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How to Attract 100,000 Followings in a Year

About a year, the following 5 steps produced those outcomes:

Set Up a Network

  • Create a network of at least 50–100 individuals when you first join any social media platform.
  • Talk to them every day. Identify a relationship.
  • Why? Since they will interact with you and your material DAILY, those 50–100 individuals will frequently visit your profile.
  • You may increase your audience and number of followers in this way.

Be human, not an animal.

Exactly what do animals do? They act on their gut feelings. Avoid doing that.

  • You must adhere to logic and the facts.
  • Make no material that you enjoy. Create content that appeals to your audience.
  • How? Search for influential creators at
  • Find their posts with the greatest engagement and take inspiration from them!

Avoid being salesy

Nobody will follow you if all you do is try to sell on your page.

Here is my approach:

  • I share informative articles to demonstrate my skills.
  • I publish amusing articles to get more attention.
  • I share private information to foster relationships
  • This is considerably more successful than bombarding your audience with heaps of salesy information! Only after that do I upload testimonials and promotional stuff!

Keep in mind: Laziness is the devil.

Growth on Instagram takes time; it doesn’t happen overnight.

  • Maintain consistency across time. Results won’t be seen till then.
  • You haven’t accomplished anything if you post for one week and then don’t post for another week.
  • Take a long view. Maintain consistency.
  • You can accomplish the same thing if I can.


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