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BearFox Marketing
Awards:Value Focused
Notable Clients:Gates Auto, Farmers Bank, Microbe Formulas

Key Services Provided:

Paid Ads, Social Media, SEO
Price Above: $1,000
Location:Los Angeles
No. of Employees:11-50

What makes them different:

If you’ve ever searched “SEO company near me” and found a long list of SEO agencies that claim they are the top SEO company in their area, you’re not alone.

It can be difficult to find the best SEO agency that really knows how to get a return on your digital marketing dollars, but it doesn’t have to be!

When you find a top-ranked SEO company with a proven track record of achieving results for your business, you know they are going to bring you a successful strategy to improve your rankings, grow interest in your business, and ultimately make you money.

Top Review: "We interviewed several candidate firms and chose BearFox based on their relatability, professionalism, and perceived discipline. First, we executed an audit, discussed our goals, outlined the needed steps we wanted to take, and began. We discuss regularly and make adjustments constantly. Their workflow has been acceptable from the beginning and has strengthened as we progress."
ATTN Agency
Notable Clients:Talentless, Sunday golf, Wolfgang, Katie Austin, Bootag Bag

Key Services Provided:

Social Media, SEO, Marketing Strategy, Creative Strategy
Price Above: $5,000
Location:San Diego
No. of Employees:51-200

What makes them different:

RDJ DIGITAL is a marketing agency located in Amsterdam. They have an in-house Facebook specialist who helps manage and scrutinize brands’ campaigns from start to finish to achieve the desired result, increasing brand awareness and generating sales. Their services include:

Growth Marketing Pro
Awards:Trending Agency Award
Notable Clients:Dipsea, Cube Software, Monarch, Wheelhouse, Setsail, Spekit, RealAtom,MANTL, Plushcare, Improvado

Key Services Provided:

Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Ads, SEO
Price Above: $1,000
Location:San Francisco
No. of Employees:11-50

What makes them different:

Hailey and Mark started Growth Marketing Pro 4 years ago and have grown it into the largest growth marketing blog on the internet.

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Brenton Way
Awards:Trending Agency Award, Performance Agency Award, Technology Savvy, Value Focused
Notable Clients:T-Mobile, Mattel, Suja, Wipro, Charlottes Web, Medable Docupace

Key Services Provided:

Email Marketing, SEO, content marketing, social media campaigns and Digital Marketing.
Price Above: $1,000
Location:Los Angeles
No. of Employees:51-200

What makes them different:

Brenton Way is a marketing agency that drives impact with an integrated strategy to help scale and generate revenue. They help you measure your brand goals with their exceptional growth measuring dashboard. They provide their clients with the following services:

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Paid Media
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital PR
  • Brand conversion
  • Brand Identity etc.
Top Review: We have worked with a number of agencies and you immediately see the difference with Brenton Way. They provided us with Jasmine as our growth strategist that holds an MBA, and had also built their own company. That is important.