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Blueprint for Saas and Marketplace Founders to Build 50K Web Traffic

Credit to Harsh Gupta

My blueprint for SaaS and Marketplace founders to build 50k web traffic a month in just 6 months and bring 1000s of signups in as little as $4,000 a month. This playbook has worked really well in CanvaCliently and Clientvenue

  1. Make your marketing team independent of the technical team. The marketing team shouldn’t rely on developers to get things done. If possible, convert the blog into a WordPress blog. Also, make sure blogs are optimized for reading on cellphones. Have comments, likes and sharing options (on social media) section in blogs.
  2. Hire 2 grade 6, and 7 quality writers from Indeed, LinkedIn, Naukri and Internshala. Test their writing abilities by giving them a bottom of the funnel to write on. Salary – $300-$600 a month per employee in India and similar countries.
  3. Hire 2 freelancers from Upwork for $30-$50 a blog. Give them the same test.
  4. The goal would be to publish 50-100 articles monthly to build writing momentum.
  5. Build a keyword list from Ahrefs and only pick the bottom-of-funnel keywords, to begin with. Like competitor’s pricing, alternative, reviews, product use cases, etc. Go for medium volume and medium competition keywords. Even a volume of 10 is good since nobody is trying to compete with them and you will have double-digit conversions. Don’t forget to use parent keywords and combine keywords with the same intent.
  6. Create a checklist for writers to follow. It should contain all the SEO and writing hygiene. Put a manager on them to ensure the process doesn’t break.
  7. Create a list of your features. Usp and pricing; so writers can easily take info from there and fill in relevant details in blogs.
  8. Motivate and coach writers, and have calls with them consistently, or you will see output dropping quickly.
  9. A strong call to action on the blogs page. No multiple CTA. To begin with, just land people on the homepage, and once you hit 5k traffic a month, start a/b testing. I like to drive people to the homepage, then free trial. For those not converting into paid customers in 7 days, I have a team of account executives chasing them.
  10. Install Google analytics, Google search console and Microsoft clarity to measure and understand traffic.
  11. Set goals in google analytics. Goal 1: Coming from blog to homepage. Goal 2: blog to the homepage to signup.
  12. Start getting ABC and paid backlinks from month 2 of writing. Secure backlinks only on pages indexed by google.
  13. Backlinks can be secured in relevant slack, FB groups, and cold emails
  14. Keep re-writing the blogs which get traffic.
  15. Advanced stage – use optinmonster to optimize CTA and convert more traffic.
  16. Advanced stage – Use websites like leadfeeder to get data on people visiting your site and prospecting them back.
  17. Advanced stage – Use the same organic visitors in your re-marketing campaign.
  18. Get a technical SEO audit from time to time.

From month 3rd, you will start seeing results and beat all your competitors in 6-12 months!

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