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12 Best Amazon Product Research Tools For 2024

amazon product research tools

Looking for the right software for Amazon FBA product sourcing? Check out our carefully compiled list of 12 powerful Amazon product research tools for 2024 and ahead to skyrocket your Amazon sales.

What is an Amazon Product Research Tool? 

Amazon product research tool is an ecommerce market research software to help Amazon sellers and businesses find the highest demanding products to sell on Amazon’s marketplace. These tools provide data and insights related to product demand, competition, profitability, and other relevant metrics to assist sellers in making informed decisions about which products to list and sell on Amazon. 

What Are The Advantages of Using Amazon Product Research Tools?

Amazon product research tools offer several advantages to sellers and businesses looking to succeed on the Amazon platform. Here are some key advantages: 

  • Product Selection: Amazon has a vast catalog, and choosing the right product to sell is crucial. Amazon product research tools help sellers identify niches or products with high demand and low competition, increasing the chances of success. 
  • Competitor Analysis: Sellers can analyze their competitors’ products, pricing strategies, reviews, and rankings. This information helps them develop effective strategies to differentiate their products and stand out in the market. 
  • Keyword Research: Effective keyword optimization is essential for discoverability on Amazon. Product research tools help identify relevant keywords that customers use to search for products, improving the product’s visibility in search results. 
  • Profitability Assessment: These tools can estimate potential profitability by considering factors like product costs, fees, and selling price. Sellers can avoid products with low profit margins and focus on those that offer a better return on investment. 
  • Supplier Identification: Finding reliable suppliers is crucial for maintaining product quality and timely delivery. Research tools can assist in identifying trustworthy suppliers, both domestically and internationally. 
  • Product Tracking: Some tools offer features to track product rankings and monitor changes over time. This helps sellers evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies and make necessary adjustments. 
  • Risk Mitigation: Research tools reduce the risk associated with launching new products. By providing data-driven insights, sellers can make more informed decisions and reduce the likelihood of investing in products that won’t perform well. 
  • Time Savings: Manual product research can be time-consuming and overwhelming. These tools automate the process, saving sellers valuable time that can be better spent on other aspects of their business. 

Overall, Amazon product research tools empower sellers with data-driven insights and help them make informed decisions, leading to more successful product launches and a competitive edge in the Amazon marketplace.

Best Amazon Product Research Tools of 2024

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a software designed to accelerate business growth for Amazon FBA and Walmart sellers. Trusted by over 2 million businesses, it caters to sellers, brands, and agencies and provides an Insights Dashboard for streamlined decision-making through centralized data, insights, and action.

Top Features:

  • Comprehensive Chrome Extension: Access powerful research tools directly from your browser. Analyze product viability and seize selling opportunities effortlessly. 
  • Black Box: Discover profitable products in high-converting niches. Avoid saturated markets, gauge consumer demand, and outshine the competition. 
  • Xray: Leverage data-rich insights to quickly find viable products. Uncover profitable niches, evaluate demand, and rise above your competitors. 
  • Precise Analysis: Helium 10’s suite of tools equips you with comprehensive insights to assess product viability, market saturation, and consumer demand. 
  • Ease of Use: Seamlessly integrate these tools into your Amazon journey. Helium 10’s user-friendly interface simplifies complex research processes. 
  • Wide Database: With over two billion Amazon products in the database, Helium 10 offers an extensive resource for your product research. 


Helium 10 offers a range of pricing plans tailored to different seller experience levels. When billed annually, you can save up to 25% per month. 

Here are the available plans: 

  • Diamond: Priced at $229 per month (billed annually), this comprehensive plan provides advanced features for seasoned sellers looking to maximize their Amazon strategies. 
  • Platinum: At $79 per month (billed annually), the Platinum plan is the most popular choice. It offers a well-rounded selection of tools suitable for sellers at various stages of their Amazon journey. 
  • Starter: The Starter plan, priced at $29 per month (billed annually), provides essential tools for beginners entering the world of Amazon selling.

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Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a comprehensive web-based software suite designed to assist Amazon sellers in conducting effective product research, optimizing listings, managing inventory, and gaining valuable insights into their Amazon business.

