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Keyword Performance

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The formula used for Keyword Performance is the rank keywords based on the position in GCR, CTR, and SERPs.

What is a Keyword Performance

The Keyword Ranking Performance is a digital marketing metric that measures the keyword rankings to help the marketers understand how effective their SEO efforts are at driving traffic to the site. 

Keyword Performance Overview

Keyword rankings are important indicators that provide a valuable information about the business’ ability in improving on the existing rankings or ranking on the new keywords. It is necessary for the SEO efforts to account for the huge marketing picture as well as analyze the other factors, including return on marketing investment and goal completion rate. 

The Keyword Performance success indicators include improving click-through rates for the ranked keywords and improving rankings for the single keyword or keyword group. The improving goal completion rates for the organic traffic visitors are also considered as a success indicator. 

Keyword PerformanceBest Practices

For best practices, regular updates are important because having the stagnant keyword list is risky since it neglects the trends along with the information on the new developments or products. It is also recommended to monitor the organic traffic on the landing pages to figure out whether the keywords are effective in driving traffic to the website.

Also, learning on how to add Keyword Performance to the SEO performance dashboard is helpful in driving more traffic.


The SERPs ranked keywors, CTR ranked keywords, and GCR ranked keywords are the variations of the metric.

Target Audience

The target audience for this metric are the marketing managers. Then, then the role who will use the metric goes to the managers.

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