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Bounce Rate

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The formula used in this metric is the visitors leaving the website after viewing a single page divided by the total site visitors. Then, the answer will be multiplied by 100. The reporting frequency is weekly.

What is a Bounce Rate

The Bounce Rate measures the number of site visitors that arrive at the website and exit without navigating any other page on the site. 

Bounce Rate Overview

By monitoring the bounce rate, the marketing team will be able to accurately identify how effective the design and content at attracting more customers in what the website has to offer. 

The importance of Bounce Rate to the Marketing Team

It is also necessary to separate the metric into two sectors – passive and active bounce rate. An active bounce rate ends when visitors leave the site after five seconds while the passive bounce rate is being generated once the visitors stay longer than five seconds on the website. 

A longer duration needs to be analyzed and judged positively according to the content of the website. That is because the passive bounce rate offers significant insights to the analysts with regards to the quality of the products, services, articles, and more. 

Target Audience

The audience for this metric are the marketing managers.


It delivers several variations, such as visitor bounce rate, single access ration, percent exit, and SAR. 

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