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Referral Traffic

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To calculate the total referral traffic, the traffic coming from the other sites are divided by the total traffic on the site. Then, the answer will be multiplied by 100.

What is a Referral Traffic

Referrals are essential to marketing efforts that is why the team must learn on how to measure the volume of traffic being directed to the site coming from outside sources.

Referral Traffic Overview

The marketing team often uses the Referral Traffic metric for monitoring how much of the traffic is obtained through referrals. They can also use these metrics to determine where these referrals came from. 

What is the Importance of Referral Traffic to the Marketing Team?

By comparing the ratio to the previous ratios, the team will be able to get valuable ideas of what will be their next marketing move. This way, they can decide whether they need to advertise more on the other platforms or have to keep a steady strategy on they are promoting so far. 

Although getting the attention of the audience may be simple, marketers still need to keep track of their traffic to ensure that they are designing their marketing strategy effectively. Traffic may come from internal or outside sources, so Referral Traffic is essential to acquire accurate data.


The traffic from external sources and the total number of website traffic are the variations of the metric.

Target Audience

The reporting frequency of this metric is monthly, and the target market is the marketing managers. The, the role goes to the managers.

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