Top Features: 

  • Keyword Research with Keyword Scout: Jungle Scout offers Keyword Scout, a tool that helps sellers enhance their keyword strategy. It allows you to find out what keywords your competitors are using by reverse-searching up to 10 ASINs. You can compare organic and sponsored keywords, identify top-performing keywords for competing ASINs, and track keyword performance over time. 
  • Inventory Management with Inventory Manager: The Inventory Manager tool assists in intelligently managing your inventory. It uses data to predict market trends and seasonality, suggesting optimal stocking levels, re-order dates, and quantities. This prevents stockouts and helps with efficient inventory planning. 
  • Sales Analytics: Jungle Scout provides Sales Analytics, which allows you to analyze the financial health of your Amazon business. You can create profit and loss statements, delve into PPC campaign analysis, and track hidden fees. This tool offers insights to help you make informed decisions about your product investments. 
  • Advertising Analytics: The Advertising Analytics feature helps sellers analyze their Amazon ad spend and its impact on overall profitability. It centralizes ad and financial metrics, providing insights for a more effective PPC strategy. 
  • Opportunity Finder: Opportunity Finder helps expand your product portfolio by identifying opportunities based on high-demand and low-competition keywords. This can aid in finding profitable niches for your Amazon products. 
  • Alerts and Promotions: Jungle Scout’s alerts feature allows you to keep track of changes in listing details, reviews, and prices. Additionally, you can run promotional campaigns to boost early product sales and earn more reviews.


Here are the pricing (billed annually) options for Jungle Scout: 

  • Basic Plan: Price: $29/month or $349/year 
  • Suite Plan: Price: $49/month or $589/year 
  • Professional Plan: Price: $84/month or $999/year 

Please note that the plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee.


Sonar is a comprehensive Amazon keyword research tool designed for Amazon sellers, vendors, and agencies. With an extensive database of over 180 million keywords generated by real Amazon shoppers, Sonar enables users to discover relevant keywords for optimizing product listings and improving Amazon SEO. 

Top Features:

  • Keyword Research: Sonar provides access to an extensive database of over 180 million keywords generated by real Amazon shoppers in multiple languages. This enables users to discover relevant and popular keywords for their products. 
  • Reverse ASIN Lookup: Users can perform a reverse ASIN lookup to identify and track the keywords that competitors are ranking for. This feature helps sellers understand their competition and refine their keyword strategy. 
  • Easy to Start: Sonar offers a 100% free version, and signing up is not required to access its features. This makes it accessible for sellers at all levels, including newcomers. 
  • Search Volume: The tool calculates real-life search volume for each keyword in its database. This information helps sellers prioritize keywords with higher search volumes for better visibility. 
  • International Coverage: Sonar is available for Amazon US and Amazon DE marketplaces, with plans to expand to other Amazon marketplaces in the future. 
  • Keyword Translation: The keyword translation feature assists users in finding Amazon keywords in their preferred language. This is particularly useful for targeting keywords specific to certain regions. 
  • Keyword Optimization Tips: Sonar provides insights into Amazon’s A9 algorithm, which ranks products based on keyword relevance and performance factors such as click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate (CR), and sales. 
  • Listing Optimization Guidelines: The tool offers guidance on optimizing product listings for Amazon’s algorithm, including tips on using relevant keywords in titles, descriptions, bullet points, and backend keywords. 
  • PPC Campaign Support: Sonar helps users optimize their Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns by offering insights into keyword match types and their impact on advertising performance. 
  • Ad Performance Analysis: Users can request a free report that grades their Amazon advertising performance, helping them assess the efficiency and profitability of their PPC campaigns. 


Free to use

Seller App

SellerApp’s Amazon Product Analysis tool offers a comprehensive solution for product research and evaluation. With access to a vast product database and AI-powered Opportunity Score, users can quickly identify profitable product ideas, predict success probabilities, and track performance over time. The tool’s advanced filters, BSR trends, and global marketplace coverage empower sellers to make data-driven decisions, optimize their product strategies, and achieve success on Amazon’s competitive platform.

