What marketing campaigns do you run while everybody is freaking out about COVID-19 and the demand of your product/service is dropping?
This is a question I am facing at this moment.
A question I am pretty sure I am not the only one tackling at the moment.
Here is a personal example on how we are handling growth at one corporate company and the lessons we learned.
Handling growth during COVID-19: A two-sided story.
For most companies, it’s not the ideal moment to be running lead generation campaigns.
The consumer is just not ready to buy unless you are selling things people need at the moment (like food or video calling software).
So the question remains: “How do you handle growth in this period”?
Here are two high-level things you need to work on as a growth marketer in these times.


If you are losing more customers than you are acquiring, you will go out of business.
This is why the first focus of any business-minded marketer is retention of current clients.
In these times, your sales and customer success people will be bombarded by questions that keep them from focusing on their job (up-selling or acquiring new customers).
The cost to acquire a customer is always higher compared to keeping a current client.
By making sure all your current customers or people onboarding have all the answers they need to convert or be retained.

Here is an example of our process and building of Our Digital Retention FAQ for a client of ours.

  • We ran a keyword and question research on topics which are being searched for in Google to understand what answers your customers are looking for. Think: Brand name + COVID-19, Brand name + question, …
  • We compiled all the questions our customer success and sales people are getting to make sure we can reply at scale.
  • We ran a question research on what questions are being answered by other companies that sell to our target audience about COVID-19.
  • We ran a keyword research on topics our prospects could be thinking about such as government policies entrepreneurs can get from the government ( one of our target audience). This is also great for our acquisition later-on.
  • We compiled all the questions that our customers and prospects have during this period.
  • We answered most of these questions in the best possible way, starting with the questions our customers were facing.
  • While we were gathering our questions and answers we started comparing several softwares that would integrate with our current solutions and allow us to move fast to create our digital FAQ.
  • We picked the software solution to move forward, set-up the high level structure to make sure it made sense to our users and created our digital FAQ. We picked Zendesk because of the native integrations and multi language approach.
  • The FAQ was created in two languages.
  • We set up all our tracking, sub-domains and styling of the FAQ.
  • We launched the communication on our website, launched ads and made sure all the content was ranking in google.
  • We divided the content into: corona related questions which aren’t product focused, product focused corona questions and also onboarding questions when you are looking to still get the product during Corona.
Our time to market?
From idea to execution: 5 days. within a corporate environment. If you are a start-up you should be able to get this done in 3-4 days.
  • 95K+ page views within 14 days visiting the FAQ. Views from people that are clients but also prospects searching for Corona related information.
What did you do to retain your current users? Any tactics or strategies you can share?
Tomorrow I’ll share the next strategic shift we made.
*This is just one thing we did to retain clients. The goal is to inspire you to understand growth is not just acquiring new users.
** Page views is not the metric we use to see if we retain clients.

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