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Lead Conversion Rate

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By dividing the leads converted to actual sales by the total leads and multiplying the answer by 100, the team will be able to determine the accurate Lead Conversion Rate. The metric delivers a monthly reporting frequency.

What is a Lead Conversion Rate

The Lead Conversion Rate is utilized to help the marketing team acquire insights on how well they perform at converting leads into sales.

Importance of Lead Conversion Rate to the Marketing Team

Determining the Lead Conversion is necessary because it can help businesses to acquire new clients or customers while increasing their online presence. Once the marketing team figure out the percentage, they can use the data as a basis in the future for implementing the lead scoring and nurturing strategies.

Nonetheless, this metric may help the team in detecting the most attractive areas or website pages for potential clients or customers. It creates a useful feedback between the user and the company while speeding up the online sales processes. It can also help in improving the loyalty of users as well as optimize the company’s revenue by pointing out the essential strategies to interested users. 

The Variations

The metric comes with variations of lead to customer conversion, average conversion rate, and leads converted to sales. 

Target Audience

The target audience are the marketing managers for this metric while the role goes to the managers.

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