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12 Best Social Media Engagement Tools For Insane Growth


One of the top factors to help your business build a credible and trustworthy online reputation is through a robust social media presence. Hence, it becomes essential to increase your brand engagement on all major social media platforms leveraging the top social media engagement tools. 

In this article, I have listed the top 12 social media engagement platforms which effectively boost your social presence, growth, and efficiency.

Let’s begin!

ToolsKey FeaturesPricingG2 RatingBest ForTop Clients
Sprout SocialSocial engagement, publishing, scheduling, analysis, and employee advocacyStarts at $249 per month4.4 starsEnterprise, agencies, SMBsNuggets, Subaru, Penn, Glassdoor, Doordash, Shopify
BufferSocial engagement, analytics, and publishingStarts free4.3 starsEnterprises, SMBs, marketing agenciesDress Up, Lensabl, Happy Socks, Mercy for Animals, Huckberry
MailchimpAudience engagement, email marketing, content creation, marketing automation, reporting, analyticsStarts free4.4 starsE-commerce retails, startups, agencies, freelancers, developersCourier, Honeywell Biscuit Co., The Onion, RetroSupply Co.
AgoraPulseSocial media engagement, publishing, reporting, monitoringStarts free4.5 starsAgencies, SMBsFluid Ideas, Elevate Online, Citrus Content, Chatbooks
SendibleSocial media publishing, collaboration, analyticsStarts at $25/mo4.5 starsMarketers, agencies, businessesSwamp Fox Book Store, Lakeland, Olive and Milo, Travel Click
eClincherSocial media engagement, publishing, listening, monitoring, scheduling, advertisingStarts at $65/mo4.6 starsSMBs, enterprises, agenciesWheeler Marketing, Clear Path Social, Merlin FX, Tegile Systems
SparkToroSocial media engagement, audience researchStarts free4.5 starsMarketing agencies, Public relations firmsClarity, Aimclear Marketing Agency, Dejan Marketing, Seer
QuintlySocial media engagement, analytics, reportingStarts at $315/mo4.7 starsBrands, agencies, mediaMelia Hotel and Resorts, SWI, University of Cyprus, HUIA
Socialpilot Social media engagement, publishing, collaboration, white label, analyticsStarts at $25.50 per month4.5 starsSmall businesses, marketing agencies, multi-location brands, enterprisesBirdhouse Marketing & Design, The Click Town, Watergrove Trust
CrowdFireSocial media management, engagement, publishing, analyticsStarts free4 starsEntrepreneurs, SMBs, agencies, enterprisesHowto Marketing,, Idea Hub Nepal, Gestion BSP 
TailwindSocial media optimization, post-scheduling, content creationStarts free4.3 starsBrands, small businessesShopify, Serena & Lily, CB2, Jenny Yoo, It’s All YouBoo
HootsuiteCustomer engagement, post-scheduling, activity monitoring, content creationStarts at $23.28/mo4.1 starsEducation institutions, healthcare sector, financial services, government organizationsMelia Hotels, Armanino, Stuckey’s, U-Haul 

Top Social Media Engagement Tools For Your Business Growth

Here are the top 12 social media engagement tools which help your business scale significantly:

1- Sprout Social

Pricing: Starts with a 30-day free trial. Paid plans start at $249 and go up to $499 per month if billed annually.

Sprout Social is one of the leading social engagement tools that automate your social media tasks by escalating the overall response time to connect with prospective customers better and more effectively. The tool helps in improving your brand loyalty and social presence. 

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The tool is simple-to-use which offers dedicated training and customer support. It lets you access all your social media messages from a single dashboard. It also helps cultivate long-lasting relationships by providing easy access to customer data and profile information.

The tool’s comprehensive features include a smart inbox, message spike alerts, social CRM, bot builder, message tagging, review management, team reports, and seamless integrations. 

2- Buffer

Pricing: Starts with a free plan. The paid pricing option starts at $6 and goes up to $120 per month if billed annually.

Buffer is one of the leading social engagement tools which helps you build a loyal social media audience and gain a huge fan following through various automation tools. They use artificial intelligence to let you see social media comments and prioritize essential conversations. 

The tool’s familiar grid view allows you to keep track of unanswered comments and seamlessly move from one post to another. With its 10 years of business existence, Buffer has over 140000 users, 100k monthly blog readers, and 1.2 million social media followers. 

3- Mailchimp

Pricing: Starts free. The paid plans start at $4.68 and go up to $139.77 per month if billed annually.

Mailchimp is one of the top social media engagement software which helps drive organic traffic and conversions to your website. It helps schedule, create, and manage social media campaigns across various platforms. 

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The tool has an incredible tech stack with leading apps like Shopify, Drupal, Typeform, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Firebase. Additionally, the tools offer various other solutions, including marketing automation, content creation, and audience management, to enhance your brand’s performance. 

4- AgoraPulse

Pricing: Starts free. The paid plan starts at $49 and goes up to $119 per month if billed annually.

AgoraPulse is one of the top social engagement tools that automate, measure, and showcase by seamlessly integrating with different social media platforms. They help enhance your ROI by offering all-in-one social media engagement solutions. 

To optimize your brand’s social media performance, AgoraPulse optimizes, collaborates, and organizes your social media campaigns and posts with their robust set of tools, including AI writing assistant, ads report, and Facebook ads report. 

5- Sendible

Pricing: Starts with a 14-day free trial. The paid plans start at $25 and go up to $479 per month if billed annually.

Sendible is a leading social media engagement tool that improves your digital presence and scales your business through direct scheduling, content customization, accidental post-prevention, and data management.

