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20 Best Social Media Marketing Influencers

20 Best Social Media Marketing Influencers

Social media influencers have become a necessity for brands and marketers seeking to bring their products to the eyes of those who matter to their products.

These influencers have created a reputation for their experiences and expertise on a particular topic, and they frequently post on the said products, influencing their followers to purchase those products. 

According to a survey by CIVIC SCIENCE, 34% of daily U.S Instagram users bought something because a blogger or influencer recommended it.

To beat the competition, digital marketers must invest their time and resources in finding the right social media influencer for a successful marketing campaign. To view these marketing influencers in-depth and browse through hundreds of other influencer marketing content, visit our growthbits page.

We have compiled a list of the best 20 social media influencers to follow to help you make an informed decision. The list contains the type of brands or businesses they influence, their engagement rate and reach, and their number of followers. 

The Best Social Media Influencers To Follow

The fastest-growing social networks connect over 4 billion users. This is roughly 45% of the world’s population

The ability to be easily persuaded by others is one of the reasons we have social media influencers. Their online activities could significantly impact our lifestyles, making us follow various trendy issues and buy the latest items through their influence. Below is the list of best social media influencers you should follow:

  1. Mike Lawson
  2. Gingerstarrborden
  3. Elas Marketing Services
  4. Alex Marketing
  5. Mahacopyco
  6. Talk to May
  7. Thetomisinsmith
  8. Gg-communications
  9. Storytale
  10. Myanicol
  11. Pinksparrowsocial
  12. Instagram Growth Coach
  13. Socialchicaco
  14. Socialmediawithmeg
  15. IG Creator Academy
  16. Thesocialbritify
  17. Huda Beauty
  18. Chiara Ferragni
  19. Julia McCoy
  20. Red Antler

Mike Lawson

Mike Lawson is a social media influencer with over 24,000 followers. He typically talks about content marketing and brand strategy in the most refined and fun ways. On his page, you’ll also find some how-to graphics about all things marketing and helpful tips on marketing your products better. 

Ginger Starr Borden

Ginger is your influencer’s influencer! This should be your go-to page if you’re just getting started with all things social media marketing. She typically teaches the basic and complex marketing tips and tricks. Tips like how to double your reach, connect with valuable clients, and scale your growth as a solo marketer are shared daily on the page with aesthetically pleasing visuals to help drive the lessons home. 

Elas Marketing Services

Daniela manages Elas marketing services. A marketing guru focused on taking your social media marketing and IG strategy game to the next best level! She talks about what strategy you need to grow real followers on your business pages. If you’re looking to revamp and improve sales in 2023, the page is the one to follow, as you will get valuable tips on what you should do to scale your brand. You also get to learn how to use a call-to-action that gets a click from your audience and those that boost sales. 

Alex Marketing

Alex marketing is the social media influencer’s page to follow if your marketing concerns are to hack growth and scale your brand. He shares daily tips on growth and coaches businesses on leveraging social media to boost their brands.


Mahacopyco is an influencers page run by two excellent sales copywriters—Madison and Haley. They are a copywriting brand that provides insightful tips and hacks on how to write better copy that converts. They also provide website copywriting services to creatives and coaches. So, if you’re looking for outstanding copywriting influencers that share engaging content to follow, look no further; Madison and Haley are here for you!

Talk to May

May is one of the top social media influencers today with expertise in content creation and content marketing. She has over 35,000 followers and provides her audiences with the latest social media updates and tips for creating great content. May talks about product sales through storytelling.


Tomison is a social media influencer thriving in the content and marketing space. She provides brands with solutions to their marketing issues. With these skills, she can confidently draft a solution from them all to help your brand grow. Her experience as a canva designer helps to provide valuable tips on content design to her clients and audiences. 


GG communications is a well-known social media agency. They typically help digital marketing brands create and work on a strategy that is unique to each business and is recognized for its work globally. 

With over ten years of experience in digital marketing, this is the brand you should follow to get first-hand expertise in branding to run your company or startup. 


