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Average Lead Score

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To calculate the Average Lead Score, the sum of the individual lead scores over a period of time is divided by the total number of days in that period.

What is a Average Lead Score

The Average Lead Score is used to measure the quality of both marketing and sales leads. 

The lead score refers to the numerical value that can estimate how valuable the particular leads will be according to the pre-set criteria. From that numerical value, the average lead score will be calculated and tell how valuable and promising the leads are.

Average Lead Score Variations

The variations are individual lead scores and total lead scores on specific period of time. The criteria and targets for lead scoring range from specific demographics up to the user activity and buyer behaviour. Thus, they are often determines through evaluation of the current customer base’s characteristics.

Benefits of using Average Lead Score

Lead scoring displays a great importance to business that allocate a large portion of the marketing and sales budgets to generate leads. Through this metric, they can save time and money because they are able to focus on the media efforts and buys on the leads that they aim to be converted as paying customers. They can also develop the channels that earns the best average lead scores, as well as sales instead of just pushing to acquire the most traffic. Once the marketing team established the metrics for examining the Average Lead Score, they will establish the process for them to monitor the metric itself and other marketing KPIs.

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