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TikTok Marketing Guide For Brands To Build a Solid ROI 

TikTok marketing techniques

TikTok is one of the world’s fastest-growing social media platforms, capturing the attention of businesses of all sizes.

The brand value of TikTok currently stands at $44.35 billion. In 2023, users dedicated a staggering 4.43 billion minutes to TikTok daily.

TikTok’s advertising earnings reached $11.3 billion, with expectations to surge to $53.9 billion by 2027.


If you’re a small business owner hoping to promote your homemade candles or a large brand wanting to reach younger demographics, this guide will help you succeed on TikTok. 

I will guide you through setting up your business account and creating compelling content to captivate your audience.

What is TikTok Marketing?

TikTok marketing involves using the platform features to actively reach your target audiences through short-form video marketing. You should collaborate with influencers to create viral content and encourage user-generated content through hashtag challenges. 

The strategy focuses on staying relevant to TikTok trends and fostering audience interaction with creative digital storytelling. This approach aims to enhance brand visibility and drive social media engagement among TikTok’s predominantly Gen Z and Millennial user base. 

You should prioritize a dynamic content strategy, utilizing LSI terms like branded content and targeted advertising, to maximize impact and achieve their marketing goals effectively on TikTok.

Notable Benefits of TikTok Marketing For Brands

TikTok marketing offers numerous benefits for brands looking to enhance their online presence and engage with a diverse audience: 

Enhanced Engagement

TikTok’s algorithm prioritizes content discovery, increasing the likelihood of posts going viral. Brands can leverage this to amplify their reach and attract new followers organically. 

Influencer Collaboration

Partnering with TikTok influencers allows brands to tap into established audiences aligned with their target demographics. This strategy not only boosts visibility but also fosters authentic connections that resonate with viewers. 

Social Commerce

With TikTok’s rising popularity as a shopping destination, brands can drive direct sales through engaging content. The platform supports e-commerce functionalities, including in-video shopping experiences, making it easier for users to purchase featured products. 

Content Diversity

TikTok’s format encourages creativity and innovation in content creation. Brands can experiment with various video styles, from tutorials to behind-the-scenes glimpses, effectively showcasing their products in engaging ways. 

Analytics and Optimization

Switching to a TikTok business account unlocks valuable analytics tools. Brands can track key metrics such as video views, TikTok target audience demographics, and engagement rates, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize their marketing strategies. 

Brand Authenticity

TikTok’s community-driven environment rewards authentic and relatable content. Brands that authentically engage with users through storytelling and trending challenges can build a loyal following and enhance brand perception. 

Global Reach

As TikTok continues to expand globally, brands can reach diverse audiences across different regions. Leveraging localized content and trending hashtags helps tailor messages to specific cultural contexts, enhancing relevance and resonance. 

Educational Opportunities

TikTok serves as an educational platform where brands can inform and educate their audience about industry trends, product benefits, and usage tips. Educational content not only adds value but also establishes brands as credible industry leaders. 

Interactive Features

Features like live streaming and interactive polls enable real-time engagement with audiences. Brands can host Q&A sessions, product launches, or interactive challenges, fostering community interaction and loyalty. 

Cross-Platform Integration

Repurposing TikTok content for platforms like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts extends reach and maximizes content ROI. This approach ensures consistent brand messaging while catering to diverse audience preferences.

How to Create a TikTok Business Account?

Let’s learn step-by-step how to create a TikTok business account:

You have to start by logging on to TikTok.


Go to your Settings


Then, click on manage accounts, which is at the top.


Once you are in the Manage account, click on Switch to Pro Account. After you have done that, you will have two options.


From here, choose Business. Then, you will need to choose the category of your business.


Once that is done you will have a TikTok Business Account.

ROI-Driven TikTok Marketing Strategies

Understanding TikTok’s Audience

Demographic Breakdown by Age

  • GenZ: Generation Z (born 1997-2012) constitutes the majority of TikTok’s audience, accounting for approximately 60% of users on the platform.
  • Millennials: Those born between 1981 and 1996, known as Millennials, make up about 25% of users and are the second-largest group.
  • GenX and Baby Boomers: Generation X and Baby Boomers are a smaller but expanding group, especially as the platform becomes more popular.

Distribution of Genders

There are slightly fewer male users than females, with a ratio of approximately 55% female to 45% male.

The Behavior of the User

  • Short attention span: Consumers usually browse rapidly through the material.
  • Great user involvement: The average daily app usage is 52 minutes.
  • Content creators and consumers: A lot of individuals engage in both consuming and creating content.

Content Preferences

  • Short-form video: 15-60 second clips are most popular.
  • Trending challenges and dance routines.
  • Comedy skits and humor.
  • Educational content that is often presented in an entertaining way.
  • Behind-the-scenes and day-in-the-life style videos.