Storytelling in marketing offers a channel for connecting with customers unlike any other. Brands who know the importance of this use it to their advantage in connecting deeply with their customers. They get to communicate and market their values and personalities in a way that feels less like advertising and more like a deliberate effort to improve customer relationships.

This is what the storytale social media influencer teaches on their page. They post daily tips on how to sell products using a powerful marketing tool—storytelling, which most brands neglect. 


MYA is an IG expert and business coach with over 200,000 followers. She shares hacks on how to scale and bridge the gap between IG growth and also how to monetize this growth. On her page, you’ll find insightful tips about growth sustainability, how-to marketing guides, lessons for business owners, and so much more. She shares all this in a fun, relatable way, making you stay glued to her page.


Pinksparrowsocial, managed by Anneke, is a social media influencer page unique from other pages because it’s on its separate lane. It is a Reel Academy dedicated to helping business owners learn how to make reels to scale their business on Instagram without paying for ads. You should follow this page to learn insightful tips on how to use reels to cash out in 2023. 

Instagram Growth Coach 

The Instagram growth coach page is managed by Brock Johnson, an  Instagram Expert, Social Media Strategist, and Growth coach for creators. He grew this page to 400k followers in one year and has been an excellent social media expert for entrepreneurs and creators to generate business from their Instagram accounts. This is the page to follow if you need groundbreaking hacks to make your brand known from a young and fresh perspective. is one of the most popular social media influencers creating content for those in the content marketing niche. She shares top content that attracts your dream client without suffering from burnout. This page prioritizes the need for a community you can always rely on in a saturated marketing world. 


Meg is the IG Growth Expert you should be following on IG. She is known for simplifying complex strategies on Instagram for businesses and creators so that they can reach more audiences and cash out big time. You’d find a free Instagram growth checklist on her page when you click on that follow button, as well as daily growth tips and hacks.

IG Creator Academy

Ig creator academy, managed by Jaun, helps you turn your passion into a profitable online empire. On this page, you’ll learn how to grow and monetize your IG page as a creator and an entrepreneur with many educative free Instagram growth guides.   


This one is for my ladies looking to find confidence with an aligned strategy in the marketing world. Here, you’ll learn everything you need about social media management from Brittany, who has been in the game for quite some time. She coaches her audience about how to stand tall and make the best use of their online presence for their brands. If you are a woman in the social media marketing niche, follow this page to gain relevant insight on navigating your way in the industry.  

Huda Beauty

Huda wasn’t always an Instagram influencer but has now become a household brand. She positions herself as a subject matter expert, a makeup artist, and a blogger. She is also renowned for her exotic beauty, which she attributes to her Iraqi roots. After graduating from college, she launched a beauty blog, which evolved into an Instagram account and makeup company. She has additionally worked for Revlon as a celebrity makeup artist and stylist. This is the page for you if you are a makeup fan and wish to start your makeup brand. 

Chiara Ferragni

Ferragni is renowned for having started as a  fashion blogger. She owns her fashion brand, which sells clothing, shoes, and other accessories, and perfectly demonstrates a working mom’s extraordinary life on her page. 

Julia McCoy

Julia is a content marketing influencer, lecturer, and author; follow her on Instagram. Johnson & Johnson and Nordstrom are just a couple of the businesses. 

She shares tips for marketers searching for content marketing, SEO, and copywriting ideas. She also frequently features other marketers on her page for her followers to follow on Instagram. 

Julia serves through her content agency. Her most recent love is imparting knowledge on growth-focused content through her page Content Hackers, which she created to assist content creators, agency creatives, and small business CEOs in enhancing their content marketing.

Red Antler

You should follow the advertising firm Red Antler if you work in marketing for a startup. The outstanding branding of this firm aids in the growth of companies. The agency typically create startup brands, including Casper, All Birds, prose, Yumi, and many others. Keep up with everything Red Antler is working on if you’re a marketer seeking strong branding ideas.

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