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external website links


To calculate the External Website Links Rate, use this formula: Total external links/Total Links

About External Website Links

Most digital marketers use the External Website Links in improving the website ranking along with the traffic volume by monitoring the external links. 

External Website Links Overview

External links refer to the hyperlinks that point at target or any domain instead of the links exists on the domain. They have the greater impact when it comes to the search engine rankings when compared to the internal links. That is because the search engine values them as external votes of popularity or confidence in the web page. 

What is the Role of External Website Links to the Marketing Team?

Nonetheless, the quality and volume of the External Website Links serve as a vital source of the ranking power. Most of search engines use multiple metrics for determining the value of the external links. These metrics include the linkage page popularity, the linking domain trustworthiness, the anchor text utilized in the link, and the correlation of the content between the target page and the source page. 

Companies that depend on the inbound web traffic for generating the business consider the monitoring the number of the external links to the website and measuring these links against the competitors as an important KPI. 

For best results, it is important to consider the relevance of the link to the content of the website. Make sure that the content has similarity between the target page and source page.


External links, followed links, and total links are the variations of the metric.

Target Audience

The target audience of this metric are the marketing managers and the role goes to the manager.

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