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The Complete Email Bundle for Online Stores

Accelerate the growth of your online business
with email marketing automations & newsletters.
Risk free 14-day money-back guarantee


In 2023 you can expect a lowest  return of $36 for every $1 you spend on Email Marketing. It’s very much alive!


That’s how more much revenue Email Marketing can bring for your online store if you’d do things right 🤯



The problem with email?

It's constantly changing...

What used to work a few years 

ago doesn't work anymore:

You don’t invest time in list growth
❌ Your email list – dying
You only have 5 core flows
❌ Your automations – outdated
You don’t send campaigns regularly
❌ Your newsletter – sucks
You could be losing more than
$100k per year just from email 😣
In 2023 
Email should…

Boost AOV

With front-end acquisition flows like Welcome, Abandonment & POP-UPS.

Grow LTV

Using back-end post-purchase strategies to increase retention.

Increase CVR%

By sending segmented and personalised email campaigns (newsletters).

Decrease CAC

With 10+ automations that will make $$$ while you sleep.

It’s been around for 40 years 🤯 – one of the oldest,
if not the oldest digital marketing channel in the world.
Everyone knows about it, the internet is flooded with Email
 Marketing tips & online store owners pay insane amount of
 $$$ for the Email servicebut why?

Because it brings pure profit, right into your bank account:

But without a proper guidance and process you’ll simply
do more harm than good – your copy will scare away potential
customers, automations will clash with each other, emails
will start going to spam & your newsletters will perform so bad,
that you’ll want to drop everything and start screaming
email is dead“—it’s not, your approach is!

180+ quick wins for easy profit.
500+ High converting email examples.
180+ campaign (newsletter) ideas.
  Lessons from profit $100M brand.
  Rapid list growth strategies.
  Access to discord Email Community.

Double your email profitability
within the first 3 weeks
14-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked


Here’s how.

Hi – I’m David, the Founder & CEO of Monkeflow. I’ve  sent over 600m emails and done $25M just in email revenue for eCommerce clients alone.

Yet, there was this one thing I’ve noticed after auditing 125 email Klaviyo accounts. 95% of eCommerce stores were leaving so much money on the table. Even those, that had email marketing agencies working with them.

We have accounts making $50M/year with 50% of whole store’s revenue coming just from email & SMS. That’s $25M per year coming just from email & SMS alone. Just imagine the impact.

Here’s what a proper email set-up looks like:
✔️ 20-40% of store revenue coming from email marketing
✔️ 40-60% open rates from your flows & campaigns
✔️ 10% opt-in rates for your website lead magnets
✔️ 10-15 campaigns (newsletters) every single month
✔️ 10-20 automations (flows) making money while you sleep

This Bundle will put you in the top 10% of Email Stores 🚀

All of this should result in you making much more profit.

If you’re making at least $100k/yr and you don’t have a proper email set-up – you’re leaving money on the table!

To make life easier, we’ve put all the actionable steps into a simple comprehensive checklist & calendar

Inside you’ll find👇

Newsletters &
Campaigns 📪

Create a winning email marketing calendar and make up to 20% more revenue each month!

✅ 180+ campaign ideas to send 3x per week

✅ 500+ examples from real brands to gain inspiration

✅ Tips and suggestions on how to structure content

✅ Pre-made sale, flash sale and holiday strategies

Strategies 🎯

Steal the exact set-ups and strategies that were tested & proven to work by 50+ online brands.

✅ High-performing, copy & paste core flow strategies.

✅ Product sell-out campaigns used by $100M+ brands.

✅ Effective 24h flash sales to boost revenue immediately.

✅ Secret Sale strategy that can generate over $50k in just 4 days.

✅ Subject line & preview texts that scream to be opened


List growth 💥

Copy & paste my secret list growth strategies that are guaranteed to bring results.

✅ The exact template to achieve 10%+ opt-in rate

✅ Secret hack to achieve 1-2% better conversions with bubbles

✅ Trojan horse strategy to collects both email & sms

✅ A/B testing suggestions and best practices

✅ Mistakes you need to avoid while building your pop-up

Theory and Tips 🏆

Master all numbers and metrics, understand how email works, escape spam folder & more.

✅ Deliverability tips & best practices to get out of SPAM

✅ Ultimate metrics guide to understand your numbers

✅ Advanced copy & paste segmentation strategy

✅ List cleaning best practices & more

Access to our eCom Email Discord 💬

Still need help and guidance? 

Get personalized group support.

  Over 700+ members from eCommerce.

  Share tips, ideas and tricks.

  Monthly live calls

The 3 biggest mistakes most online stores make:

👉 Your subscriber collection sucks.Without proper list collection (+10% opt-in rates) you’re losing money on every web visitor.

Implementing a brand-oriented pop-up strategy with proper incentives & timing is absolutely key at $1M+ year levels.

👉 You newsletter strategy is non-existent.Without healthy balance between content & promotions even the best strategies can fail miserably.

Revenue comes from clicks, clicks come from opens. Sending relevant content 3x per week is a game-changer for most.

👉 Your core flow setup is losing money.Generating less than 30% from main flows, means there’s usually a problem.

For most brands, having proper main flows in place can make or break the profitability of the business. Nailing them is crucial.


