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Best Email Marketing Newsletters In 2024

Email Marketing Newsletters

The best email newsletters help entrepreneurs and marketers learn the skills of high-ROI email promotion.

They offer insights on:

  • Technical coding and design 
  • Email promotion best practices 
  • Email automation
  • Audience segmentation
  • Campaign optimization

I have curated the world’s best email marketing newsletters for you. Subscribe to these amazing email newsletters to grow your brand. 

Why Should Email Marketers Subscribe to Newsletters?

  • Stay Informed: Similar to how you stay current with news to stay informed about global events, email marketing newsletters keep you updated on the newest developments, tactics, and resources within the email marketing realm.
  • Discover Effective Strategies: They hold a valuable wealth of advice and techniques. Reading them will teach you which strategies work, which errors to avoid, and how to make your email campaigns stand out.
  • Seek Inspiration: Do you ever find yourself lacking ideas? Email marketing newsletters are brimming with creativity. They display effective email marketing strategies and provide ideas for your own campaigns.
  • Engage with Others: They are also a means of connecting with other email marketers. You can exchange experiences, gain knowledge from one another, and feel a sense of belonging to a community.

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Must-Read Email Marketing Newsletters For Success 

Here are some of the best email marketing newsletters that should be on your radar:

1. Growth Virality Newsletter

The Growth Virality Newsletter is a must-subscribe for those seeking a unique blend of psychological insights and proven email marketing tactics.

This newsletter comes from the brilliant minds at the Growth Virality agency, a team obsessed with creating campaigns that spread like wildfire. 

Their focus is engineering emails that captivate subscribers and spark the “virality” effect.

You will discover techniques for scripting irresistible subject lines, crafting hypnotic copy hooks, and embedding subtle persuasion cues into your designs.

The Growth Virality team roots every concept in real-world case studies.

For example, they will break down a seemingly mundane cart abandonment email and reveal the precise word choices and visual cues that generated a massive uptick in conversions.

As you absorb their hacks issue after issue, you’ll begin to perceive email marketing from an entirely new vantage point. 

Brimming with examples and proven formulas to swipe, this email belongs in the inbox of any marketer aspiring to induce growth through email.

2. Litmus Newsletter

As a product of the renowned Litmus platform, this newsletter brings you cutting-edge insights, expert tips, and industry scoop that you need to elevate your email game.

You get a regular dose of wisdom from the pioneers in email design, testing, and deliverability. 

Each issue breaks down the latest trends, dissects captivating campaigns, and drops knowledge bombs on optimizing every aspect of the email experience. 

From explaining design psychology to insights on privacy regulations, every topic is covered. The newsletter dives into the technical details that separate email novices from pros. 

You will get masterclasses on email coding best practices, breakdowns of third-party tools, and hack-filled guides for sailing through even the trickiest inboxes. 

It’s like hiring a team of email experts to mentor you personally on a weekly basis.

With the Litmus Newsletter, you will never have to worry about falling behind the curve. 

These email experts ensure you are always looped into emerging techniques, platforms, and strategies before your competitors can hit “send.” 

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3. Really Good Emails

This cleverly-named newsletter is a highly curated showcase of the best of the best in email design and strategy pulled from brands around the globe.

There are more than pretty pictures here (although there are plenty of those to inspire your next campaign). 

With each featured email, the RGE team breaks down exactly what makes it a shining example of an effective marketing message. 

They will analyze the components like an expert, highlighting brilliant uses of copy, design, interactivity, and more. 

From drool-worthy ecommerce campaigns to memorable promotional blasts, RGE ensures you are always in the loop on what’s truly pushing the creative envelope. 

Their editors have an incredible knack for surfacing creative ideas that you can implement in your own emails, whether you are a seasoned vet or just getting started. 

Each issue is a master class in email optimization from real-world case studies. 

After seeing a great example in action, you will get inspired to try out a new branching automation system, or you will uncover a clever design hack that finally solves your coding woes once and for all.

With the Really Good Emails newsletter in your inbox, you’ll always have fresh inspiration and cutting-edge techniques to keep your email campaigns engaging and effective. 

4. HubSpot Marketing Blog

HubSpot Marketing Blog is a treasure of knowledge that’s equally inspiring and actionable. 

They create hard-hitting, meticulously researched guides from the pioneers of inbound marketing themselves.

Each newsletter delivers a thoughtfully curated batch of the most recent blog updates delivered directly to your email inbox. 

This week, you might get a deep dive into optimizing your email nurture sequences for maximum conversion. The next is a masterclass in a persona-driven content strategy that will have you rethinking your entire approach. 

From technical SEO tactics to insider lead-scoring secrets, no topic is off-limits for the HubSpot brain trust.

However, HubSpot’s signature voice and perspective separate this essential reading from the competition. 

Their writers seamlessly blend industry-leading expertise with an incredibly human, conversational style. 

You will chuckle at their wit, nod at their relatable insights, and walk away thinking, “FINALLY, a marketing mentor who speaks my language!”

After just a few issues, you will ritually carve out time to devour that wisdom, diligently applying the tactics to your own campaigns. 

