its large library of realistic voices available in various languages and accents, Murf enables producers in various fields, from marketers to podcasters to e-learning developers, to quickly make studio-caliber voiceovers for their projects.

Pitch control, focus management, and smooth integration with video and audio files are just a few of the user-friendly features that make Murf’s voiceover creation process easier. These features help transform content production in the digital sphere.


  • Streamlined process that makes it possible to produce voice overs with a natural sound.
  • Anyone can easily create voice overs in minutes because of its user-friendly interface.
  • Integrates into well-known programs, including Google Slides, Canva, Adobe Audition, and Adobe Captivate.
  • Adaptable AI voice generator featuring more than 120 realistic voices in more than 20 languages and dialects.
  • It is a more affordable option than using recording studios or voice actors to produce voice overs.
  • Simple capabilities, such as emphasis control, pitch correction, and synchronization with audio and video files, are combined with an easy-to-use interface.


  • It has restricted customization choices regarding voice expression and modulation compared to real voice actors.
  • Depending on the language and voice choice, voice quality can change and occasionally seem artificial or robotic.
  • It might not be accurate for specific or specialist voiceover needs that require tone distinctions or emotional depth due to the restricted availability of non-English voice cloning services.

Pricing: $23-$79/Month

Fireflies is a game-changing solution that streamlines voice communications for more than 200,000 companies in meetings.

The sophisticated artificial intelligence powers automate meeting recordings, transcription, summarization, search, and analysis, saving users time and increasing productivity.

With features like AI-powered search, conversation intelligence, and automatic transcription of meetings across several platforms, enables teams to work together productively and gain insightful knowledge from their discussions.


  • Saves time and labor by automating the transcription and recording of meetings.
  • Provides AI-powered search features that let users easily locate important information in conversations.
  • It facilitates cooperation with features like comments, reactions, and meeting notes shared with well-known collaboration software.
  • Enhances workflow productivity by integrating easily with various video-conferencing apps, dialers, and collaborative tools.
  • Provides adjustable price options to meet various organizational requirements.


  • It may need help to translate some languages or accents accurately.
  • Summaries produced by AI may not correctly convey context or subtle variations.
  • Requires dependable internet access to use the collaborative and real-time transcription capabilities.
  • Only the expensive subscriptions offer advanced features like AI apps and video screen capture.
  • Additional setup or configuration may be needed for integration with specific CRM or collaborative applications.

Pricing: $18-$39/Month


With Fathom, you can record, transcribe, and summarize Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams meetings in real-time, allowing you to concentrate on the discussion rather than taking notes. 

Using all that data, Fathom creates call notes automatically and syncs them with your Close CRM, Hubspot, or Salesforce account.


  • Free to use.
  • End-to-end encrypted.
  • Enables you to categorize highlights and notes
  • Lets you to capture and distribute brief video clips from the meeting


  • It only works best with Zoom.

Pricing: Free


With numerous benefits spanning numerous industries, the realm of GenAI applications is expanding rapidly and redefining the content creation landscape. 

These generative AI technologies facilitate task completion, promote innovation, improve workflows, and boost productivity. Simply put, they enable people to express their creativity and produce incredible results.

Generative AI tools are widely available, each with unique characteristics and functionalities. Together, they are changing the way media is generated, developed, and used.

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