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Marketing Automation Roadmap [Guide]

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Alright, I wanna share with you my personal hack.

It’s super easy, but be careful! It was tested only 3 times and bring me x1.8, x2.2 and x3.4 more traffic. And I’m talking about $XXX k revenue.

Why am I talking about “being careful”? I spent near 200 hours for each of them. So, you can just lose your time.
Right now I’m testing it with another two companies. Not as a team member but more like mentor or advisor.
By the way, would also like to test with 3-4 new companies. It should be headquartered in Bay Area and have at least $100k in revenue with LTV higher than $200.

Well, let’s hustle?

Step 1: Open

Step 2: Map your funnel. Screen-by-screen and event-by-event.

Step 3: Put your ideas why people are stuck in current funnel’s step from the left side.

Step 4: Put your ideas why people left funnel’s step from the right side.

Step 5: Pick up triggers for all your ideas.

Step 6: Open GTM and set up triggers.

Step 7: Pick up actions and drip campaigns for all your triggers.

Step 8: Write down all texts, open your tools (like email marketing tool, Facebook or whatever you use) and upload texts.

Now you should get the full map and helicopter view on what are you doing in marketing.

Step 9: On weekly basis put data for all your actions. I mean, open rates for MailChimp, for example, and put main numbers like conversions from one step to another, open rates, CTR.

Now you will have not only product funnel, but the new one for all your communication flows.

Step 10: Go deep into analytics.
– Find those users who don’t click and don’t convert. Exclude them from Ad Set (for example).
– Find users who have low CTR, but they are converting well. Make another Ad Set based on these users.
– Don’t touch the rest.

After 6-7 iteration, you will have granular marketing. With highest conversion rates.

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During these posts, I am gonna cover all topics from scratch. How to build, how to set up, what to write and some hacks.


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Jonathan Saeidian
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