The tool supports multiple platforms to enhance your company’s growth, including TikTok, LinkedIn, Google Business, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

Additionally, it collaborates with leading tech tools, including WordPress, Canva, Giphy, Pexels, Dropbox, and Google Drive. They also offer white-label social media services to help agencies generate new leads and revenues. 

6- eClincher

Pricing: Starts with a 14-day free trial. The paid plan begins at $65 and goes up to $425 per month if billed annually. 

eClincher is a leading social media engagement tool that manages your brand’s social reputation and audience interaction for improved growth and ROI. The tool recycles your top-performing content, schedules your posts, and bulk uploads your content to increase your social traffic and engagement significantly.

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Besides content management, eClincher offers multiple social media solutions, including social publishing, monitoring, listening, competitor benchmarking, and collaborations to help you save your time, effort, and resources. It manages social communication, segregates conversations, and collaborates with your team for effective workflows and business functionality.

7- SparkToro

Pricing: Starts free. The paid plans start at $38 and go up to $225 per month when billed annually. 

SparkToro is one of the best social media management software that understands your audience by crawling public profiles and analyzing behavior demographics to help escalate your follower engagement on 12+ social channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  

8- Quintly

Pricing: Starts at $315 per month when billed annually.

Quintly is one of the top social media management tools that tracks, benchmarks, and optimizes all your social media posts for enhanced engagement and online presence. It generates automatic social network reports to give you a better view of your brand’s performance on different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat. 

The tool allows you to choose from 350+ metrics to analyze and gain insights on your social media goals effectively to escalate your website’s traffic and conversions. 

9- Socialpilot

Pricing: Starts with a 14-day free trial. The paid plan starts at $25.50 and goes up to $170 per month if billed annually. 

SocialPilot is one of the top social engagement software that manages all your social interactions by tracking, organizing, and responding to all your social inboxes, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Business.

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To offer seamless social media interactions, the tool effectively focuses on your brand’s reviews, posts, comments, and messages across different platforms by coordinating with your team members from different locations. They respond to your audiences’ queries through gifs, text, emojis, and images. 

10- CrowdFire

Pricing: Starts with a free plan. The paid plan starts at $7.48 and goes up to $74.98 per month when billed annually. 

CrowdFire is a leading social media engagement tool that automates all your social media post scheduling and account management under one dashboard. It enhances your overall brand engagement by suggesting all the relevant content topics, publishing content across all social profiles, tailoring posts in accordance with different networks, and pre-scheduling content for the most optimum time. 

With over 19 million users, CrowdFire keeps track of all the mentions, comments, and replies for better and faster responses. Additionally, it allows you to measure and track your ROI to automate the overall social media reporting process.

11- Tailwind

Pricing: Starts free. The paid plans start at $12.99 and go up to $39.99 per month if billed annually. 

Tailwind is a leading social network engagement tool that automatically optimizes your social media strategy for better engagement and growth. From transparent reporting to smart suggestions to intuitive insights, the tool offers every solution to significantly enhance your brand’s social media presence.

They offer multiple other solutions, including smart schedule, hashtag finder, and smart. bio to improve your social accounts’ appearance and engagement. In addition to this, the tool offers to grow your audience and influencer network in your niche by joining their Tailwind community.

12- Hootsuite

Pricing: Starts with a 30-day free trial. The paid plan begins at $23.28 and goes up to $747.54 per month.

Hootsuite is one of the best social media engagement software that offers a unified messaging tool and social media service platform to engage more followers by responding to their queries and messages faster. 

It allows you to have a bird-eye view and is easily searchable to your public and private messages across all social networks. Additionally, it saves your time by allowing you to set up SLA alerts to help you prioritize essential posts and conversations.

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You can easily keep track of all your social media accounts, mentions, and messages from a single dashboard. Hootsuite allows you to set up listening streams and join the conversations for your industry-related topics to enhance your brand’s engagement. 

Related FAQs

1- What are social engagement tools?

Social engagement tools are designed to facilitate and enhance interactions among individuals, businesses, or corporations on social media platforms.

These software are created to assist brands in effectively controlling, examining, and enhancing their social media presence, engagement, and interactions with their target market.

Social media engagement tools offer a range of features and functionalities to optimize social media marketing efforts and foster meaningful connections with followers, customers, or supporters. 

2- How social media engagement tools can help your business grow?

Here are the top advantages of social media engagement software in boosting your company’s growth:

  • Increases brand visibility through consistent content scheduling.
  • Enhances customer engagement by responding promptly to interactions.
  • Improves customer service by addressing inquiries and concerns on social media.
  • Drives lead generation through targeted content and campaigns.
  • Identifies and collaborates with influencers to expand reach and brand awareness.

3- How to choose the best social media engagement tools?

Here are the steps to pick quality social media marketing tools for your brand:

  • Make a list of crucial features you need, including social media scheduling, analytics, monitoring, and customer service integration.
  • Ensure the tools are like-minded with your social media platforms, whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.
  • Check if the tool can accommodate your business’s growth and review pricing plans to find one that fits your budget.
  • If you use other marketing or CRM tools, consider whether the social media engagement tool can integrate with them for seamless data sharing.
  • Research reviews and testimonials from other users to gauge the tool’s performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Take advantage of free trials or demos to test the tool’s functionality and see if it meets your needs.
  • Check if the tool provides detailed performance analytics to measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts.
  • Choose reputable and established tools with a track record of reliability and positive user experiences.


The fast pace social media scenario makes it essential for businesses to automate the whole process of post creation, scheduling, and publishing for better productivity, time management, and audience engagement. 

The tools listed in this article rank among the top and offer best-in-class social engagement features to improve your brand’s overall social media performance, lead generation rate, and ROI. Evaluate and select any of the mentioned tools based on their pricing, services, and portfolio to get top-notch social media automation assistance. 

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