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12 SEO Growth Hacks To Drive Faster Results

SEO growth hacking

Faster results in organic marketing are possible via some powerful SEO growth hacks. 

If you need to impress your clients with exceptional SEO results, these hacks on keyword research, technical SEO, content, and link building will save you time.

You can use these SEO growth hacking tips to quickly boost your ROI. And yes, these techniques work for any business.

Why Do I Absolutely Need SEO Growth Hacking?

Here are some of the top reasons why faster and more efficient growth is advantageous for growing businesses and startups:

  • Defeat Your Competitors: Every year, organic competition also increases. It is difficult to defeat your organic competitors like a decade ago when you could have gained faster results by tweaking your meta tags. Nowadays, things have become pretty technical, and only expert and professional SEO practitioners who understand the recent developments in the ranking algorithm know the real SEO growth tricks to quickly defeat your competition. Hence, when you apply advanced organic ranking-boosting strategies, you can easily get past your competition to reach your potential customers. 
  • Increase Qualified Organic Traffic: You need traffic if you have a website. And guess what? SEO drives 1000+ more traffic compared to other channels like social media. Implementing growth methods for organic promotion helps you rapidly gain organic traffic to scale your business faster. 
  • Improve Your SEO ROI: If you run an SEO agency, you know how challenging it is to convince and retain your clients. By applying organic traffic scaling techniques, you can drive quick results to show your clients a rapid boost in returns on investment. This way, your project will stay longer, and the client will also be happy.  
  • Raise Your Domain Reputation: Domain rating is crucial in raising your brand’s online reputation. Higher domain score correlates to faster and more stable organic rankings. Using organic growth hacking secrets, you can increase your domain reputation and enable your business to acquire more customers.  

12 Ultimate SEO Growth Hacks For Faster Organic Customer Acquisition

#1: Optimize Low-Hanging Keywords 

Low-hanging fruit keywords are the best key phrases to target if you are in the growth phase of your SEO journey. 

In your Google Search Console account, look for pages with high impressions but low clicks or zero clicks. These are pages that show in organic SERPs but rank way below to attract clicks.

You should export a list of these pages and optimize their content by adding in-depth content, relevant LSI terms, and more keywords (tip: look for the terms the page ranks for and use them naturally in the content).

You can also boost this research by leveraging other leading marketing analytics tools and GSC. 

#2: Get Your Site On Featured Snippets

Featured snippets appear above the organic search results and provide users with immediate and relevant information.

Fourteen million queries are showing featured snippets.


Having your site content in featured snippets improves your website’s credibility and branding.

Positioning your site content in featured snippets for new keywords also naturally attracts more clicks to your site.

Here is an example of a featured snippet in action:

#3: Optimize Images (Yes, it Works!) 

I have seen so many marketers still ignore the fact that optimized images actually lead to faster website speed, which correlates to improved UX and rankings. 

Page speed is a Google ranking factor. However, this is tied to user experience. The better your site’s UX, the higher your rankings will be. 

TinyPNG is an excellent tool for shortening image sizes. With options like its WebP, PNG, and JPEG compression tools, Tinify reduces image file sizes by up to 80% without compromising quality.

Optimizing your website pictures will also improve your Core Web Vitals score. Start doing it to revolutionize your SEO strategy. 

#4: Identify and Fix Content Decay

Content decay is a fact. 

Imagine the content on your site that you wrote two years back but haven’t updated.

Does it still deserve to rank? I think you got the answer. 

You should prepare a list of pages that have been prepared way back and have not been updated yet.

Look for content relevance and content age. Relevance erosion, technological advancements, and audience shifts are possible causes of content decay. 

You can quickly find such pages that are losing their traffic by comparing your site pages’ impressions and clicks data using the GSC. 

Revise the content of those pages by adding more information, the latest stats, complete facts, and any other information that the content is missing. 

Continually updating and revising your content has a drastic positive impact on your website’s organic traffic.

#5: Improve Your Server Response Time

Improving server response time is important to boost your website’s SEO performance.

A sluggish server response time can result in a subpar user experience and potentially lower search engine rankings.

You can check your server response time using the PickupHost tool. The PickupHost Web 

Hosting Speed Test tool is designed to evaluate the performance of web hosting providers by measuring their server response times. 

You can select their preferred hosting provider and server location (Europe or USA) to conduct the test. 

The tool provides a straightforward interface for gauging how quickly a website hosted by a particular provider loads, which is crucial for understanding user experience and potential SEO rankings. 

Additionally, it offers insights into server speed variations over time, enhancing its utility for ongoing performance monitoring.

After checking your server speed, you can take steps to improve it.

Optimize server configurations, upgrade hosting plans, and minimize HTTP requests. 

Implement server-side caching, enable browser caching, and utilize Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to distribute content efficiently. 

Compress files, optimize databases, and streamline scripts to ensure quicker server responses. 

Monitoring server performance and promptly addressing issues will help maintain optimal server health and improve overall site speed.

#6: Use FAQ Schema

Websites using FAQ schema have the best chances to outrank their competitors.

By structuring frequently asked questions with schema markup, you can feature your content directly in rich snippets on search engine results pages (SERPs), making answers easily accessible to users. 

