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Cost Per Lead

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Total cost of campaign / number of leads generated

What is a Cost Per Lead

Cost per Lead is the measure of expenses for generating new customers.

Not just do you like to measure your client acquisition cost for inbound marketing. For sure, you also wish outbound marketing. How much is it costing you to get a client through inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing?

Measuring your client acquisition cost needs the incorporation of your CRM platforms, marketing automation, and even your accounting for every significant expense associated with ERP integration. 

Measuring client acquisition cost for outbound marketing includes

  • General overhead
  • Manpower (Marketing & Sales)
  • Marketing distribution
  • Advertising

Measuring client acquisition cost for inbound marketing includes:

  • General overhead
  • Software and technology
  • Manpower (Technical & Creative) 

Marketing Roles



Cost of campaign, number of leads

Target Audience

Marketing Manager

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