Music and Audio

  • Strong focus on music-based content and lip-syncing.
  • Users repurpose popular sounds and songs for their own videos.


  • TikTok users value genuine, unpolished content over highly produced videos.
  • “Real” experiences and relatable content perform well.

Trends and Virality

  • There is a rapid cycle of trends, with new challenges and memes emerging frequently.
  • Strong desire to participate in and create viral content.

Brand Interaction

  • Open to brand content, but it must be creative and native to the platform.
  • Prefer brands that engage in trends and speak the “language” of TikTok.

Social Causes

  • Many users are socially conscious and interested in global issues.
  • Content related to social justice, environmentalism, and mental health awareness is popular.

Community Aspect

  • Strong sense of community within niche interests (e.g., BookTok, FitnessTok).
  • Users often form connections through shared interests and collaborative content


Creating Compelling Content

Ride the Wave, But Make it About You

When you see a trend that is getting very popular, don’t follow it blindly. Put your own spin on it. You don’t need to be a good dancer for it. 

If there is a dance trend, exaggerate how bad you are at it. People love authenticity and seeing others who aren’t perfect.

Timing is Everything

TikTok trends change rapidly. When you notice a trend picking up momentum, act promptly. 

Seize the opportunity while it’s still available. However, don’t worry if you are running a little behind – being stylishly late with a distinctive perspective can also be effective.

Behind-The-Scenes Magic

People love seeing the process. Try filming your attempts at nailing a trend. Show the bloopers the learning process. 

It is relatable and often more entertaining than the polished final product.

Trend Mashups

If you feel creative, then combine two trends into one video. 

It’s similar to a remix on TikTok, and if done effectively, it can become extremely popular.

Keep Your Ears Open

Music is the pulse of TikTok. Make sure to notice the songs that repeatedly appear in your feed. Using trending sounds can skyrocket your video’s visibility.

React and Duet

See a trend you like but are not sure how to participate? React to it or use the duet feature. 

It’s a great way to join the conversation without having to create entirely original content.

Stay True to Your Niche

If you have a cooking account, you don’t need to suddenly start doing elaborate dances. Find ways to incorporate trends into your niche. 

Maybe that viral sound could be the background to your next recipe video?

Learn from Others

Watch how other creators in your niche adapt to trends. It can help you get inspired or learn new techniques.

Engage with Your Audience

Ask your followers which trends they would like to see you experiment with. 

It’s an excellent method to increase interaction and give your audience a sense of inclusion.

Short and Snappy

The attention span of people on TikTok is very short. So, in order to catch the attention of the users, your content has to be fast-paced and quick.

You have got about 3 seconds before someone swipes away. Make those seconds count!

Get to the point of your video. What is your video about? Say it, show it, do it quickly.

Leave your viewers wanting more by ending your video on a high note or a cliffhanger. This will make them hit that replay button.

Try the “3-part storytelling” trick. Set it up in 5 seconds, create tension for 10, and resolve in the last 5. Like this, you will have a mini-movie in 20 seconds.

Authenticity Over Perfection

On TikTok, no one wants to see the picture-perfect Instagram feeds. TikTok is where you can be goofy and fun. Here is how to keep it real:

Embrace the mess. If you have a bad hair day, it is perfect for TikTok. Show your cluttered room. People relate to imperfection on TikTok.

Be yourself. Whatever makes you uniquely you, amp it up. Your quirks are one of the best things to highlight here.

Don’t forget to share your fails. You messed up that dance routine 50 times? Show them. The bloopers are often better than the final cut.

Do not put on a “social media voice.” Speak like you are chatting with your best friend.

Remember, your “flaws” are probably the things that will make people fall in love with your content.

Use Music and Effects

TikTok is all about music and effects. Use trending sounds. Trending sounds are the language of TikTok.

Try to sync your video transitions or movements with the beat drops.

Use zoom effects for dramatic moments. Try slow-mo for epic fails or wins.

Use the green screen. Tell a story while “traveling” the world. Or put yourself in memes. The possibilities are endless.

Go for the on-screen text to emphasize points or add punchlines. Play with fonts and colors.

Closed captions will make your videos not only more accessible but great for people watching without sound.

Spend some time just playing with effects. Make some terrible videos no one will see. It’s how you learn the cool tricks.

Utilizing the Features of TikTok

Hashtag Challenges

You create a fun, simple challenge and add a catchy hashtag to it, and suddenly, half the internet is doing your dance move or trying your makeup hack. 

That’s the power of TikTok hashtag challenges. Here’s how you can nail it:

The best challenges are easy to do. Think “flip the switch” or “tell me without telling me.” If it takes more than 30 seconds to explain, it’s too complicated.



Make it universal. Choose something anyone can do, regardless of age, location, or skill level. The more inclusive, the better your content is.

A catchy hashtag is the key. Make it short, memorable, and unique. Bonus points if it’s slightly mysterious or funny. #WhatTheFluff or #TrickShotChallenge are good examples.

