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Average Time On Page

Average Time on Page is the time duration a viewer spends on your page.              

Formula for Average Time on Page

(Time visitor B spends on page + time visitor C spends on page +…+ Time visitor N spends on the page) / Total visitors on the page. 




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Page view duration 

The importance of Average Time on Page for Marketers

With this metric can help you to improve your content. For example, if a user spends 3 minutes on your page, but it takes ten minutes to read, then it is time for you to change your page into something more appealing to the people. 

The Average Time on Page metric can offer you a better understanding about the pages your viewers spend their time the most. Additionally, it can also help you determined the pages that are not effective. Meanwhile, measuring Average Time on Page is not straightforward as you might think due to the following reasons:

  • Google Analytics can track the time on the page and on the site through measuring the difference in timestamps of hits. For example, if your visitor leaves after viewing one page, time will not be recorded.
  • Google Analytics can count your time on the page whether the browser window is visible or a hidden tab.

If you want to increase the Average Time on Page, you must create engaging content on your page.