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goal completion rate

Goal Completion Rate

What is Goal Completion Rate

Goal Completion Rate Metrics and KPIs calculate the percentage of users who finish a particular business goal or series of goal. For instance, connecting a dashboard to the screen, subscribing to a mailing list, or sharing a document. It will be a sign of whether the users who have initiated the service are prepared to move on to the next step within your funnel. 

How Goal Completion Rate Works

GCR is the top pointer of how well your users feedback to all your onboarding efforts. Having a low completion rate could prompt your team to reassess the onboarding stage to optimize it based on the existing customer behavior. You need to spend some time knowing the client behavior before you set up your key goals. 

GCR is a vital KPI for tracking your online sales report. For absolute goal completion, or when it comes to visitors reaching the last step in the funnel, that could be reported by calculating the percentage of conversions. 

When you request GCR in your feedback forms, you can ask your visitors, “Did you accomplish your goal?” along with a list of answer options such as “Yes,” “No,” or “Somewhat.” 

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