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first visit metric


New visits + total number of new visits / total visits

About First Visit Metric

The fashion a first time visitor engages with the website is very far different from how a returning visitor engages with the same website. To enhance first time visitor conversions, the company must isolate the metric from the conversion rates of their returning or loyal customers. They need to determine what they are interested in every time they visit the site for the first time and identify how they can strengthen that experience.

Why Calculate Your First Visit Metric?

Organizations only have a few seconds to catch the attention of their visitors. Therefore, it’s vital to take a hard look at their first impression and compare it to its competitors. It’s vital to ask the question, what message are you conveying?

Things to Consider

You need to think about the things, which matter to you every time you visit a website for the very first time. The chances are, you are searching for aspects such as value (this refers to finding the data you’re seeking for), clarity (the understanding what the website is about), and usability (how you can navigate it). 

It is important for you to know how you could make that first impression of your website that is valuable, useful, and clear to the minds of your visitors. 

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