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Network Promoter Score

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network promoter score


To get the NPS, the proportion of detractor scores will be subtracted by the proportion of promoter scores.

What is a Network Promoter Score

When the marketing team wants to measure both customer satisfaction and loyalty, Net Promoter Score is used. 

Network Promoter Score Overview

The Net Promoter Score is useful in measuring the willingness of the customer base in promoting a particular product or service to their friends and colleagues. The scoring is according to the results of the recent customer survey. The respondents are asked to answer the given questions on the scale of 1 to 10. 

What is the Role of Network Promoter Score to the Marketing Team?

The NPS are valued by many customer support and marketing departments due to its simplicity and focus on the customer loyalty and satisfaction. Businesses who focus on their growth through referrals or account expansion consider this KPI metric to be essential part of their marketing and sales strategies.

Many companies use the initial Net Promoter Score as their benchmark and then, track the subsequent NPS surveys for them to measure the flows in the customer sentiment in the future. A high NPS score indicates that there is development in the customer experience. This means that the marketing team needs to continue what they are doing or when the score decreases, they need to change their marketing approach. 


The Variations of Network Promoter Score include detractors, neutrals, and promoters.

Target Audience

The audience and the role of this metric goes to the managers, VPs or Directors.

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