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Web Traffic Concentration

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To get the exact comparison, the visitors on a specific page is divided by the total site visitors. The metric offers a weekly reporting frequency.

What is a Web Traffic Concentration

A metric used to measure the site visitors ratio on a single, particular page on the website versus over the total site visitors.

The importance of Web Traffic Concentration to the Marketing Team

It is essential for the company to determine how much web traffic they get because the number of site visitors is equivalent to the number of opportunities. The more website traffic, the more chances a company may have for generating qualified leads, selling products or services, gaining new client or customers, and continuing business growth. 

A company needs to concentrate on increasing the quality of the site traffic since not all traffic is considered as good traffic. Once the traffic is increased along with the quality visitors, it becomes easier for them to increase their website conversion to make the traffic into paying customers. 

With web traffic conversion, businesses can easily adjust or make changes to their online campaigns and pick the effective one in converting a traffic into buying customers. 


The traffic concentration and search traffic concentration are two of its variations. 

Target Audience

The target audience of web traffic concentration is the marketing manager. Also, the role who will use the metric goes to the managers.

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