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Influencer Marketing Agencies in 2023

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House of Marketers
Notable Clients:Redbull, KFC, Western Union, Groupon, badoo

Key Services Provided:

Influencer Strategy, Influencer Management, Paid Social Ads Management, TikTok Ads Management
Price Above: $5,000
No. of Employees:2-10

What makes them different:

House of Marketers is a success-driven TikTok marketing agency whose mission is to grow businesses and brands through influencers and TikTok ads. 

House of Marketers specializes in only TikTok marketing, making them one of the best agencies for TikTok marketing.

Additionally, they help you develop a marketing strategy, pick the best influencers that best suit your brand, and also help with the launching process. House of Marketer’s marketing team also helps your brand to manage the process of optimization and ad creation to get your business to the right audience.

The Influencer Marketing Factory
Notable Clients:Universal, Dunkin, Snapchat, ablo, Grubhub

Key Services Provided:

Influencer Marketing, Social Media
Price Above: $10,000
No. of Employees:51-200

What makes them different:

The Influencer Marketing Factory is an influencer marketing agency that focuses on visually friendly platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube as its marketing forum. 

When you contact the influencer marketing factory, they get started with you by looking at the demographic of your target audience and also studying the pattern of your current and potential customers. Once this has been studied, they will provide you with the list of influencers needed for your brand awareness and campaign. 

They don’t leave you hanging to figure out the rest after being matched with an influencer. They practically hold your hands through it all by providing insight into the best content for your audience. They also monitor how each content is doing by constantly keeping tabs on TikTok analytics.

Viral Nation
Notable Clients:Baidu, Canon, CocaCola, Disney, Fanduel

Key Services Provided:

Influencer Marketing, Paid Media, Social Media
Price Above: $5,000
Location:Los Angeles
No. of Employees:51-200

What makes them different:

Viral Nation has worked for clients to provide marketing insight to niches like gaming, eCommerce, CPG, and mobile apps. 

The marketing agency’s expertise ranges from influencer marketing to performance marketing across social media platforms like TikTok. Viral Nation’s talented team has produced and delivered some of the most viral and successful campaigns and content for businesses.