90% of accounts we audit fail in these core areas.. Fixing this alone can result in a 20% revenue boost from email marketing – in less than a few days.
Email is your only way to break the barrier and
grow faster 👇
With this Email Bundle that $50M+ brands  use, you will:
drastically boost your store’s profitability increase AOV, LTV, CVR& retention be able to spend more on ads and grow faster

All you need to do is click the button below and buy the most comprehensive email bundle on the planet.

Enslaved by 

Facebook ROAS?

When business owners think of scaling an online brand to $1M/month and beyond, they always point out one single channel – Facebook (paid ads) ⭐️

And it’s true – paid ads are proven to be the most efficient way to scale business online even tho they’re so saturated & competitive.

However when the acquisition costs are way over stores AOV and ROAS is barely reaching 2-3x – who gets the blame? That’s right – paid ads 🤢

But the efforts to solve the issue go down the same rabbit hole – testing more funnels, offers, creatives and spending more on ads!

That’s why Email Marketing is so important and a must-have for every online business – the advertising cost is $0, you just have to pay subscription for your Email platform.

All the traffic that comes to the website and bounces – you have a chance to retarget them with email 100% FREE – wether its abandoned cart automation, welcome pop-up flow or an email campaign.

This is the reason so many big brands point out the power of email – it’s not Facebook, then Email. It’s Facebook & Email together on the mission to acquire more customers for less $$$ & make your business profitable.

Get the bundle to increase your
profitability now! 🔥

Complete Email Bundle
🗓️ Calendar Kit + Bible 📚



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Get Email bundle that will drastically boost your profitability:

eCom Email Calendar (Over 180+ emails to copy & paste with examples

Advanced Segmentation Cheatsheet (Copy & Paste Our Campaign Segmentation Setup)

Anti-Spam Checklist (Get Out Of Promotions Tab Into Primary Inboxes of Customers)

500+ High Performing Email Examples from variety of brands in different niches

General Email Tips, List Growth Tips and More (Over 180 Quick Wins)

Copy & Paste automation set-ups with Examples 28x Tips for Sending Campaigns + Strategy We Used To Generate $100k in 30 Minutes

Lifetime Access to Our Discord and 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Included: DISCORD access
Risk free: 14-day money-back guarantee
All-in-one Profit Bundle
📚 Bible + 🗓️ Calendar + 💬 Playbook + 🗺️ Blueprint + 🚀 Hacks
7BEST VALUE – Save $400!

Included in the Profit Bundle:
eCom Email Calendar (180+ campaign ideas, tips & theory, 400+ examples)

eCom Email Bible (180+ action items, profitability quick wins, examples)

SMS Playbook (35+ SMS automations, step-by-step set-up guide, theory) WhatsApp Marketing Blueprint (copy-paste templates, set-up guide, theory)

Advanced Email Hacks (2023 Updated)

Discord Community Access
Included: Everything from Email Bundle
Risk free: 14-day money-back guarantee
Access: lifetime updates & DISCORD access

👉 We’ve sent over 600m emails.
👉 Tested over 200+ different setups.
👉 Generated more than $25m+ in revenue from email.

Now, we’ve put all of our knowledge into step-by-step guides…
… so you won’t have to guess anymore.


1 Billion

that’s how many emails we’ve delivered just in 2022
Just in 2022


that’s how much added revenue we added for our clients


of entire store revenue for our clients comes just from emails alone

Monkeflow is the leading eCommerce email marketing agency for profitability. 

With a sharp focus on actual sales results, brands hire us to generate immense profit from automations and backend.

We’ve sent over 1 Billion emails and we’ve put all of our best practices into this bundle.

Email is your only way to break the barrier and
grow faster 👇

With this Email Bundle that
$50M+ brands  use, you
drastically boost your store’s profitability

increase AOV, LTV, CVR& retention

be able to spend more on ads and grow faster

All you need to do is click the button below and buy the most comprehensive email bundle on the planet.

Extra questions? 👇
Is this bundle valuable for brands that have no flows or campaigns in place?
Absolutely –– if you want to get a head start with all your email setup, this bundle is a must have for you store. It included all the necessary flow examples, campaign tips and account setup tips, so you don’t lose money long-term.
I currently use Mailchimp/Omnisend (or some other platform), not Klaviyo. Will this work for me?
Yes, the principles here can be universally applied. We use Klaviyo because it has the most amount of functionality and advanced parameters –– but you can apply the same strategies with other email sending platforms.
Our list size and revenue is pretty small (less than $30,000 per month). Will this be valuable for me?
Absolutely. Being small, you cannot afford to test different flow setups and campaign strategies –- you need something that works, so you can focus on growing your business. This bundle does just that.
Will this bundle generate better email results for my store? And if so, how?
Yes, and if not – get all your money back, no questions asked. We focus on three key areas – subscriber acquisition, email camapigns and automations. By focusing on these three areas, we can guarantee better results
There are so many other email guides. How is this different from all the other resources out there?
All the other email resources we’ve found were built for email marketers, not eCommerce business owners. You want actionable tips, that will bring instant results. After sending 600m emails, we’ve created just that –– a bundle for eCommerce brands to get an instant email profitability boost.
I don’t have the time to implement all of this. Why should I care about this?
That’s why we’ve distilled it down to actionable and simple parts. You can get better results in less than 30 minutes –– or you can give this bundle to your team for them to overlook your account. As ad costs are rising, having solid email flows is absolutely key for better profitability long-term.
I’ve still got questions.
No worries! Feel free to chat us up at [email protected] if you have any further questions – we’re happy to help you out.