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Funnel Conversion Rate

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(Amount of leads that moved to the next stage on the funnel/ leads in the funnel stage) x 100

What is a Funnel Conversion Rate

Funnel Conversion Rate is the metric of the rate wherein the leads move through the marketing funnel. With this metric, your team can monitor and understand the efficiency of their efforts in prompting leads to achieve goals and move through the end of funnel. 

The funnel conversion rate allows your team to gain effective insight into the productivity of their marketing efforts in the volume trends of their funnel. 

Improve your funnel conversion rate


  • Blogging

Create interesting content about your product. Using your creativity can generate more leads for your business.

  • Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay Per Click Campaigns enable you to pay sites to share your advertisement. You can pay if someone clicks on the ad or through the number of the impression that your ad gets. With the use of PPC, you can boost traffic to landing pages wherein you can gain prospects. 

By simply applying these techniques, you can increase the funnel conversion rate of your business. 

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