Top Features:

  • Vast Product Database: Access to over 100 million product records directly from Amazon, allowing users to explore and evaluate product ideas. 
  • Advanced Filters: Utilize advanced filters to quickly identify high-potential product opportunities that align with your goals and strategy. 
  • Opportunity Score: Powered by AI, SellerApp’s Opportunity Score combines factors like product demand, revenue potential, profit margin, competition, and more to predict the likelihood of success on Amazon. 
  • BSR Trends: Track Best Seller Rank (BSR) trends to understand seasonality and make data-driven decisions on product investments. 
  • Product Tracking: Seamlessly monitor the performance of shortlisted products over time, providing insights needed for strategic adjustments. 
  • Custom Filters: Create and save custom filter presets to easily refine your search and focus on products that matter most to you. 
  • Export Results: Export search results to .CSV files for further analysis, ensuring well-structured data and informed decision-making. 
  • Global Marketplaces: Search across 16 Amazon marketplaces worldwide, allowing for a broader search horizon and global success. 
  • Product Opportunity Score: Get a clear view of market entry difficulty and challenges for each product, aiding decision-making.



  • Cost: Free 
  • Basic Market Intelligence 
  • Limited advertising and automation features 


  • Cost: $39 per month 
  • Enhanced Market Intelligence 
  • Intermediate advertising and automation features 


  • Cost: $49 per month 
  • Advanced Market Intelligence 
  • Comprehensive advertising and automation features

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is a comprehensive software designed to empower Amazon sellers with advanced tools and strategies for enhancing their Amazon business. With both offensive and defensive strategies, AMZ Tracker provides a holistic approach to Amazon selling. On the offensive side, it offers features like promotions through Vipon, keyword tracking, and conversion rate optimization, enabling sellers to improve their rankings, sales velocity, and overall marketplace domination. On the defensive side, AMZ Tracker helps sellers safeguard their rankings through negative review and hijack alerts, ensuring prompt action to maintain a strong brand reputation. The tool’s capabilities extend to in-depth competitor analysis, keyword research, and monitoring product rankings and performance. 

Top Features:

  • Promote Your Products: Leverage Vipon’s large user base to promote your products and increase sales velocity, which is crucial for higher rankings. 
  • Keyword Tracking: Keep track of your products’ keyword rankings and monitor changes in real-time. Increase 
  • Conversion Rates: Identify and optimize elements such as title length, bullet points, images, ratings, and reviews to improve your conversion rates. 
  • Super URL: Use the Super URL tool to generate URLs that bring off-Amazon traffic to your listings, boosting your rankings. 
  • Keyword Research: Access advanced keyword research tools to discover keywords that customers are searching for and uncover potential opportunities. 
  • Mine Longtails With Deepwords: Utilize Deepwords, a long-tail keyword search engine, to find high-converting keywords that might be missed by other tools. 
  • Competitor Analysis: Analyze your competitors’ listings, sales, and Best Seller Rankings to gain insights into their strategies and identify areas for improvement.


  • Legend: $400/month 
  • God Mode: $200/month 
  • Professional: $100/month 
  • Basic: $50/month


Egrow is a comprehensive Amazon product research tool that simplifies the process of product research, competitor analysis, and strategic decision-making. With its intuitive interface and multiple tools under one roof, Egrow helps sellers identify profitable products, optimize keyword strategies, and stay competitive in the ever-growing Amazon marketplace. The platform offers a free plan to help users experience its benefits before deciding on a subscription.

Top Features:

  • Product Analysis: Egrow analyzes millions of products on Amazon daily and presents sales data through user-friendly charts and panels. 
  • All-in-One Solution: With 11 powerful tools integrated into one platform, Egrow simplifies the Amazon selling journey, from product research to competitor tracking. 
  • Audience Insights: Access a vast product database to identify trends and discover potential buyer preferences, aiding in making data-driven sales decisions. 
  • Keyword Research: Utilize a comprehensive keyword and niche research tool to uncover phrases with low competition but high sales potential. 
  • Reverse ASIN Research: Find high-ranking keywords used by competitors to enhance your product’s visibility and optimize your strategy. 
  • Rank Tracker: Monitor competitors’ key phrases and their rankings to stay competitive and refine your approach. 
  • Product Tracker: Organize, track, and monitor your products’ performance, helping you make informed decisions for maximum profitability. 
  • Real-Time Amazon Scanner: Perform live keyword research to understand what buyers are actively searching for on Amazon. 
  • Global Market Access: Available in 16 Amazon marketplaces, covering key regions like the USA, UK, Germany, India, and more. 


