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The formula for this metric is (Customers responding / customers exposed to communications) x 100.

What is a Response Rate

Response Rate is the total value of clients who respond to the communication efforts of your company. With the help of this metric, you and your team will have a better understanding of the engagement of the users. You will also know whether messaging prompt responses effectively. 

Meanwhile, you must also know about a good response rate. In the case of internal surveys, receiving 30 to 40% response rate or more is already a good response rate. Around 10 to 15% response rate is the average response rate for external surveys. 

The importance of Response Rate for Marketing Teams

It cannot be denied that communication efforts are essential for the success of your business. With this, you must create engaging and more effective communication techniques to get a high level of response rate. With this, you can also have the chance to get more potential customers for your business. Communication is crucial for the growth and development of your business. With that, you must create interesting and effective techniques in your communication process to get a high response rate.

The higher the response rate you have, the higher the income you can get for your business. 

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