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Total Visits

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The formula for this metric is getting the total number of unique visitors on the page.

What is a Total Visits

The Total Visits metric is used to give the marketing team significant insights about the basic popularity of the landing page or website.

The importance of Total Visits Rate to the Marketing Team

Visits are considered as an essential digital marketing metric that is often used along with the conversion rate to gauge the business performance. They are dependent on different external factors as well as internal marketing strategies. 

A source might be improving, but the other decreases or even drags down the overall performance. By accurate segmenting of the traffic, the team will be able to see which among the channels is doing the best job of bringing traffic to the site and which one requires a room for improvement.

All the visits become important unless they generate sales. Once the team successfully segmented the traffic, the insights become available to be drawn according to the conversion performance across the multiple channels. 


The total views and total page visits are the variations of this metric. 

Target Audience

The reporting frequency of the Total Visits is monthly and the target audience are the marketing managers or marketing teams. Then, the role goes to the managers.

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