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Dormancy Rate

Dormancy Rate is the metric if the number of customers that are not using your product on a particular period. 


(Customers not using the product within a period/ Total number of customers) x 100




Support Manager, Marketing Manager


Rate of dormancy 


The importance of Dormancy Rate for the Marketing Team

The Dormancy Rate shows the number of inactive customers, which can offer you and your team with a date about possible customer loss. Some customers may not find your product relevant to their needs. With this, they tend not to use your product or service. 

With this, you must develop the best techniques to catch the attention of your potential customers. Make sure that your product has the best features that can meet the standards, needs, and expectations of your customers. You must also use an efficient marketing technique to promote your product or business to your target audience effectively. 

By simply developing the most innovative marketing solutions, your potential customers can find your product useful for their needs. In return, you can attract more users to your business. Your business is an important investment for you. Therefore, you must use the best strategies to make it relevant to thousands of customers in the market. Effective marketing is the solution to customer loss.