Fraud Blocker


I’m sorry, but I can’t find you since 

your bio doesn’t have an SEO-friendly title or keyword.

You’re a health coach, but I can’t access your page since your username is @ilovelife and your Instagram Name Field reads “your first name and last name.”

I was seeking for a health coach, but others showed up because I started my search by typing “health coach,” and you were not among the results.

My point is? 

If you want to be noticed, please identify yourself by what you do rather than simply your name, unless you’re Oprah.

Sorry, but your bio doesn’t make it obvious what you or your company do, therefore I have no idea what you do.

I don’t have the time to search through your profile and piece together what you do if I come on your page and it isn’t explicitly stated in your bio.

I’m probably leaving since I don’t see any need to follow you.

Sorry, but there is no easy way for me to find out more about you or make a purchase from you because you don’t have a URL in your bio.

If you want me to DM you to buy from you or acquire information to work with you, unless you come highly stinking recommended, you’re placing a massive barrier in my way and I’m likely to go find someone else who has their sh*t more together—like a website, for starters.

If you can’t afford a website, at least let them look at your highlights to learn more about you.

Sorry, but your feed as a whole is poorly managed with poor graphics and photos, thus I can’t trust your brand.

I’m sorry, but if your Instagram feed looks like a complete disaster and I’ve never heard of your company before, I won’t be compelled to follow you or look more into you.

There is much too much competition for me to spend time on a feed with a subpar visual identity, and poor graphics and photos will cause me to doubt the legitimacy of your company.


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