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The “no-fluff” Growth Engine program for Marketers & Founders looking to break through the client churn & burn and grow a sustainable brand.

Perform At Your Peak


the churn & burn
stops now

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65% of marketers never surpass $5k/month in recurring revenue.

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$60K in avg. missed quarter sales from a weak pipeline

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80% of Marketers can’t have sustainable income to grow.

As an agency owner, you may feel frustrated by the constant churn and burn cycle of gaining and losing clients, struggle to charge the optimal retainer, lack of systems and processes to scale, and lack of effective marketing proposals and client communication skills.

These challenges can be overwhelming and may even lead to failure. In fact, according to our research.

On top of that, when you gain clients most of them are not even profitable.

We have experienced these challenges firsthand and have developed proven solutions through our 8+ years of agency experience.

And that’s why 

Most likely you are dealing with 3 or more of these issues that is preventing you from growing and scaling your own sustainable agency including:

this is most likely you

Inconsistent Client acquisition and retention:

Struggling to build a SUSTAINABLE OPERATIONS system from client calls, negotiation, hand-off, onboarding, and fulfillment

Poor pricing strategy:

Difficulty in determining the right pricing structure and retainer fees to maintain profitability and competitiveness.

Unclear Team management

Struggling to understand how to team members are performing

Weak Team Members

Struggling to find quality team members that can THINK CRITICALLY and work to execute client expectations on their campaigns while rarely requiring your assistance to come in and SAVE THE DAY

Gaining & Losing Clients

Constantly BURNING & CHURNING clients because the team is incompetent, constant issues are made, goals are not defined or being met, systems are not built


Struggling to GAIN NEW CLIENTS because you're BURNT OUT from 5 calls in the day and having to constantly put out fires in your agency.

Client dependency

1 client is holding you hostage, making up more then 25% of your agencies revenue and causing angst and worry that if they leave you’re F#@ed*

Competitive Differentiation

With the rise of digital agencies, competition is fiercer than ever. Agency owners need to identify their unique selling points to stand out from the crowd and attract their ideal clients.

Filling too many roles

You are wearing way too many hats in the company and everyone is dependent on you.

Grading & Transparency

Can’t actually see what team members are doing and how good their work is since the agency is starting to grow.

Exhausting right?


Now let’s tell you how many times we FAILED.

We have FAILED many times, close to 800+ if we’re counting, but thats ok..

Now, you don’t have to 🥳

Over 8+ years of testing Agency processes, systems, strategies, templates, negotiations, and more.. boiled down to 1 system called PULSE Growth Engine.



We have spent well over $2 million in direct capital investments in our strategies to help our own agency gain the edge from our competitors in one of the most competitive agency verticals being Los Angeles.

Why? Because FAILURE that is learned is 1 more step towards SUCCESS.

Marketing is simply a numbers game and your goal is to constantly stop the overflow of mistakes by creating new bottlenecks for success.

Imagine if your clients constantly complain about the small mistakes your team is making on their marketing campaigns. You tell yourself “this is my team members fault” “the client didn’t double check” “these are common mistakes”

🧑‍🚀 Marketers Launchpad helps marketers & founders overcome the constant challenges of running and gunning to achieve sustainable growth.

Jonathan Saeidian, Founder of Growth Virality

Now what are you going to do about this FAILURE? You implement processes and close this bottleneck to prevent it from happening again.

That is how you build an agency

Curious? Here’s how:

Let’s build you that sustainable Agency

Train with the best

Program Modules

weekly mastermind sessions

$2,500 / Per Month Value

Meet with JJ for a 1 hour event every week, the first 30-minute going over one sustainable agency process for your agency, followed with a 2nd 30-minute open session with open floor to discuss, ask questions, and implementation.

monthly sales review

$5,000 / Per Month Value

We will review your active sales pipeline and analyze areas of opportunity throughout your sales deal flow. Find your bottlenecks, learn from JJ, and collaborate in a monthly sales mock calls to sharpen your skills.

MONTHLY mental recharge

$X,000 / Priceless

Your mental health & well-being is just as important as running your business. Check-in with the community once per month to share, your experience, and re-energize your month ahead.

Access our talent pool

$5,000 / Per Month Value

Talent Matchmaker is our exclusive process that connects curated with your agency so you can focus more on.

  • Sales Strategist
  • Account Strategist
  • Team Strategist / Paid, Social, Creative, Content, SEO, Creative

exclusive discord community

$1,000 / Per Month Value

Get instant access to our exclusive Discord community chat with other agency owners from the launchpad program. Gain insights, collaborate, and dominate your agency space with other passionate & driven marketers.

featured agency Listing

$750 / Per Month Value

Qualified & vetted agencies will have instant access to our Agency listings page with over 1K monthly traffic.

Get your agency featured next to the biggest agency names such as Single Grain, NP Digital, and Brenton Way.

Let's get you started

Launchpad starter

One simple, sustainable monthly pricing for agencies looking to grow. 

agency launchpad

Month to Month

$ 49/mo
  • Weekly mastermind Sessions
  • Monthly sales Pipeline Review
  • Monthly Mental Recharge
  • Exclusive Discord agency chat
  • +agency prompts, templates, aI ads, & databases

Total Body Fitness

plus, Perks to scale

750+ ChatGPT Agency Prompts

Access an exclusive & curated plug n play list of ChatGPT prompts specifically created for serious Agency owners looking to streamline menial, repetitive, and grunt work tasks from their Agency. These prompts will save you over 200+ monthly working hours, increase your rate per employee, cut agency costs instantly, and streamline your revenue.

30+ Agency Templates

View our curated agency templates for client proposals, budgets, SOW, NDA, etc.. and templates for procurement, team contracts, talent grading, accounting, HR, & more…

300+ Freelancers Database

Access an exclusive & curated plug n play list of marketing freelancers that will instantly improve your agencies quality of deliverables, retain your clients longer, and increase your retainers.

6 months free shirofune access

Get instant access to the industry-leading ads automation platform, Shirofune to automate your ads management to: increase profit margin per employee, increase client ROI and satisfaction, and retain your clients 3X longer on average with consistent ads growth.

Why all of this?

Because 40% of you will more than likely scale to our high-ticket offer, access our top-tier marketing talent, leave us an astounding review, and of course stay with us for a long time and prove our concept of sustainability.

We would say this is a WIN WIN.

Who will be speaking?


Jonathan, the Founder of Growth Virality and 3 fully bootstrapped 7-figure Marketing Agencies – Brenton Way,, and Brenton X

But, let’s also explain what this is NOT

  • This is NOT a get-rich-quick
  • This is NOT a BS lead generation gimmick or course that promises you the world in 30 days
  • This is NOT going to hard-sold to any body. You join because you want to grow,
  • This DOES involve you to commit and be a part of learning & process

Let’s also explain our standards before joining

  • You are joining a framework, and it’s your responsibility to learn implement our plans
  • We maintain professionalism, and cantor – respect everyone
  • Make sure you are serious about scaling your agency and invested in the proces before joining.


Simple Terms

growth focused guarantee

Followed our PULSE framework and not seeing the progress in your agency? No worries, get the month refunded.

Still not sure?

Download our actual framework for the PULSE GROWTH ENGINE

35+ pages of “NO FLUFF” frameworks you need to implement now to be sustainable
Plus 15+ Agency Templates you can implement now