  • Basic: $12/mo (No hidden costs)
  • Standard: $39/mo (Billed Yearly) 
  • Plus: $49/mo (Billed Yearly) 
  • Premium: $69/mo (Billed Yearly) 

SEMrush Product Research For Amazon

The Product Research for Amazon app by Semrush provides powerful tools to help you find in-demand products with low competition for your Amazon store. It offers up-to-the-minute information on product demand, helping you make informed decisions. The app simplifies the research process with its intuitive interface and smart filters, making it suitable for both new and experienced Amazon sellers. 

Top Features:

  • Up-to-the-Minute Information on Product Demand: This feature provides you with real-time data on product demand. It ensures that you have the most current and accurate information about which products are currently gaining popularity on Amazon. With up-to-date insights, you can make well-informed decisions for your store. This helps you avoid investing in products that might not be in high demand and instead focus on items that are trending. 
  • Discovery of Most Profitable Products: This feature allows you to discover the most profitable products on Amazon. The app assists you in finding products that have the potential to generate significant profits for your business. You can explore similar listings based on various factors such as keywords, category, or selling price. This feature streamlines the process of identifying products that align with your business goals and have a proven track record of success. 
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Forecasting: The ability to forecast return on investment is a crucial aspect of product research. This feature provides intuitive calculators that allow you to evaluate the potential profitability of a product. By inputting relevant data such as costs, selling price, and other expenses, you can get an estimate of the profits you can expect from selling a particular product. This feature helps you make informed decisions about which products are worth investing in and whether they align with your desired profit margins.


Monthly Subscription: $9.99 per month 


ProfitGuru is an affordable product research tool for Amazon sellers. provides Amazon sellers with powerful tools to enhance product research, competition analysis, supplier identification, and profitability estimation, empowering sellers to make informed decisions and optimize their success on the platform.

Top Features:


Free Plan: 

  • Free access to most tools with some limitations. 
  • 10 Searches per month for each tool. 

Monthly Plan (Premium): 

  • Unlimited searches across all tools. 
  • Monthly fee: $39 

Annual Plan (Premium): 

  • Unlimited searches across all tools. 
  • Yearly fee: $29 per month (billed annually, saving 25% compared to the monthly plan).


SellerSonar is a tool designed to assist Amazon sellers in monitoring their product listings and receiving real-time alerts about critical changes and developments within the Amazon marketplace. It offers a range of features focused on product tracking, competitor analysis, and alert notifications to help sellers protect their sales, maintain a competitive edge, and respond quickly to any changes that could impact their business.

Top Features:

  • Product Listing Alerts: Monitor changes to your product listings, receiving alerts for changes in product titles, images, new sellers, Best Sellers Rank (BSR) drops, and more. 
  • Buy Box Price Chart: Monitor the Buy Box over different time periods, viewing price charts for the past 3, 6, or 12 months to understand pricing trends. 
  • Competitor Monitoring: Track competitor ratings, prices, reviews, and BSR charts, staying informed about your competitors’ products and strategies. 
  • Product Review Alerts: Receive alerts for new Amazon product reviews, track star rating changes, deleted reviews, and significant review changes. 
  • Product History Charts: Track your rankings with the Amazon BSR tracker, adjusting your strategies accordingly, and analyze product rating and BSR charts for more insights into listing performance. 
  • Keyword Rank Tracker: Analyze keyword rank history, identify profitable keywords, and track sponsored rankings. Identify competitors’ high-traffic keywords.


  • Basic: $11.98/month 
  • Pro: $23.98/month 
  • Premium: $47.98/month 


Camelcamelcamel is a website and browser extension that provides Amazon price tracking and price history information. It allows users to monitor the prices of products on Amazon and receive alerts when the prices drop. The platform offers various features to help users make informed purchasing decisions and save money while shopping on Amazon.

