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Exceptional Chance for Introverts to Be Seen on Instagram!

You may benefit from this fantastic chance on Instagram as an introvert to gain awareness quickly and easily!

“Lives” contains the gold.

Perhaps you’re thinking:

“This is a bad idea, Ginger! Being bashful, I don’t want to go live or reveal my face.”

Please bear with me; I’m not suggesting you already have the Live host.

Your participation in Lives with another host may present you with some of your greatest possibilities ever!

Participating in Lives entails:

  • Acquire followers (from people in your niche)
  • Adding Value (learn)
  • Develop Community (connections)
  • Boost Engagement (the algorithm works FOR you)

Let’s look at why and how to make this work for you!

Gain Followers 

Your participation will be seen by people in your niche community who may not follow you.

When communicating in Lives:

  • Be supportive 
  • Be active 
  • Ask questions 

People will become curious as to who you are and come to check out your profile.

Gain Engagement 

Instagram’s algorithms place preference on “relationships.”

Participates in Lives:

  • Don’t just watch, be active!
  • Reply to other commenters 
  • Give your opinion, value and support 

When you participate, IG’s algorithm will show your content to the host(s) in their home feed after the Live (as long as they follow you)

Gain Community 

By being an active and supportive member of your niche industry, people will see your passion for helping, serving, and supporting others.

Show your support:

  âŒ    Never promote your page on someone else’s Live 

 âœ”️     Instead, show that you are a collaborative member in your niche communities.

Showing your passion and support builds trust and community!

Gain Knowledge/Ideas 

You get to see what questions are being asked in your niche, use those questions for content ideas 

Take notes:

  • What questions are being asked in the question sticker?
  • What are people asking in the comments?
  • What are people commenting about the most in the comments 

Learn and understand what your audience needs!

Pro Tips on Lives 

  • Say hello to the host(s) when you first hop into the Live 

this is going to open the door for you to talk more 

  • Support and give your thoughts;

don’t just drop some hearts; type in the comment field why you agree with what they are saying 

  • Ask questions using the question sticker;

asking questions will give you direct access to the host(s)

  • Reply to the attendees 

this is a great place to make some new friends by supporting and asking questions to people in the audience 

You do not always need to be the host of a Live to gain the benefits from Lives 

Attend other niche creator’s Lives for more visibility, growth, and connections!

Did you like these tips?


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