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Total number of unique visitors

What is a Unique Visitors Metric

Unique visitors metric is the number of unique individuals who visit your website. With this metric, you and your team will know about how relevant and compelling your site is. Thus, the unique visitors can determine the overall awareness of your particular website. 

The importance of Unique Visitors Metric to the Marketing Team

Page view can be recorded if the full page of the website is refreshed or viewed. The page view is the total amount of time the pages of your website are refreshed or viewed on a specific time. Page views are not unique. On the other hand, Visit is defined as the single browsing session. If a visitor views other page on your website in 30 minutes, the last page view can be counted as a similar visit.  A separate visit can be counted if the visitor returns to your site after 30 minutes. 

If you want more unique visitors, you must improve the content of your website page.

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