For your marketing campaign, seed your brand page with influencers. Get a few TikTok stars to kick off your challenge. They will grow your challenge for you.

Engage with participants. Comment, like, and share the best entries. 

Launch your challenge when your audience is most active. Weekends often work well.

Remember, not every challenge goes viral, and that’s okay.

TikTok Ads 

In-Feed Ads: These ads are TikTok commercials. But here’s the trick: you have to make them so good that people don’t realize they are ads. Use trending sounds and popular effects, and keep them short and snappy.


Branded Hashtag Challenges: Remember those hashtag challenges we just talked about? Now put some ad dollars behind them. You can get a banner right on the Discovery page.


Branded Effects: Create a custom filter or effect that matches the energy of your brand. For example, Taco Bell’s taco face or Colgate’s win with a smile. If the filter is done right, users will play with your effect even if they are not thinking about your product.


TopView Ads: These are the first thing users see when they open the app. Prime real estate, but use it wisely. You have only got 5-60 seconds to make an impression.


Whatever ad format you choose, make it feel native to TikTok. The moment it feels like a traditional ad, you’ve lost your audience.

Collaborate with TikTok Influencers

Partnering with the next TikTok sensation will make your marketing campaign reach a much wider audience, as these influencers can reach people that you can not.

Here’s how to do it right:

Look for influencers who align with your brand values. If you are selling vegan makeup, then partner with someone who promotes vegan products and vegan makeup.

Size isn’t everything. Micro-influencers (10k-100k followers) often have more engaged audiences than mega-stars. They are also usually more affordable.

Give creative freedom to your influencer partners. Trust the influencer to know their audience. Give them guidelines, not a script.

The best collabs should feel natural and authentic. 

If an influencer suddenly starts raving about a product they have never mentioned before, their followers will know that it’s not a genuine review.

Use unique promo codes or landing pages for each influencer. See what works and double down on those partnerships.

Don’t treat influencers like billboards. Build genuine relationships. They might become long-term brand ambassadors.

Engaging with your Audience


Respond to every comment you can, especially in the first hour after posting. 

Be witty, be kind, be you. Your personality should shine through.


Got a negative comment? Answer it with kindness or humor. Others will notice how you handle it.


Use duets to add your twist to trending content. It’s a great way to get into the TikTok videos without starting from scratch.


Duet with your fans. It makes them feel special and encourages others to create content you might duet with.

User-Generated Content

Encourage fans to create content with your product or about your brand. You can start a weekly feature where you showcase the best ones.


Always credit the original creator. It’s not just polite; it’s the unsaid law of TikTok.

Go Live

Live sessions are gold for engagement. Do a Q&A, a behind-the-scenes tour, or just chat while you are doing your thing.


Announce your live sessions in advance to boost attendance.

Stitch It Up

Use the Stitch feature to build on others’ content. 


Analyzing Performance


This is how many people stopped scrolling to watch your video. 

Remember that views alone do not tell the whole story. A million views with no engagement can also be one of the disappointing results.


These likes are your quick wins. Easy to give, nice to get.

Track your like-to-view ratio. If it’s dropping, you might need to spice things up.


When someone shares your video, it means people are liking it.

Shares can help your content go viral. It’s like word-of-mouth marketing.


More comments usually mean more engagement. People are taking the time to say something about your TikTok content.

Look at the content of the comments, too. Are people asking questions? Sharing their own experiences? This is great for future content ideas.

Watch Time

This particular metric tells you how long people are watching your videos. Are they bailing after 3 seconds or sticking around?

If watch time is low, you might need to work on your pacing.

Follower Growth

Don’t obsess over this daily, but do track it weekly or monthly.

Sudden spikes? Look at what content you posted that day. That might have worked in your favor, and you should try to stick to that content for a few more videos.

Profile Views

These are people checking out your profile but not necessarily following yet. 

Things that you need to focus on:

  • What type of content gets the most engagement?
  • What time of day do your posts perform best?
  • Is there a correlation between using certain sounds or effects and better performance?

Use these insights to inform your content, not to let them dictate it entirely. 


The secret ingredient to success in TikTok marketing is showcasing the authentic identity of your brand. 

TikTok users can easily detect dishonesty, so avoid using formal language and show off your personality or your brand’s personality. 

If you are joining in on the newest dance craze or posting funny behind-the-scenes moments, just be authentic.

Don’t focus too much on the numbers. While it’s great to have views and likes, the primary objective is to establish authentic connections with your audience. 

Utilize hashtag challenges, partner with influencers, and allocate some advertising budget.

Make sure to monitor analytics regularly. They function as a GPS for your TikTok adventure – utilize them to determine what is effective.

Therefore, be bold, think outside the box, and, above all, enjoy the process. Who can say for sure? The upcoming video has the potential to go viral on TikTok.

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