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Ranking the Best Marketing Agencies in North America

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Bay Leaf Digital
Notable Clients:SaaS SEO Strategy, SaaS Social Media Marketing, Marketing Automation, SaaS PPC and Retargeting, B2B SaaS Analytics, and SaaS Content Marketing.

Key Services Provided:

Angies list, Kabbage, Intuit, activate, etc.
Price Above: $1,000
Location:North America
No. of Employees:11-50

What makes them different:

Bay Leaf Digital was established in 2013. The marketing agency is a full-service SaaS marketing agency that can help SaaS businesses to expand their reach across various platforms. They help startup companies and well-known brands to sell out products by creating a compelling story around their products to appeal to their desired audiences. They also help traditional software companies implement innovative subscription-based models to sell digital products. To use the services of Bay Leaf Digital, you will need to sign up for at least a one-year commitment with them. This gives them ample time to make your business a household name.