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5. Campaign Monitor’s Email Marketing Benchmarks

This highly focused newsletter cuts through the noise and hands you critical data and analysis for navigating the email marketing tide.

Each installment breaks down the latest industry benchmarks and trends across key engagement metrics like open rates, clicks, unsubscribes, bounce rates, and more. 

But they don’t just bring out numbers; the experts at Campaign Monitor meticulously analyze and contextualize the data. 

You will get their authoritative perspectives on what’s driving particular shifts, which numbers matter for your specific situation, and expert-guided best practices for optimizing accordingly.

You will learn that your welcome email series is drastically underperforming compared to industry standards, promptly overhauling the strategy. 

After dissecting eye-opening data on thumb-friendly email design, you will discover new mobile optimization techniques. 

This goes far beyond just charts and graphs; it’s highly applicable knowledge that directly informs your real-world operations.

Beyond the analytics, each newsletter is filled with bonus value, like handy premade templates, code libraries, and emerging platform integrations to level up your email game. 

You are getting a constant stream of process improvements and workflow hacks from the people of email brilliance.

This essential newsletter arming you with current best practices and optimized implementations will virtually assure you of starting to score better engagement and ROI from your campaigns. 

6. The AWeber Blog

AWeber Blog isn’t just another company blog pumping out surface-level fluff pieces. They produce interesting, actionable insights from the email experts.

With each whimsical newsletter delivery, you will be taken to educational masterclasses on everything from automation to list-building. 

One week, you uncover the secrets to crafting clickable subject lines. The next is a step-by-step guide to segmenting your lists like a pro, complete with pre-built segments to swipe.

The AWeber blog team tackles complex topics with refreshing simplicity and approachability. 

Their newsletters are soaked with relatability, ensuring even the most technical tutorials feel like a friendly chat. 

Every post is an open book filled with hard-won strategies, insider tools, and hard truths to empower your success. 

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7. Mailchimp’s The Library

Mailchimp’s “The Library” newsletter is carefully curated to provide email marketers with only the most engrossing stories.

With Mailchimp’s seemingly infinite resources serving as a well to draw from, their editorial curators bring up one delectable issue after another. 

This month, you can receive a collection of the best email marketing case studies on innovative brands mastering buzz-worthy campaigns or data-enriched think pieces that will prompt you to rethink your approaches to segmentation and personalization entirely.

These newsletters are richly layered, emotionally gripping narratives by Mailchimp experts. Each piece is a masterclass in visual storytelling and narrative tension.

It’s not just about advertising email tactics. The Library, like Mailchimp itself, innately understands that content must inspire on a human level.

8. EmailOctopus

This newsletter provides a special mixture of practical tips, actual instances, and a bit of humor to help enhance your email marketing strategies. 

Their team of professionals translates intricate ideas into brief, captivating, educational, and enjoyable content.

EmailOctopus covers various topics crucial for email marketers’ success, including creating engaging subject lines and mastering automation sequences. 

Every edition contains useful methods and approaches that you can quickly implement to enhance your open rates, click-throughs, and conversions.

It also provides updates on current industry news, trends, and tools to keep you informed. 

You can rely on EmailOctopus to keep you on the cutting edge of the constantly changing email marketing field, whether it’s explaining a groundbreaking new feature or analyzing a developing best practice.

The EmailOctopus newsletter has a conversational tone and uses real-life examples, making it feel like a friendly chat with a knowledgeable friend.

Their capacity to mix practical wisdom with a touch of humor in every edition makes reading enjoyable, guaranteeing that you both acquire new knowledge and have a good time.

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9. Email Marketing Rules

Mark Robins, an industry veteran, curates the valuable Email Marketing Rules newsletter, which is filled with expertise on email marketing. 

Every problem serves as a lesson in how to improve your email campaigns for increased engagement, conversions, and overall achievement.

Robins and his team carefully select and organize the newsletters, offering detailed information on email marketing, valuable perspectives, case studies, and effective strategies to help marketers tackle real-life challenges. 

If you are facing challenges in increasing your email list, dealing with email delivery problems, or needing new ideas, Email Marketing Rules can help.

The unique aspect of this newsletter is its consistent emphasis on hands-on, outcome-oriented tactics. 

Robins and his team acknowledge that email marketing is a dynamic and intricate field and are dedicated to providing you with the necessary tools and support to navigate it effectively.

Email Marketing Rules cover everything from analyzing the psychology behind successful email copy to investigating current trends in automation and personalization, leaving no aspect unexplored. 

Every problem contains practical tips to enhance your strategies and achieve superior outcomes quickly.

Nonetheless, Email Marketing Rules concentrates on tactics and provides a detailed analysis of the overall landscape of email marketing. 

You will be informed about industry best practices, regulatory updates, and the latest tools and technologies to keep you competitive.

Email Marketing Rules have meticulously chosen and created a newsletter that is both educational and motivational, tapping into their extensive experience and dedication to quality.


The email marketing newsletters offer unique perspectives, valuable insights, and actionable strategies from marketing industry experts.

By subscribing to these carefully curated email marketing resources, you will continue to acquire new insights of the art and science of effective email marketing.

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