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Michael Kleinman – Brand Architect at MKCo LLC

Michael Kleinman is the Founder and Brand Architect of TressAllure – a 40-year-old company specializing in creating women’s Wigs, Hair Extensions & Hair Care products and selling through professional beauty and direct response (DR) channels. As a long-term successful entrepreneur in the beauty industry, Michael shares one of the main factors of success with his female customers (as sure in life) – when you help a woman feel distinctly beautiful, you gain her loyalty. Michael is an avid proponent of product quality and integrity, above all, in market growth by: 1) providing solutions that truly work, 2) zooming-in on unique product characteristics, and 3) building and supporting customer communities that spread the word. His pursuit of elevating the physical wellbeing of his clients has shaped an influential insight on relationship marketing. See below what makes him one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the beauty industry to this day!

What are your social media channels?

What is your area of expertise? 

Wigs, Hair Extensions and Hair Care

What is your entrepreneur insight?

Begin with a great product with unique selling points and tell the world about it

Tell us about your company?

40-year-old company specializing in creating, enhancing, marketing and selling opportunities through professional beauty and direct response (DR)

What do you love most about your job?

I love working with many different type of businesses and helping them grow by acquiring new customers

About Business Growth

What motivates you to get up everyday and go to work?

#1 My team. Learning from them every day and seeing them grow.

#2. Impact. It’s amazing to see the impact how platform can have on small businesses /

How do your co-workers inspire you?

Our company has been growing and changing rapidly. I’m always amazed by how fast our team is able to adapt to change and embrace it.

How did you start your company, what motivated / inspired your decision?

I understood that while the wig and hair extension industry is “niche” it provides a tremendous opportunity to provide easy solutions to women’s “secret problem”.

What do you love most about your work?

Creating and bringing that creation to fruition.

What practices or strategies have contributed most to the evolution of your brand and business growth?

Creating products that have distinct and demonstrative characteristics. Demo -demo -demo.

How do you have fun in your team that helps your people stay creative and engaged?

It’s easier in the beauty industry. Beauty is inspiring.

About Customers

What insight have you discovered about your product / service or industry that has surprised you?

How incredibly well hair sells on TV and through all DR campaigns.

What business practices have you seen change most in your field that companies need to be more cognizant about?

Quality rules. If you can help a woman to look beautiful, she becomes a loyal follower.

What trends have you seen that consumers truly look for from today’s brands they choose in your industry?

Wigs and extensions have now become a regular part of beauty vernacular. It used to be a hush-hush; now women are becoming proud hair wearers.

How do you find that a business connects authentically and effectively with its customers vs. coming across as “space cluttering” or “tone deaf”?

Problem requires a solution but the solution has to instantly work, which makes my products so successful.

About the Future of Marketing

Where do you see the biggest value of marketing from your consumer’s standpoint (ex. community building, educating, paving new paths / ways of doing things, etc.)?

Community building presents a huge opportunity to remove whatever stigma still remains about wig wearing. Creating awareness that our products are technologically advanced. And then motivating the community to share between their groups and industry professionals whose goal is to enhance and nurture the community.

Where do you see the future of digital marketing from your company’s perspective?

Certainly, like many other companies, through social media platforms. But key to wigs and extensions is the power of before-and-after to targeted demographics and lower costs per conversion.

What are some valuable lessons you have learned in your experience as cornerstones to success?

Like I said earlier, demo-demo-demo. And don’t deceive your market if you want a faithful customer.

What is something you believe to be true about entrepreneurship that may be less common or “against the grind”?  

Don’t just measure your success with revenue. Identify, create, build, and satisfy your market and the revenue will come.