Top Features:

  • Amazon Price Tracking: Camelcamelcamel tracks the prices of millions of products on Amazon and provides users with historical price data. This information can help users identify trends, price fluctuations, and potential opportunities to buy products at a lower price. 
  • Price Drop Alerts: Users can set up price watches for specific products and receive email notifications when the prices of those products drop to the desired level. This feature is particularly useful for users who are waiting for a discount before making a purchase. 
  • Price History Charts: Camelcamelcamel generates price history charts for products, allowing users to visualize the price changes over time. These charts help users understand the historical pricing trends and make more informed decisions. 
  • Browser Extension (The Camelizer): Camelcamelcamel offers a browser extension called “The Camelizer” that integrates with browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. This extension allows users to view price history charts directly on Amazon product pages, making it easier to assess the price history of a product while browsing. 
  • Supported Amazon Countries: Camelcamelcamel supports tracking prices on various Amazon websites, catering to users from different countries. Users can select their preferred Amazon country to track prices for products available in that region. 
  • Popular Products and Top Price Drops: The website features a section showcasing popular products and products with significant price drops. This section can be helpful for users looking for deals and discounts. 


  • Free to use


Esparkify is a powerful product research tool for Amazon sellers. It offers a range of features and tools to assist Amazon sellers in conducting product research, optimizing listings, and making informed decisions to increase their sales and overall success on the Amazon platform.

Top Features:

  • Product Database with Smart Filters: Access a comprehensive product database with intelligent filters to filter products based on categories, prices, ratings, reviews, best seller rank, and monthly sales. 
  • Chrome Extension for Instant Insights: The Chrome extension can be used to extract key insights from Amazon product pages. 
  • Keyword Research and Optimization: Discover high-converting keywords relevant to your products. Leverage the reverse-ASIN feature to analyze competitors’ keyword strategies and optimize your product listings accordingly. 
  • Real-Time Sales Data: Access real-time sales data extracted directly from Amazon. Use this data to make informed decisions about potential products. 
  • All-In-One Dashboard: Consolidate all your research findings onto a single dashboard. Easily compare, analyze, and connect different data points to develop a comprehensive strategy. 


  • Custom pricing available


ZOOF is an easy-to-use tool for Amazon product research. It offers a suite of features to help Amazon sellers optimize their business operations, improve their performance, and achieve success on the Amazon marketplace.

Top Features:

  • Opportunity Finder: This tool helps you discover high-demand and low-competition product opportunities. It assists in identifying products with potential for success on Amazon’s marketplace. 
  • Opportunity Analyzer: This feature allows you to analyze niches in depth. It provides insights into the competition, demand, and potential profitability of different product categories. 
  • Profit Calculator: The Profit Calculator helps you assess the profitability of potential products. It considers factors like product cost, Amazon fees, and selling price to give you an estimate of potential profits.


  • Essentials: Price: $59/month 
  • Platinum: Price: $97/month 
  • Enterprise: Price: $197/month

Amazon Product Research Tools: Frequently Asked Questions

How do Amazon product research tools work? 

Amazon product research software utilizes algorithms and data from Amazon’s marketplace to analyze various factors such as sales trends, competition, keyword popularity, and pricing. They present this data in a user-friendly format, allowing sellers to identify products with high potential for success. Some tools also offer features like product tracking, historical data analysis, and niche exploration. 

What kind of information do these Amazon product research platforms provide? 

These tools typically provide information on a variety of aspects, including: 

  • Sales data and trends: Estimated sales volume, revenue, and historical sales data. 
  • Competition analysis: Number of sellers, their ratings, and listing quality. 
  • Keyword analysis: Popular and relevant keywords for the product. 
  • Pricing: Current prices of similar products. 
  • Profitability: Estimated profit margins after factoring in fees and costs. 
  • Niche opportunities: Emerging or underserved product categories. 
  • Historical data: Past trends and seasonality for products. 

Are these tools suitable for beginners? 

Yes, many Amazon product research tools are designed to be user-friendly and accessible for beginners. They often include tutorials, guides, and customer support to help newcomers navigate the complexities of product research and selling on Amazon. 

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