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3 reasons why you can’t do x

Top 7 books in (your field)

Top 9 channels to learn x

Stop doing this sin on x

The ultimate guide to x

4 strategies to boost x


Share an inspirational quote

Answer a FAQ

Share a review or testimonials 

Introduce yourself to your team

Showcase your best-selling product


Share how to use this tool

Benefits of working with me

Celebrate the milestone of the month

Show something behind the scenes

Share a relatable meme


Why you’re not getting x

6 signs you need x

Tell an interesting story

Debunk common industry myths

Share some dos and don’ts


Your secret to x

Best advice on a particular topic

5 (books, podcasts, etc.) to make you 10x smarter

How to x faster

Share an unpopular opinion


A day in the life of…

Checklist to do x

Why you shouldn’t do x

Stop spending hours on x 

7 ways to boost your x


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