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Why People Buy and How to Use It to Sell Your Product

The fomo buy

Customers see others participating and do not want to be left out.

What to make:

Upload screenshots of “I’m in” or “I joined!” messages, images of alerts you receive when people buy anything, a sticky note with the names of pupils who have joined, a graphic that new customers may share to their narrative after purchasing + tagging you.

The social proof buy:

When a consumer sees another person’s outcome, transformation, or review, he or she wishes to have the same or comparable experience.

What to make:

Share your tales’ testimonies, changes, and outcomes in a spotlight. Spread the word about WINS on WINS on WINS. Everything should be celebrated.

On days when I provide testimonies about my story, I notice a spike in sales for that deal.

The in-the-know buy

The consumer want to be informed. They see you as an authoritative figure and have faith in you. They want a piece of your brain (expertise), to know what you know, as well as the lessons you’ve learned and the obstacles you’ve conquered.

What to make:

Share your opinions, your narrative, and snippets of instruction in your niche.

The urgency buy:

The client notices that a deal is expiring, that the price is increasing, that the bonus is no longer available, and so on.

What to make:

Share countdown timers for when something is coming to an end, make unique benefits for a limited period, have flash sales, and make restricted slots accessible…

The reframe buy:

Customers are aware of their problem, but you reframe it and show them what is REALLY going on, which provides value and encourages the consumer to purchase.

What to make:

Share stuff that might help you reframe a pain point and look at it from a different angle. Please express your thoughts.

Consider teaching on a topic from a different perspective than most people in your field.

The freely buy:

The pictures that appeal to the customer’s emotions lure them in. They enjoy the overall sense of the deal and your account.

What to make:

Create graphics for your offers, make an offer promotion video, distribute brand images, and tell your story visually (pictures, video, text, voiceover).

This is the primary reason I decided to join a mastermind yesterday.

The favour return buy:

The consumer purchases because they feel obligated to repay a favor after you’ve done something pleasant for them.

What to make:

On your social media, host live events, free trials, lead magnets, free master classes, freebies, giveaways, exclusive discounts, free challenges, and free content.


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