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Customer Share By Category

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(Total number of customers that fall within Category N/ Total number of customers) x 100.

What is a Customer Share By Category

Customer Share by Category is the metric that determines the total amount of customers that come from the particular category such as industry, the region as well as company size. With this metric, your team can better understand how to market their content. If you observe that there is a huge number of customers from the hospital or healthcare industry, then you must develop essential marketing strategies that can also attract other users in that industry.     

The Importance of Customer Share by Category for the Marketing Team

If you want to improve Customer Share by Category, you must develop more innovative solutions to attract more potential customers for your business. You can also create valuable content wherein different category or industry can find useful information on your website. The reporting frequency of this metric is every quarter. 

If you desire to attract your target audience more, make sure to give an engaging and catchy marketing content for your website. With this, you have more chance of gaining potential customers that can help you improve your sales. Moreover, you can also improve your brand recognition in your market. 

Marketing Roles



  • Share of customer base by region
  • Percent of customer base share by category
  • Share of customer base by company size
  • Share of customer base by industry

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