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(Pageviews per session with user B + Pageviews with user C +…+ Pageviews with user N) / Total number of user sessions.

What is a Purchase Funnel

Pageviews per Session is the metric of the total amount of pages a user views within a single session.

The Importance of Page Views Per Session Metric

With the help of the Pageviews per Session metric, you as well as your team can determine the effectiveness of your website content. Thus, you will see the engagement of your viewers on visiting the site. There are various factors on how to boost the Pageviews per Session. You can do this by improving your site with internal linking, compelling articles, as well as intuitive design. 

The total amount of your Pageviews per session can be improved if you will do something about it. You must use creativity to gain the attention of many users to view your site. You must produce engaging content that can help to meet the standards, needs, and expectations of your potential customers. As they see engaging content to your website, they will start downloading or visiting your pages several times. Your marketing content has an important role in increasing your Pageviews per session. 

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