By telling Google that your content is presented in a Q&A format, you can easily acquire more clicks by listing your content in the PAA section in Google SERP.

This increases the likelihood of clicks due to enhanced visibility and enhances the overall user experience by providing immediate and relevant information. 

Moreover, FAQ schema supports voice search optimization and helps Google better understand and rank content, offering a competitive edge in organic search rankings.

#7: Prepare E-E-A-T Friendly Content

E-E-A-T stands for expertise, experience, authority, and trust. 

Sites with strong E-E-A-T signals rank higher in organic SERP.


Hence, one of the top SEO growth hacks is to optimize your content for Google E-E-A-T.

To optimize for E-E-A-T principles, optimize your expertise through well-researched, authoritative content supported by credible sources and references. 

You can also use several content marketing software to generate and optimize content for greater visibility. 

Establishing authority requires gaining recognition from industry peers, accumulating positive reviews, and consistently publishing valuable content. 

Trustworthiness is built by maintaining transparency, ensuring content accuracy, and securing your website. 

Also, do not forget to optimize UX as prioritizing user experience through mobile-friendly design, fast loading times, and accessible content enhances E-E-A-T. 

#8: Leverage Google Ads Campaign Manager To Identify High-Converting Keywords 

If your company spends on PPC advertising, you can apply this SEO growth hack.

Look at your PPC campaign dashboard to identify the keywords bringing conversions. 

Download those keywords and prepare a keyword mapping list. Now, track the organic positionings of those pages and optimize every relevant page to improve the rankings.

You can use other PPC tools like Klipfolio to see the top keyword performance. 


Using this SEO strategy trick can help improve your SEO campaigns’ ROI.

#9: Optimize Your Crawl Budget

Crawl budget optimization is another great SEO growth hack to ensure your important pages are prioritized. 

You can determine your crawl activity from the crawl stats report in the Google Search Console. 


You should look at the flagged crawl statuses as suggested by Ahrefs.


If you notice that important pages on your site are not getting crawled, you should optimize your website crawl budget.

Use robots.txt to block low-value pages, update your XML sitemap, and resolve broken links.

Identify and rectify issues, ensuring that search engines spend their crawl budget on important 

URLs that matter most for SEO performance.

#10: Master Internal Linking

Internal link optimization is one of the best SEO growth hacks to grow your domain’s reputation.

A well-structured internal linking strategy facilitates a better user experience by simplifying site 

navigation and helps search engines index your pages more effectively. 

Hence, your revenue-driving pages are easily accessible and have a lower crawl depth, allowing link equity to flow throughout the site and enhancing overall SEO performance.

Link relevant pages together by linking topic clusters together.

Ensure your internal links are structured logically, making important pages easily accessible from your homepage or main navigation. 


Avoid overloading pages with too many links, as this can appear spammy. 

Use the nofollow attribute sparingly, primarily for non-essential pages like log-in or terms of service. 

#11: Get Press Links By Leveraging Digital PR

Digital PR is exceptional in getting links from media publications. 

It encompasses various techniques to achieve these goals, such as guest posts, press releases, and influencer marketing. 

Digital PR is crucial for boosting website traffic, improving SEO rankings, and building brand trust, ultimately increasing sales and leads. 

Media outreach and press release distribution can help you acquire natural backlinks from reputed news sites.

The first step is publishing data-driven research studies that journalists want to quote. 

For example, hundreds of relevant domains picked up the IBM cost of data breach reports because journalists were keen to publish reports related to data security. 

#12: Use Tools To Raise Your SEO Productivity 

Modern growth hacking tools are your best friend. In this era of ChatGPT, if you are not improving your productivity using automation, you are still living in the stone age.

There are several top-notch SEO software that can quickly improve your SEO results.

Some of the best ones are:

  • Google Search Console: GSC is a free tool provided by Google that helps webmasters monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot their site’s presence in Google Search results. It offers insights into how Google perceives your site, including performance metrics, indexing issues, and search queries driving traffic.
  • ChatGPT: Wonderful tool to generate content ideas, optimize for readability and user engagement, and provide guidance on SEO best practices through its conversational capabilities. 
  • SEMrush: SEMrush is a comprehensive SEO tool that offers features for keyword research, competitive analysis, backlink auditing, site auditing, and rank tracking. It helps in identifying opportunities to improve organic traffic and monitor keyword performance. 
  • Screaming Frog: Screaming Frog is a website crawler that audits and analyzes websites for SEO issues. It provides insights into on-page SEO elements like meta tags, headers, redirects, and broken links, helping to identify technical SEO issues that can impact search engine rankings. 


Implementing SEO optimization tips can be a game-changer if you’re looking to take your business to the next level. 

Natural expansion strategies such as optimizing your website for search engines can greatly boosts your SEO visibility, attracting more organic traffic without costly ads. 

Inbound marketing tactics, like creating high-quality content tailored to your audience’s needs, drive engagement and build trust and authority in your niche. 

Focusing on content marketing techniques can provide value to your potential customers, encouraging them to return to your site and eventually convert.

Implementing these SEO growth hacks enhances your online presence and ensures that your business grows organically, creating a solid foundation for lasting success.

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